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friendlyway NEXT logo

User-friendly digital signage solution

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Improve employee experience and streamline HR with friendlyway’s apps and devices for employee self-service. Easily click and configure dynamic content and workflows to collect employee feedback, share company news and more.

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MELP logo

Cloud-based benefits administration tool for HR managers.

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MELP is a cloud-based benefits administration solution that helps businesses streamline employee engagement and recognition on a unified interface. The platform enables human resource (HR) professionals manage employees' benefits, ensuring that they always have access to their benefits information. It also facilitates internal communication, keeping employees in the loop and ensuring that important messages reach them instantly.

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Industrytics logo

360° Decision Intelligence for your medium-sized business.

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With industrytics, you can automatically connect, analyse and visualise all metrics and data about your business and feedback from your stakeholders in an intelligent 360° business dashboard and receive data-driven and AI-powered improvement suggestions for your SME business.

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Neocase HR logo

Case Management solutions built for the modern HR team.

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With Neocase's Case Management Software, you can improve your team's productivity, reduce response times, and increase customer satisfaction. Neocase is user-friendly and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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Honestly logo

Honest employee & customer feedback collection

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Honestly enables companies to collect feedback from their employees, get meaningful insights, and act on them

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eatNgage logo

The world's first webinar dining room

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eatNgage is a platform created to increase attendance & engagement for your webinars, events, training or 1-on-1 meetings by up to 95%.

Schedule a 100% free demo now and lunch is on us!

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ServiceNow HR Service Delivery logo

Deliver great employee experiences across the enterprise

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ServiceNow® HR Service Delivery unlocks enterprise productivity and gives your employees the service experience they deserve.

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LightWork Performance Management logo

Dynamic performance management system for SMBs

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The LightWork Performance Management system encourages employee development, highlights strengths, and identifies areas for improvement in employee performance

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Proze logo

Employee communications software for businesses of all sizes

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Proze is a SaaS Employee Communications Platform - with powerful, drag&drop simplicity for creating engaging and effective multi-channel employee communications with deep analytics. Proze lets authors personalize and target content based on employee profile attributes.

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Performance management software

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VISULT is the first management by objectives platform. It is designed to help managers deploy their business plans while improving collaboration and employee commitment.

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Anama logo

Develop high-performing and engaged employees and culture

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Join more than 300 high-performance teams and companies on Anama to drive better results and build highly-engaged teams.

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NOLA logo

Auto dialer solution for call centers and debt collectors

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NOLA AUTOMATION is an auto dialer solution that helps call centers communicate with customers via various methods including outbound or inbound calls, SMS, emails, live chat, and more. It allows sales teams to analyze customer journey by targeting leads or customers and creating strategic plans.

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Social Seeder logo

Referral, affiliate, influencer & advocacy marketing

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Social Seeder is an ambassador marketing software for running ambassador, referral, affiliate, influencer marketing & advocacy programs from a single platform

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culture.easy logo

For cos that believe "Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast"

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culture.easy enables businesses to engages their employees to align with the company's objectives and execute like clockwork.

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The Induction App logo

Onboarding solution

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The Induction App transforms onboarding by empowering inductees, streamlining admin and paperwork, and giving HR and managers visibility and reporting across inductees' progress, engagement and compliance. With The Induction App you'll benefit from increased engagement, retention and productivity.

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SquadPal logo

Employee engagement and community platform

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SquadPal is a social community application helping distributed teams build meaningful relationships. It is a safe space for them to share with their teammates like your hikes with friends, kids' swimming lessons, and more.

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Incogneato  logo

Anonymous Employee Feedback Tool

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Incogneato is a customer satisfaction tool with anonymous and unlimited feedback collection, real-time anonymous chat, and customizable feedback box creation

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webMOBI logo

Events engagement & mobile apps for enterprise and SMEs

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webMOBI is an event management & marketing platform with location-based discovery, networking, & personalization for trade shows, conferences, meetings & event

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Workday Enterprise Management Cloud logo

Cloud-based ERP tool for HR, finance, analytics, and more.

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Workday Enterprise Management Cloud is a suite of software solutions designed to streamline and optimize daily business operations.

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Bonterra Grants Management logo

Power grantmaking that drives impact.

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Bonterra's Grants Management solution streamlines your grantmaking to save time, accelerate fund delivery, and amplify your community impact.

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Olympia Engage logo

Performance management & employee engagement system

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Olympia Engage is a comprehensive performance management and employee engagement system for businesses of any type and size. It is designed to increase team collaboration and morale in the workplace. The system includes features for goal management, custom branding, digital signage, plus more.

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Employee engagement solution

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PERSENTIS is a 360° SaaS ecosystem that helps employers to prevent & minimize turnover by understanding people ́s basic needs. It measures and understands expectations and motives to find the right employees, strengthen loyalty, and reduce staff turnover costs.

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QaizenX logo

Listen - Act - Improve

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QaizenX is an employee experience management platform to get feedback from your employees. Easy to use, cost-effective, and gain deeper insights. Measure standard employee experience like eNPS, HappinessIndex, eSAT with ease. Grow leadership in your organization using 360 degree feedback.

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Play2sell logo

Cloud-based employee training and engagement platform

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Play2sell is a cloud-based sales gamification solution that helps businesses create sales conversions, improve team engagement, and view activity ranking. The tool allows users to learn sales procedures by providing various training options on a unified platform.

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Experience the all-in-one HR-software of WELDER.

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WELDER helps organizations measure and improve the engagement and happiness of their employees.

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