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Customer feedback collection & analysis platform for retail

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Critizr overview

Critizr is an all-in-one customer feedback and experience management platform which enables the collection, processing, and analysis of customer feedback. The solution supports data collection through multiple channels, real-time customer satisfaction analysis, performance measurement, and more.

Critizr enables the continuous collection of both solicited (push) and spontaneous (pull) feedback through a range of channels, both in-store and post-experience. Customers are also able to provide feedback at any time through social media channels and community sites such as Google My Business and TripAdvisor, in addition to receiving website through company websites, mobile apps, and more. Customizable question paths include multiple choice, NPS, CSAT, and other formats.

Critizr processes all feedback within a single interface, and automatically sends responses through customers’ preferred communication channels. Feedback can be sent to any team member which it concerns, and be printed, shared, and forwarded. Real-time analytics and performance measurement provide users with insights into customer satisfaction across different contacts or points of sale.


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Key features of Critizr

  • CSAT & NPS surveys
  • Customer feedback collection
  • Feedback sharing
  • Message sorting
  • Multi-channel feedback collection
  • Performance analysis
  • Real-time analysis
  • Real-time notifications
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• Feedback can be collected through a variety of channels, including emails, Facebook, interactive kiosks, Tripadvisor, mobile apps, and more.

• Question paths can be personalized with complete question formats, including CSAT, NPS, multiple choice, and more.

• Multiple feedback collection modules enable the collection of feedback continuously throughout the customer journey, providing users with insight into all stages of the buying experience.

• Customer satisfaction and performance of each point of sale can be analyzed in real time, and shared between users.

• Critizr’s APIs allow users to collect and add data to their CRM system for use in targeted marketing campaigns.