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Planner Dale

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Planner Dale overview

Planner Dale is a secure web-based business management solution for managing contacts, communication, finance, calendar, tasks, and more. Many businesses waste a lot of time and resources through keeping of paper-based records, utilizing multiple systems to manage records/activities, and manual processes. This eventually results in poor services, inaccurate records, duplicate information, missed deadlines, penalties, disorganization, loss of customers, and many other negative results that hinder business growth.

Planner Dale offers a single system, from where users can manage business processes and records more efficiently, and view a 360 degree overview of what's going on across the business. Main features cater for managing contacts, calendar (deadlines, due-dates & important events), communication (branded personalized emails & SMS), tasks, finance (invoices & expense claims), service desk (enquiries, complaints, feedback etc), and more. Across these features sits a security layer that limits users to areas and records in accordance with granted access & privileges.


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Planner Dale screenshot: The Dashboard showing the user menu and important information for the user's attentionPlanner Dale AdvertPlanner Dale screenshot: A contact record showing the different types of information that can be captured/stored on contacts.  This includes standard fields and custom fields which can be defined by contact type/categoryPlanner Dale screenshot: The Calendar showing a variety of important events, notable dates, expiry dates, and due dates

Planner Dale reviews

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Evron Sampson

It's been a bit of a learning curve for me but support has been right there with me every step.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-01-30
Review Source: Capterra

versitilityI love the versatility and customization. I love that the forms can be filled out on our web site and flow into plannerdale.

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Babatunde Ogunleye

Easy to use, efficient & simply amazing

Reviewed 2015-03-25
Review Source: Capterra

Planner Dale is an astounding web application that creates a platform for individuals, organizations and SMEs to plan their everyday schedules and businesses processes in an organized and efficient manner. Going through the demo on the welcome page is all the head-start you need in getting acquainted with the use of the application. It's dashboard feature provides you with a clear and concise overview of all that you need to know with regards to what requires your immediate attention in relation to your personal or business plans. It has an innovative emailing tracking feature that gives the user the ability to know who has and who hasn't read their sent emails and even the percentage of recipients that have read the emails. It's finance module is very easy to use and it allows users to conveniently manage their Income and expenditures. It even provides a financial summary report for any period specified by the user. There is really noting to critique about Planner Dale and this is due to the fact that it's a well thought-out application which is amazingly robust, flexible to individual needs with multiple layers of functionality. If you are thinking of a better and coherent way to plan your business, manage your personal activities or events , think Planner Dale.

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Affiong Iyire

I have used Plannerdale for a bit over two years and it's been really useful and uncomplicated

Used other for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-12-26
Review Source: Capterra

Scheduling rotas for my team members and avoiding clashes when members were part of more than one team that served at similar times. This was a very much needed development.The rota scheduling for persons within inter-connected departments and the prompt reminders are valueless. The site is also mobile friendly.

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Martin Ofori Atta

Excellent records and data management software

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-12-27
Review Source: Capterra

The easy to use features and functionalities. Updating records of the church and sending alerts to members of the church. The alerts sent to the members has really helped in keeping each member informed

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It is an investment worth doing to save time and energy.

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-07-04
Review Source: Capterra

Save time, many time.I serve in a church that is growing and we decided to invest in Planner Dale despite being a small congregation, but as we grew up we realized how useful it is to invest timely to keep things well organized from the beginning. This has saved us a lot of time from the servers and has simplified communication with the members of the church.

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Planner Dale pricing

Pricing options
Free trial
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Freebie: free with 1 user account & a limit of 100 address book contacts & 100 mass emails/week
Starter: £4.99/month with 2 user account & a limit of 500 address book contacts & 500 mass emails/week
Mini: £9.99/month with 4 user account & a limit of 1000 address book contacts & 1500 mass emails/week
Midi: £19.99/month with 8 user account & a limit of 2000 address book contacts & 3000 mass emails/week
Maxi: £39.99/month with 16 user account & a limit of 4000 address book contacts & 8000 mass emails/week
Enterprise: £79.99/month with 32 user account & a limit of 8000 address book contacts & 16000 mass emails/week

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Planner Dale features

Email Integration

API (299 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (166 other apps)
Activity Tracking (122 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (159 other apps)
Automatic Reminders (158 other apps)
CRM Integration (113 other apps)
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Custom Fields (127 other apps)
Customer Database (118 other apps)
Customizable Branding (150 other apps)
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Customizable Templates (130 other apps)
Data Import/Export (146 other apps)
Electronic Payments (113 other apps)
Email Templates (108 other apps)
Mobile Integration (118 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (168 other apps)
Social Media Integration (127 other apps)
Third Party Integration (163 other apps)

Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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Additional information for Planner Dale

Key features of Planner Dale

  • Member Profiles
  • Membership Management
  • Call Logging
  • Interaction Tracking
  • Customer Support
  • List Management
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Donation Management
  • Reminders
  • Committee Management
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Dues Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Online Scheduling
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Contact Database
  • Email Notifications
  • Event Calendar
  • Invoice Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Ticket Management
  • Customer Complaint Tracking
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Document Storage
  • Access Control
  • Permission Management
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Email Integration
  • Attendance Management
  • Subscriber Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Multi-Channel Management
  • Client Portal
  • Built-In Database
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Increase in productivity/efficiency - the system is powered with custom notifications to remind users of what needs their attention at every point in time. This includes the use of a dashboard and reminder emails/SMS.

Contact management - manage contact records efficiently, allowing users to have a closer relationship with their customers/clients/partners, and retain them for much longer through personalised communication and contact relationships.

360 degree view - the system dashboard is the landing page for every user, providing a 360 degree view of what's going on based on the information the system has been provided. This allows users to divert their attention where it's needed most.

Customization - the system allows for configuration of processes and rules to best suit the needs of the business. Branches/divisions can also be created, allowing for branch/division level customisation and branding.

User access matrix - each user profile is defined with access and privileges to data sets and areas of the system, ensuring that users can only access information based on the permissions assigned.