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Scholars United

Scholarship management software

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Scholars United overview

Scholars United is a scholarship management software that offers universities, colleges, and philanthropic organizations a single, centralized platform from which to manage scholarship or grant application reviewing, matching, and awarding processes. Incorporating features for administrators, applicants, and reviewers, Scholars United aims to deliver a comprehensive scholarship management solution.

Designed to facilitate effective administration, Scholars United equips users with the technology to manage user groups, scholarship funds, and awards. Administrators can create and publish application forms, and review letters of recommendations and transcript nominations. Scholars United also provides users with the functionality to manage applicant and reviewer communication, approval processes, and administrative reports.

Scholars United allows applicants to write essays, upload attachments, and insert electronic signatures. From the Scholars United application specific dashboard, applicants can manage all of their personal, academic, and financial information. Since Scholars United is mobile and tablet friendly, users can access their applications and personal information on the move from any location.

In order to assist users in reviewing applications, Scholars United provides tools for reviewing, scoring, and ranking applicants. Users can also export applicant scores to Excel and collaborate with admins and other reviewers. Additionally, Scholars United supports integration with Salesforce, Blackbaud, Oracle’s PeopleSoft, and a range of other applications.


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Scholars United screenshot: Write application essays and add attachmentsScholars United -  Scholarship ManagementScholars United screenshot: Edit and customize application essaysScholars United screenshot: Access and utilize the different modules of Scholars UnitedScholars United screenshot: Select and manage templatesScholars United screenshot: Review application summaries, including the personal information of applicantsScholars United screenshot: Generate reports to gain insight into applicants and applications

Scholars United reviews


Very good

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Destany Pingle

Great software for grants, scholarships

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-05-01
Review Source: Capterra

We are working toward "less paper" in our office, so Community Force has helped us keep everything all in one place. Scholars United is an amazing resource with their videos, and support has been amazing. I have contacted them in an absolute panic some days, and they have always been helpful and efficient. I could not ask for better service! They always explain things in the easiest way possible and provide screenshots to show me what I need to know. A+ service!The ease of use! I enjoy creating sections for my applications because it is very self-directed and easy to understand. With minimal issues I have crafted multiple scholarship and grant applications, and each and every one is customizable with lots of options! We also enjoy learning all of the new functions we can utilize as time goes on. It's nice knowing that when I set something up in CF it will work. One thing we could explore in the future is blind applications.

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Kevin Wilson

Great Software and even better support!!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-03-09
Review Source: Capterra

We have been a CommunityForce customer for just under a year now. Before making the switch to the CommunityForce solution, we utilized a home grown custom built solution to support 6 individual scholarship programs. As with many home-grown systems, it had reached a point of no longer being feasible for us to support. But most importantly, we finally came to the realization as an organization that we are not in the business of being software developers. Our purpose is our mission, which is providing educational opportunities to women. After an exhaustive search, we decided on the CommunityForce solution. It is a decision that we are fortunate to be reminded of daily as being the right one. As you can imagine coming from a custom-built solution that was tailored around our business processes, there were certain facets of the system unique to our organization. These facets became embedded in our operating policy, which turned into requirements for CommunityForce. CommunityForce stepped up to the plate and in short order added the functionality into their solution to accommodate our uniqueness. To date they continue to step up to provide solutions vs. presenting barriers to our requests. As with any implementation of new technology there are always challenges, but the CommunityForce team was always and continues to be there to help us overcome them. Because of their implementation approach and intuitiveness of the solution, we are fully capable ourselves of building additional application workflows with the support of the CommunityForce team as needed. I think the best way sum up our experience with CommunityForce to date is to say this. Even though we are fully aware CommunityForce has hundreds of customers like ourselves, we are made to feel like we are their only customer. We are fully committed to being a customer for life!Support Team. Ease of use. Cost to operate compared to the previous solution. Road map for the future.

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Joyce Elwell


Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-04-10
Review Source: Capterra

We found that our users of our scholarship platform found the software was easy to input information and that the technology requirements was not overwhelming. In addition, we found once we learned the system, we, as administrators found it easier to work with. If you have strong skills in technology you will love the autonomy of this system.

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Tony Fox

Our Foundation has had a very positive experience with Community Force and Scholars United!

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-10
Review Source: Capterra

We received many benefits from Community Force's scholar's united application. It's nice having a robust application portal that can handle many different scholarship funds - all with different application questions and criteria. I highly recommend the software to anyone with small or large scholarship programs.I like that this product employs case logic technology so that our applicants can be screened prior to creating a profile and starting an application, or applying for the one of our multiple scholarships using the wrong application form. I also like that students are allowed to upload supporting documents into the application.

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Sheila Sova

Takes the workload off your desk from receiving paper applications. Streamlined the process!

Used other for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-05-10
Review Source: Capterra

Ease of awarding the scholarship and no more paper piles on my desk. The mailroom used to get tons of applications on the last day of the deadline and it was overwhelming having to make copies of every single essay and enough copies of each for our judges. It was very difficult the old way and this has streamlined our process immensely.This program has streamlined our application process by 100%. We received twice as many applications and the students were very computer savvy so it was a breeze for them to fill out. The emails sent to them were received and they responded if they had questions so it was very helpful to be able to email more than one person at a time. The spreadsheet to export was nice to have when a complete list of applicants was needed. This program made this years application process a fantastic experience instead of the dread each year when 50 applications showed up on the due date! Our mailroom was quite happy as well! Overall this was a delight to have this year and look forward to next year!

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Scholars United features

Activity Tracking
Communication Management
Data Import/Export
Records Management
Self Service Portal

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Additional information for Scholars United

Key features of Scholars United

  • Applicant portal
  • Applicant management
  • Reviewer management
  • Scoring
  • Notes
  • Recommendations management
  • User group management
  • Letters of recommendations
  • Funds management
  • Eligibility management
  • Review & approval process management
  • Applicant & reviewer communication management
  • Application-specific dashboard
  • Essay creation & editing
  • Attachment upload
  • Collaborate with admins & reviewers
  • Applicant scoring & ranking
  • Score exporting
  • Personal information management
  • Academic information management
  • Financial information management
  • Third party integrations
  • Single Sign On support
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Scholars United supports single sign-on, granting users access to multiple systems with a single ID and password.
Scholars United offers a mobile and tablet friendly design, affording users the flexibility to manage scholarship applicants and applications on the move.
Scholars United employs reporting functionality, giving users valuable insight into administrative performance.
Scholars United includes applicant scoring technology, enabling users to score and rank applicant applications.
Scholars United supports third party integrations, connecting users directly to Salesforce, Ellucian, Blackbaud, and other platforms.