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More headspace for what really matters

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Actionstep has a fully integrated trust accounting platform to help you stay compliant and on top of your trust accounting obligations.

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Manage What Matters, ANYWhere (Practice Mgmt & Legal Acc)

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Integrated Trust & General Accounting with Reconciliation and Law Society Compliance reporting

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Accounting software for small businesses

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We designed the accounting app for small businesses and freelancers to save you pain and suffering. Our app provides a stress free way to keep your books in order.
We even offer bookkeeping services at very affordable rates. 30 day unlimited trial.

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Law practice management software for legal firms

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GhostPractice is a law practice management software designed to help legal firms handle debt collection, billing, time tracking, accounting, bank reconciliation, and other administrative processes from within a unified platform. Supervisors can import data in bulk, maintain an audit log for electronic requisitions and create custom bills according to specific departments’ requirements.

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Cloud-based accounting and financial management software

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Giddh is a cloud-based accounting software designed to help businesses manage tax filing, reporting, bank reconciliation, and various other financial processes on a centralized platform. Managers can use the dashboard to gain an overview of total expenses and KPIs via actionable analytics.

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Law Practice Management for law firms

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Centralize all legal operations in one place with LawMaster's law practice management solution. LawMaster allows law firms to maintain one source of truth to help businesses manage legal matters, documents, knowledge, accounts, and client relationships.

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Comprehensive legal case management for UK law firms

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CaseLoad is a fully integrated legal case management and legal accounting system built for modern law firms operating in the UK.
All features are built into one application, including automated document production, time recording and billing, lead management, email management, e-signature, CRM, management/KPI reporting, and more.

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Wealth management and trust accounting software that provides enterprises with business intelligence (BI) tools to track organizational performance through KPIs and actionable analytics. It offers an API, which facilitates bi-directional integration with other applications.

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Law practice management solution

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MrPractice is a law practice management solution, which helps legal firms manage cases, time and expense tracking, communications, payments & more. The white-label platform allows organizations to personalize the interface by adding a custom logo, fields & a company description.

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TrustQuay 5Series


Entity management, accounting & more for wealth managers

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TrustQuay 5Series, formerly Microgen 5Series, is a trust and corporate administration software for wealth managers. The platform comprises a range of integrated modules including entity management, accounting, investments, time & expense tracking, billing, and more.

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SaaS solution for asset managers, advisors, and bankers

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wealthpilot is a SaaS solution, which is used in different areas of asset management and is designed for asset advisors, managers, bankers, insurance businesses, and associations. wealthpilot also provides iOS and Android mobile applications.

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