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Vive La France! The French-Speaking World Saves Time and Money With SaaS

by Jennifer Riggins
Published on 2 October 2014

Software as a Service , or SaaS , is just as its name sounds - a service that automates and offers a solution to your business needs - usually saving time, saving money, providing a better customer or user experience, or a mix of it all. Over the last five years, SaaS has grown from a reason for skepticism - of security, of value - to the de facto choice to make small businesses and enterprises alike securely efficient on the go.

As demand grows, as does supply. The SaaS market has gone from maybe 20,000 business software to more than 200,000 business apps in just the last few years! That's good because it continues to drive down pricing and offers you a wider range of solutions more tailored to your workflow, but it also means that the decision is nearly impossible to make. That's why in 2009, two French guys living in beautiful Barcelona Christophe Primault and Manuel Jaffrin combined their software marketing and sales expertise to develop a website that allows end users to compare business software and to read real user reviews in order to discover which business apps they are ready to give a free trial and then, eventually, which is the right software to adopt.

And thus, GetApp was born.

Over the last five years, GetApp has helped more than ten million small businesses find the right business software to suit their growing needs. But so far, the vast majority of those businesses have been in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. In other words, we've been helping the English speakers of the world. But we knew we could do more.

That's why just yesterday, we launched GetApp France!


GetApp co-founder Christophe Primault explaining the value of the French SaaS market and officially launching GetApp France at Les Salons Solutions in Paris, October 1, 2014.

Why did we choose the French speaking world for our second foray into the ever-expanding business software world? Well, surely, it helps that our founders are French. But it's so much more than that.

For starters, it's safe bet because France, Belgium, Switzerland, even Quebec are all parts of a rapidly growing, well-educated, tech-savvy small business and solopreneur ecosystem. The francophone SaaS market will reach $1.8 billion next year! And with the rampant use of smartphones, it's clear why! The French SaaS market will grow by almost 15 percent this year, while the traditional (note: boring) on-premise software will only see a growth of about one and a half percent. The French-speaking world wants the convenience of working from anywhere on any device, not being nailed down to a desk.

And the French SaaS market isn't just buzzing with fantastic end users looking for the right business software. There are already many fantastic France-based business software providers.

One international marketing leader built in France is Sellsy the all-in-one sales management, CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource management) tool. Sellsy was created BY entrepreneurs FOR entrepreneurs - and we love that. This means that Sellsy has created a small business platform built to integrate the different business apps you may need for your small business. Besides the basic Sellsy sales and resource management tool, there is a Sellsy help desk software, a Sellsy retail software with online billing and CRM built in, and the reliable Sellsy project management software. It also has an invoicing tool, an inventory management software , a simple CRM, a purchases and expenses tracking tool, and finally a time-tracking tool. Essentially, Sellsy lets you pick and choose which solutions you need to run your business more smoothly, and then let's you easily integrate them for a seamless workflow on one platform.

Sellsy is certainly one of the biggest names out of France, but this small business software giant is certainly not alone. Some other Made in France SaaS are BIME mobile business intelligence , Synchroteam field service management, Planzone collaborative project management, MapYourTag asset tracking, and SendinBlue email marketing service are all disrupting the international small business and enterprise communities alike.

And GetApp isn't alone in pursuing the francophone market. All the big players - Salesforce, Zendesk, Zuora, Wrike - have seen the value of having a French presence for years.

All in all, I guess it's no wonder why GetApp chose to follow suit and reach out to the French-speaking world. The only question is, why isn't your small business reaching out to them too?

Tell us below about your triumphs and let-downs in trying to build your brand abroad. And then check out GetApp France and tell us what you think!


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