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Automated video-based pre-employment testing

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AlignMark streamlines the job application process through the use of video-based technology to select and gauge candidates; saving time, and allowing the best candidates to make their way to the top all while creating a better employment application experience.

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Hire Talent, Not Resumes.

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Meet Bryq, a Talent Intelligence Platform created to eliminate the biases, time constraints, and inefficient decisions that result from the traditional hiring process.

Bryq’s platform creates the ideal candidate profile, blindly screens based on fit, and finds the most valuable pool of candidates.

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GSE Hiring


A.I. based hiring platform to find talent

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GSE Hiring is a cloud-based recruitment solution that uses A.I. technologies to help hiring managers to simplify processes related to talent acquisition. Recruiters can use the streamlined tool to handle the entire recruiting process, from pre-employment screening to candidate interviews.

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A pre-interview ATS to automate 80% of pre-screening tasks.

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Our light ATS automates 80% of the pre-screening process with AI-powered one-way video interviews.

Let us identify your top candidates so you can make great hires more efficiently.

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Cloud-based and white-labeled video interviewing platform

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InterviewApp is a cloud-based recruiting solution designed to help businesses of all sizes conduct one-way video interviews by inviting candidates to a unified platform. Administrators can track the status of interviews as completed, opened, pending, expired, bounced or declined on a centralized dashboard as graphs and export statistics into XLS format.

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Candidate screening & assessment software for employers

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Tazio is a recruiting platform which combines aptitude tests, video interviewing, situational judgement tests, realistic job previews, and hybrid assessments in order to help businesses find the best candidates for the job. Tazio can be used to schedule interviews, score candidates, and more.

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Recruitment management platform with skill assessment tools

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TAQE is a recruitment management software that helps businesses screen candidates, assess skills, and schedule interviews. Recruiters can configure applicant requirements based on multiple assessments, such as personality, skills, language proficiency, logic, and general knowledge.

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CodinGame for Work


Pre-employment testing and assessment management software

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CodinGame Assessment is an pre-employment testing platform that allows companies to assess candidates’ technical skills before hiring, saving time and money.

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Pre-employment testing software to identify top candidates

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EYardstick is a cloud-based skills assessment tool, which provides hiring teams with the tools to build and assign online pre-employment assessments and tests to candidates. It facilitates video assessments, coding simulators, sales & marketing simulators, writing ability tests, and custom tests.

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Pre-employment testing and performance evaluation software

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PsicoSmart is a pre-employment testing and performance evaluation software designed to help businesses monitor employees’ performance and streamline recruiting processes. Supervisors can import applicants’ information on the platform and assess candidates’ skills using psychotechnical evaluations.

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The Hire Talent


Personality & Competency Pre-Employment Testing Resources

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The Hire Talent is a pre-employment assessment solution with which companies can measure candidates’ people skills, critical thinking, sales aptitude, and more

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See who can do the job before they get the job.

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Test the skills and attitude of hundreds of candidates simultaneously, using simulations written by experts.

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The Devine Group Suite


Employee assessments & talent analytic tools

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The Devine Group is a employee assessment and talent analysis tool for employers and recruiters which is designed to help businesses match the right candidates to each job opening. The online tool uses pre-employment testing and competency-based assessments to aid in making smarter hiring decisions.

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The most advanced assessment platform for technical hiring

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CodeSignal is the most predictive pre-employment testing software that assesses developer candidates at every step of the hiring process.

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Coding assessment platform for technical interviews

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Coderbyte is a cloud-based technical assessment platform that helps companies conduct coding assessments with a library of skill-based questions, challenges, and templates. Administrators can utilize the activity dashboard to monitor activity and send invitation links to potential candidates.

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Your end-to-end Hiring Experience Platform

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HireVue is your end-to-end Hiring Experience Platform with video interview software, conversational AI, and assessments.

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Skills assessment and interview management platform

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HackerRank is a cloud-based technical skills assessment software that enables businesses to evaluate developers' skills, conduct remote interviews, and track candidate performance. Using the built-in content library, recruiters can create customizable hiring assessments based on specific job roles

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Pre-employment Tests for Job Applicants (Skills, Aptitude)

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EmployTest helps companies, governments and non-profits hire better with our pre-employment tests. We have tests for most entry->mid-level jobs, including specific tests for admin support, customer service, sales, management and industry specific (medical, legal, hospitality, industrial & more).

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Prevue Assessments


Pre-employment testing suite

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Prevue Assessment Suite combines pre-employment assessments measuring candidate motivations, interests, aptitude, and personality to inform hiring decisions

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Online pre-employment assessment solution

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Interview Mocha is an online pre-employment testing solution which enables the evaluation of multiple skills using pre-built or custom assessments

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Pre-employment assessment for candidates & hiring managers

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Berke is an online pre-employment assessment tool that evaluates the skills and personality traits of candidates to determine their fit for a job

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Pre-employment testing platform for hiring developers

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Woven is a pre-employment testing platform designed to help businesses screen and recruit technical candidates using curated work simulations. It allows engineering teams to streamline hiring funnels by analyzing candidates' job simulations in alignment with current benchmarks set for the team.

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Where the best engineering teams are built.

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Codility's evidence-based platform helps hiring teams predict the real-life skills of their candidates, at scale. This brings faster hiring, time savings, and gives engineers more time to solve problems that matter. That’s why Slack, Microsoft and Tesla are using us already.

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The Assessment Company


Employee assessment software for businesses of all sizes

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The Assessment Company is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses automate the employee assessment lifecycle through 360-degree feedback, personality tests, and behavioral analysis. Corporate trainers can use the learning programs to enhance communication and productivity across teams.

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Employment Technologies


Cloud-based pre-employment testing solution

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Employment Technologies is a cloud-based training solution that helps small to large enterprises in retail, healthcare, hospitality, and other industries conduct pre-employment assessments. Managers can rate candidate profiles based on assessment results and generate performance reports.

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