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NetExplorer Workspace logo

Cloud-based file sharing and management software solution

learn more
NetExplorer is a cloud storage software in French and English with file management and collaboration tools. Key attributes include data migration, audit trail, backup & recovery, API, offline access, content & user management, data migration, digital signature, SSL security, and access control.

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Typinator logo

Types text for you

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Typinator boosts productivity with swift text and graphic insertion via shortcuts and dynamic adaptation. It works across all programs, enhancing typing efficiency and accuracy. Ideal for repetitive text tasks, it's user-friendly for tech-savvy professionals, streamlining workflows.

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Mark logo

Meet Mark, the leading platform for On-Brand content

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Mark AI: Elevate your brand with AI that crafts expert content in your unique Brand Voice. Sophisticated yet simple, we turn AI complexity into seamless customer experiences.

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TheBrain logo

Organize, Visualize and Share Knowledge.

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TheBrain enables you to connect ideas, data, and projects the way you think. Combined with powerful note-taking, AI and search features, users can easily organize large data sets and gain instant access to all relevant information to streamline decision-making and foster innovation.

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Users also considered logo

Sales engagement and call tracking platform

learn more is a cloud-based sales engagement platform designed to help Salesforce users manage leads, identify revenue-generating channels, and analyze performance. Features include lead prioritization, real-time recommendations, workflow automation, reporting, call monitoring, and transcription.

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Allego Sales Enablement logo

Modern Revenue Enablement Platform

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Allego’s learning and enablement platform elevates performance for sales and other teams by combining learning, content, and collaboration into one app, designed for the flow of work.

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Membrain logo

The #1 sales effectiveness platform for complex b2b sales.

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Membrain can replace, run alongside or plug into your existing CRM. It is the #1 world's leading sales effectiveness platform for complex b2b sales.

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Saleshood logo

Cloud-based sales enablement & productivity platform

learn more
SalesHood is the leading sales enablement platform created to help companies improve sales productivity and revenue outcomes. The SalesHood Sales Enablement Platform helps companies get their teams teams on message, with the right coaching and content, at the right time.

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Easy-Peasy.AI logo

Create amazing content 10X faster.

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Easy-Peasy. AI may assist you with a variety of tasks as an AI Content Assistant. You can use it to compose blog articles, emails, testimonials, and more because it contains more than 80 templates.

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Brainshark logo

Business presentation provider

learn more
Brainshark is a sales readiness and enablement software provider that equips business with training, coaching & content authoring capabilities to improve sales

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Introhive logo

Grow revenue, relationships, and retention.

learn more
AI powered SaaS platform enabling businesses to grow and realize the full value of their relationships and underutilized data.

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Contentverse logo

Simple, secure document management for everyone

learn more
Contentverse is a secure, versatile, fully-featured enterprise content management solution. 128-bit encryption. DocuSign integration. On-premise and/or cloud implementation. With a robust indexing module that can detect text, barcodes, and QR codes on scanned pages as searchable metadata.

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Stageset logo

Organizing B2B sales to help close more deals faster

learn more
Stageset enables B2B vendors to communicate with customers in a systematic manner that they can monitor and return to throughout the purchasing process.

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Salesdrive logo

Advanced sales enablement platform for commercial B2B teams

learn more
Audience Advantage provides teams with an unfair competitive advantage by offering engaging presentations, compelling business cases and even AR or XR experiences. Linked to your CRM data, it helps to increase efficiency throughout the sales cycle.

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Playbooks logo

Sell More with an AI System of Growth

learn more
The Playbooks sales acceleration platform delivers:
• Visibility: Know what your sales reps are doing and what is working.
• Productivity: Increase key metrics with easy-to-use tools and motivation.
• Effectiveness: Sell more by focusing reps on deals most likely to close.

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Seidat logo

Cloud-based presentation platform enabling sales processes!

learn more
Seidat is a cloud-based sales platform that helps users access easy-to-use sales materials and collaboration features.

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Mext logo

All-in-one B2B Metaverse Platform

learn more
Mext is a comprehensive platform that brings together various features and capabilities to facilitate the creation, management, and engagement of a metaverse. With Mext, professionals can unlock the potential of the metaverse and Web3 era, transforming their marketing approaches.

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Accordium logo

Record, Share and Track Personalised Sales Videos

learn more
Accordium is the leading video sales platform. We help salespeople sell more through personalised sales videos.

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Brandcast logo

The content revolution is here.

learn more
Brandcast is a content management software designed to help agencies, franchisees, and businesses in the real estate, hospitality, interior design, and direct selling industries create branded content, visual designs, sales proposals, websites, brochures, and more on a centralized platform

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iPresent logo

Captivate your customer

learn more
iPresent is the interactive Sales Engagement platform that delivers high impact presentations to wow your prospects and clients in face-to-face meetings.

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Leanr logo

Leanr - Your smart presentation management hub

learn more
Leanr is a central presentation management hub that helps streamline presentation management processes, find slides, collaborate in real time, and reduce errors.

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eatNgage logo

The world's first webinar dining room

learn more
eatNgage is a platform created to increase attendance & engagement for your webinars, events, training or 1-on-1 meetings by up to 95%.

Schedule a 100% free demo now and lunch is on us!

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YourShowroom logo

Sales Content Management Platform

learn more
YourShowroom is a holistic sales content management platform that enables efficient design, organization, and distribution of sales content in a central hub. With the associated “Showroom App”, sales reps have access to all relevant content at any time, anywhere.

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haeppie logo

Get all decision makers on the same Space.

learn more
Turn buyer journeys into more revenue and get all decision makers on the same page with haeppie Sales Spaces. Always deliver your best sales pitch with personalised and interactive Spaces, shared through a single link.

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emlen logo

Content creation and engagement monitoring software

learn more
emlen is a content engagement software designed to help businesses create, distribute, and manage sales and marketing content via a unified portal. The platform enables enterprises to build interactive and unique emails, videos, and other types of content with links and attachments to record experiences and engage with B2B buyers.

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