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BrightInfo overview

BrightInfo doubles your conversion rate using a personalization algorithm that automatically analyzes visitor behaviour and serves highly relevant content to each at suitable points during the natural browsing flow. Each visitor on-site experience is made unique, thus fostering interaction between visitors and brand.

The content is served through a unique overlaying interface of branded triggers and display units.

BrightInfo is completely automated. Once set up (a line of code, that’s all it takes) the algorithm runs autonomously and requires no extra-work from the site operator; there are no rules to set, no audience to segment, no assumptions to assume. The BrightInfo algorithm self-learns how to best use the site’s content assets to prolong and deepen visitors’ engagement, which leads to higher conversion rate. Much higher.

A/B testing during free trial ensures BrightInfo’s impact on conversion rate is beyond reproach.


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BrightInfo reviews

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Justin Happer

BrightInfo has extremely made my website hassle-free.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-07-04
Review Source: GetApp

Before I came to know BrightInfo, I had been battling with my site signing up. I began losing a few customers since they were irritated while signing up on my site could take them quite a while. I attempted numerous product yet the issue couldn't comprehend, so while as yet looking on the web I saw the profile of BrightInfo, Initially, I would not like to attempt it, be that as it may, when I viewed at what it appears to offer, I try it. With a big surprise, this software automatically revamped my site after I install it. I did not contact any expert or developer to do a thing, rather this amazing tool did everything to bring back my site alive. This software is extremely recommended.The software offers beyond my expectations, works credibly well if you install it proper.

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Andrew Melchiorri

Content Personalization with Measurable Results

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-07-01
Review Source: GetApp

Our experience with real-time content personalization for our website had been historically poor to the point that from a marketing/sales perspective, we had almost given up our efforts entirely. With past solutions, we couldn't measure results in any sort of meaningful way and therefore couldn't determine if content personalization "worked" for us. A colleague of mine suggested BrightInfo and we were immediately drawn to the solution for two reasons: 1) The free trial offer 2) The ability to A/B test our conversions with/without BrightInfo During the trial period, we realized a 200% increase in conversions without spending a dime, and we made our content/inbound marketing teams extremely happy. In short, we always suspected that serving relevant content to our website visitors at the right time would be valuable, but BrightInfo was the first solution we worked with that could prove it.Ease of use, ability to launch & then ramp extremely quickly, ability to A/B test

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James White

Get The App and Forget About Your Site Worries!

Reviewed 2016-07-07
Review Source: GetApp

It's absolutely fabulous if you found the right software for your website that could terminate every issue and keep your site smooth and sharp. Lately, I had found this software with the big name "BRIGHTINFO". Personally, I don't think there is any software on the planet that works credibly amazing like Bright-Info. With some errors, I had on my site, the software helped me searches every other issue and brought my site back to normal. My site stopped to navigate, couple with the templates issue, which made it difficult to scroll the pages or navigate to the next page. However, BrightInfo has completely wiped away that threats, keeping my site fresh and awesome, I honor this software to the highest degree.The software looks great and value for money. The usage is very easy and customer support is nothing to write home about, absolutely great too. With few clicks, you're on the Goooo!

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Nelson Millsoy

The App works as if it's a magic or mystery!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-07-06
Review Source: GetApp

What sort of software is this? Working as if it's a magical product, going deep to resolve my site issues. As a designer, I engaged this wonderful product to boost my site speed and templates of my AutoCad, however, the software did what I wasn't expecting. It went thus far removing all the unnecessary popups that appear on my site in every moment, contributing to my site failure to speed up. This is my first time I have acknowledged a true App that has been working effectively for solid four months without a breakdown, wow! This wonderful software has made my work easy and extremely quick, it has cleared all the viruses on my site and making it very sharp. I highly recommend this software to anyone seeking to revamp his or her site.Great App, all you required is proper installation, just follow the tutorial, get it done, then you're on the GO!

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Federico Brosnan

One Out of a Million, Great App!

Reviewed 2016-07-07
Review Source: GetApp

This App is totally the best so far, one out of a million; it hasn't any App like this. Sign up on my site was troublesome for quite a while. I obtained few applications to fix the issue; notwithstanding, they didn't serve. I dumped my site and appended myself to a companion's site to empower me to fulfill my assignments as a Graphic Designer concentrating on logos and flyers. While yet hunting for a solid application that would resolve the issue, a mate lets me know about BrightInfo and said, "Mann, on the off chance that you hadn't attempted BrightInfo, then you haven't started to appreciate a site". So, this is the means by which I bought the application, and promptly the person helped me to install it. The installation was much as simple as "ABCD", extremely straightforward and snappy. It's 5 months and my site is as yet working incredibly. The application has turned my site as though it's a fresh out of the box. This is programming that's good for every site client.The App is worth the price and working great always. The customer support are brilliant.

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BrightInfo features

Social Media Integration

API (309 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (182 other apps)
Activity Tracking (132 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (171 other apps)
Automatic Reminders (163 other apps)
CRM Integration (118 other apps)
Calendar Management (157 other apps)
Contact Database (113 other apps)
Custom Fields (130 other apps)
Customer Database (126 other apps)
Customizable Branding (156 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (135 other apps)
Customizable Templates (135 other apps)
Data Import/Export (151 other apps)
Electronic Payments (118 other apps)
Email Integration (156 other apps)
Mobile Integration (121 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (181 other apps)
Third Party Integration (175 other apps)

Additional information for BrightInfo

Key features of BrightInfo

  • A/B testing
  • Blog signup forms
  • Real-time profiling
  • Lead capture popups
  • Social network retargeting
  • Marketing automation integration
  • Custom banners
  • Manual targeting
  • Geotargeting
  • Re-crawl scheduling
  • Automated content discovery
  • Behavior analysis
  • Text-level comprehension
  • Widgets
  • Templates
  • Exit popups
  • Native ads
  • Personalized emails
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BrightInfo profiles anonymous prospects in real time, using individual behaviors (new or returning visitors), crowd behavior (navigation patterns and browsed content), and textual hints (page content and search keywords).

Text analysis tools with text-level comprehension can detect keywords within content to use in audience profiling.

BrightInfo automatically discovers all types of marketing content, and users can also create recommendations manually.

Users can control how many interaction points BrightInfo produces, the frequency of recommendations, and the targeting of content to specific audiences.