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UXprobe logo

Web-based user experience & usability testing platform

learn more
UXprobe is a user testing platform for developers, product managers, marketers & more to test their website, app, prototype or design choices with real users

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Verloop logo

Conversational AI for Customer Support

learn more is building the operating system for customer support. Our advanced conversational AI helps brands scale their support, reduce expenses and gain complete visibility into their customer support operations. We combine the power of ML, ASR and NLP to transform the way support is delivered.

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Apteco Orbit logo

Platform to turn data into actionable customer insights

learn more
Apteco Orbit is an actionable marketing insights platform that helps businesses connect and manage their marketing and other data. This software enables you to access all your connected data sources from a single view powered by FastStats Designer. Users can then integrate and connect data with preferred channels. It also provides analytics capabilities to explore data and create dashboards to share insights across organizations.

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Cyara logo

Deliver flawless customer experiences with less effort

learn more
Accelerate the delivery of flawless customer journeys across digital and voice channels while reducing the risk of defects.

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BeInContact logo

Your 100% Cloud Omnichannel Contact Center solution

learn more
BeInContact is extremely flexible meeting needs of companies of any size and sector, increasing Customer Experience, their loyalty and speeding up sales processing as well.

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Apteco FastStats logo

Data analysis platform

learn more
Apteco FastStats is data analysis software that enables users to organize and understand their customer data to deliver high performing marketing campaigns. It allows users to explore their data in greater detail than ever before through analysis and visualization tools. FastStats also provides the ability to create customer segments directly from charts and visualizations to improve engagement.

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Antavo logo

Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud

learn more
Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud

API-Centric, No-Code
Enterprise Loyalty Cloud

Manage experience-based, paid and lifestyle loyalty programs wherever your customers are: online, in-store, or on the go.

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Remesh logo

AI-powered market research platform

learn more
Remesh is a cloud-based feedback platform which employs machine learning to engage customers in conversation & collect, analyze & present responses in real-time

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daisee logo

AI-enabled speech & semantic analytics software

learn more
Daisee is an artificial intelligence enabled speech & semantic analytics software that helps businesses analyze calls to gain deep insight into customer satisfaction, vulnerability & more. It lets supervisors automatically evaluate call data to detect quality & compliance issues in near real-time.

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Totango logo

Accelerate Revenues with Customer Engagement Management

learn more
Totango offers automated customer engagement management to drive conversions, boost retention and grow lifetime value. It enables you to close bigger deals faster by focusing on the right opportunities. It drive renewal rates up by ensuring customer success. It allows you to record events from your applications in real time and then analyze them. The solution is integrated with Saleforce and Marketo among others.

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Diabolocom logo

Cloud software for call centers & customer service.

learn more
Diabolocom is a European leader in cloud-based software services for call centers and customer service.
With fast deployment, compelling ease of use, secure cloud hosted in Europe, premium call quality and native CRM integration, easily increase customer loyalty and boost sales.

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Alida logo

Customer experience and survey management software

learn more
Alida’s total experience management platform was built with Community at its core to help companies gain access to the right customers, at the right time to fuel faster and more reliable insights that drive successful business outcomes.

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PrediCX logo

Machine learning labelling engine

learn more
PrediCX by Warwick Analytics is an automated predictive analytics tool for text which uses machine learning to classify and label text-based data

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Mention Me logo

Customer Advocacy Intelligence Platform

learn more
Mention Me helps brands to identify, activate, and nurture loyal customers, turning brand fans into a powerful growth driver. Over 500+ global brands are already harnessing the power of advocacy with Mention Me, including PUMA, Charlotte Tilbury and Nutmeg.

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Lumoa logo

Go from customer feedback to action without the guesswork.

learn more
Lumoa is the feedback analytics solution that looks at any interaction with your customers and tells you what to do next to grow your business.

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Oracle Service logo

Web, Social & Contact Center

learn more
Oracle Service is an enterprise-scale suite of customer service and contact center software to improve the customer experience across all channels. Oracle Service is comprised of Oracle's RightNow suite of products that facilitate web, social and contact center customer services.

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Mayday logo

The intelligent knowledge base for customer care

learn more
Mayday is a cloud-based knowledge base that improves customer service efficiency and customer satisfaction. 30,000 reps use it to search for relevant knowledge to answer better and faster to their customers.

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Yieldify logo

Personalization for Busy People

learn more
Generate more e-commerce revenue with easy website personalization. Yieldify's solution increases conversions, leads and order value, and makes it easy to get reliable ROI. Our fully-managed solution uses our unique Methodology to ensure results from the start, and go live in minutes (not months).

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Wondering logo

Make product decisions 16x faster with AI-led research.

learn more
Wondering is the AI-first user insights platform helping companies grow their revenue and reduce development costs through AI-led user research.

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Woopra logo

Real-time customer activity

learn more
Woopra is a customer behaviour analytics app that helps businesses enhance personalized and behavioural targeting. It improves the customer experience, tracks customer activity, builds customer segments, generates retention and funnel reports, and live dashboards to measure your key metrics.

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B2B Collaboration platform

learn more
BQUADRO is a cloud-based B2B collaboration platform that helps digitize business operations and maximizes engagement of the entire network.

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Pypestream logo

Cloud-based messaging and conversational AI platform

learn more
Pypestream is a conversational AI platform designed to help businesses improve customer engagement using a patented messaging carrier. It enables customer service teams to connect multiple applications via APIs and facilitate transactional, proactive, or reactive workflows.

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Brandwise logo

Product Authentication & Consumer Data

learn more
Brandwise is an enterprise-grade digitization application for brands to authenticate products and engage with consumers. It is powered by blockchain.

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LiveCaller logo

Live chat and customer communications management software

learn more
LiveCaller is a live chat software designed to help businesses communicate with customers via various channels such as web calls, real-time messaging, third-party applications, and more. Administrators can monitor, measure, analyze and visualize KPIs on a centralized dashboard.

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Ochatbot logo

AI Chatbot for Ecommerce & Support. No Hallucinations, Free

learn more
Ochatbot, designed for ecommerce and support, provides proprietary scripted intent-based AI and generative AI, hallucination-free. Easy to install, For all website platforms, Free version available.

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