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Teamup overview

Teamup is a shared online calendar application for groups. Teamup simplifies what it takes to get organized and keep everyone up to date.

Teamup is intuitive and simple to use. No user accounts are required. All that is needed to access Teamup Calendar is a web link.

Teamup is flexible. The calendar administrator gets granular access control to the calendar in any combination of the 9 levels of permissions, including the unique add-only and modify-from-same-link permissions. All calendar data is color-coded and events can be searched or filtered in many ways.

Teamup offers unique abilities such as assigning any single event to multiple calendars, support of file attachments and image display, and publishing and sharing events as independent web pages. These web pages can be shared further on social networks or simply saved to personal calendars.

Teamup is widely used at schools, non-profits, sports clubs, small business and corporations. Typical use cases include team calendar, staff calendar, company calendar, conference room reservations, tennis court and swimming pool booking, event calendars, job boards, delivery scheduler, and conference agendas.


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Teamup screenshot: Team, staff or company calendars keep team whereabouts and happenings at a glance and up to date. Everyone manages their own calendar. No user accounts required. The result: knowing where everyone is and who is working on what.How to Create a Teamup Calendar in 30 SecondsTeamup screenshot: The scheduler view makes it easy to see availability of people and resources, where and when jobs scheduled and help needed. Convenient for scheduling staff, booking or making reservations for sport facilities like tennis courts, swimming pools.Teamup screenshot: List all sessions and speaker bios and pictures in one place with color-coded tracks which are filterable by track and by room. Easy for conference attendees to access and use.Teamup screenshot: No risk of double booking or underused resources with Teamup  calendar. Use it to book everything from rooms and equipment to trucks, cranes, and even planes.Teamup screenshot: Job board calendar for mobile workers in construction, plumbing and technical services.  Your job scheduling calendar can do more than manage jobs and crews. Attach contracts, job specs  and even installation notes to an appointment.Teamup screenshot: A multi-track conference agenda or schedule at a glance.  Easily switch to the list view with full session and speaker details.Teamup screenshot: Share and promote single events directly from a calendar, publishing & updating event info-Teamup screenshot: Managing a non-profit organization with lots of activities and volunteers?  Get organized and stay informated with Teamup Calendar. Great for scouts programs, outdoor activities, cycling clubs, and fund-raising events. Teamup screenshot: Communicate easily with a mobile crew. Manage people, jobs, delivery status and resource planning from one central crew scheduling calendar. Instant updates ensure everyone is kept informed. For operations managers working with mobile workforce.Teamup screenshot: The calendar view for superintendents in construction crew scheduling. Teamup allows them to access only what they need.   Less information, more efficiency.  Teamup screenshot: The calendar view for construction crew members.  Teamup makes it easy to give the crew the detailed job specifications and instructions and support documentation they need to get their job done.  Less information, more clarity.Teamup screenshot: The calendar view for a back office staff member whose tasks are focused on special areas, displaying only what is relevant.  Less clutter, less confusion.  Teamup screenshot: Adding color-coded sub-calendars is easy and effective to get organized, no matter if it is for teams, events, projects, processes, reservations.  Teamup screenshot: Users can customize the identity of their Teamup Calendar with their logo, header and font colors.Teamup screenshot: There are 8 configurable calendar views that the Teamup calendar administrator can enable or disable in calendar settings. Teamup screenshot: Conference schedule by rooms or tracks - With Teamup calendar, it's easy to get a bird's eye view of the whole agenda.Add sub-calendars to Teamup CalendarExploring Teamup Calendar ViewsHow to Share Teamup CalendarHow to link one event to multiple calendars

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Basic plan is free for up to 8 sub-calendars. No time limit.
Plus plan ($8/mo) for up to 12 sub-calendars with password protection, daily agenda, 5 years of historical calendar data, etc.
Premium plan ($20/mo) for up to 50 sub-calendars with file uploading, 10 years of historical data in addition to all features included in the Plus plan.
Contact for info regarding enterprise plan.

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Additional information for Teamup

Key features of Teamup

  • Centrally manage all calendars for the group on one page
  • Let staff update planned absence on calendar directly
  • Track & share who is working on what, event info & status.
  • Sync with Google Calendar, Outlook, etc. via iCalendar feeds
  • Cut down emails & calls. No more version mess of documents.
  • Bring all events together, share and promote individually
  • Schedule and color code jobs. Always up to date.
  • Plan the big picture. Zoom for the details. All on one page
  • Plan projects and track status, drag & drop, easy, flexible
  • Track and update status anytime anywhere. Get notifications
  • No user accounts
  • Add-only permission to allow add events to calendar
  • Share single event as a web page with a unique URL
  • Assign one event to multiple calendars
  • Scheduler view
  • No double booking
  • 9 levels of granular access control
  • Customize calendar logo and color
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Security & Encryption
  • Meeting Management
  • Import / Export Data
  • Document Distribution
  • File Attachment
  • API
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Teamup is accessible anywhere, at any time.

One can start small and free, then grow as needed. It's easy to zoom out to see the big picture, and zoom in for details at any time.

Share only what is needed through access control and on-screen viewing options.

Teamup also integrates with other calendars through iCalendar feeds, import and export.

Everything is accessible in one place, including links, images and attachments. Gone are the days when you need to search for calendar information in Excel sheets, emails, and calendars. Update the world with real-time information.

Anyone who opens up a calendar link or event page URL always gets the latest without having to email or call.