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Blackboard for Business enables you to provide today’s diverse employees and learners with the flexible professional development, training, and online learning that they need to be successful. Our learning platforms are built on the fundamentals of how people learn, enabling learning online, on demand, and in real time. learning more effective in and beyond the traditional walls.

Our comprehensive solution is more than an LMS. It is a fully unified learning platform is that is trusted, flexible and impactful. And our support and experience ensures your success.


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John Crisp

a Long Term User's Honest Experience

Reviewed 2016-03-23
Review Source

Quick background, was in high tech sales and marketing for many years prior to teaching and heavily involved with custom Computer Graphics systems since Time Arts Lumena was around (predecessor to Photoshop). Check out my LinkedIn profile for more details. On to the product review -- I've been using Blackboard for *many* years, and have been teaching (and doing) Web Design and Development since 1993. I'm retiring shortly, so I can be absolutely frank and honest about my experience with this app without fear of upsetting IT folks or admins that I would have to work with in the future. Truthfully, the ONLY reason I use this app is because I have no alternative at the College where I teach and it gives the students easy access to information, but so would any LMS (Learning Management System). The UIX (User Interface Experience) is incredibly archaic and counter-intuitive. It's also painfully slow to use, as it does constant server requests (just paste the URL for a Blackboard connection into for testing). Sometimes one single click every 15 seconds is all the system will react to when I'm using the grade book, etc. -- in the "real" world, without captive users, no one would ever return to a site with those response times. To be fair to Blackboard, part of that may (or may not) be our schools network or Blackboard interface setup. As far as usability, Blackboard needs to let the User Interface and UIX designers (if they even had any) direct the techs and coders. It's *very* obvious that it's been the reverse, . They should 'steal' some Apple UIX people and give them some *real* power to direct how the app works and what it looks like. I've just finished using Blackboard for 3 hours+ doing things that should have taken 1 hour or less had the interface been optimized and more thought out. For example, under the 'Assignments' and 'Course Documents' sections there is no easy way to reorder or batch select using something basic like check boxes or a multi-select hot keys. Also, any NEW assignment or document post goes to the BOTTOM (the absolute reverse of a Blog post) So I need to drag it back to the top (where it logically should go). However, even that is awkward, since when I drag to the top of the browser the window does not auto-scroll. I have to hold the left mouse button at the same time as I use my middle finger to roll the mouse wheel -- duh!!. There IS a small text window pop-up accessed via an archaic icon to reorder posts, however, that shows only 5 assignment titles at a time (no window resize function to show more than 5). I can reorder them there, but need to do a single mouse click each time it moves up one position, but again, with no way to see more than 5 and no way to multi-select. So, if I have 50 course documents and want to shift 5 new documents to the top (where they belong) that's almost 250 mouse clicks to re-position 5 documents to where they should be in the first place - duh!! In Gradebook it only shows 10 students listed by default. I can change the setting up to 50 but the next time I go back it's back or need to refresh something -- it's back to 10. It doesn't save defaults or give me a choice. This may seem to be nit-picking, but over the period of a 14 week semester that's a lot of wasted time time and clicks. I'm going to end my review here as I have more work to do, but when I saw a 4 star review for this LMS being the solo review I had to balance it out. Bottom line is, the concept is good -- many, many modules/tools in a LMS bundled package but the execution is absolutely awful. Just Google search 'Blackboard sucks' or 'I hate Blackboard' if you want real faculty and user opinions sans any marketing spin. Other telltale signs are when a company start to lose long-term clients. Ryerson University in Toronto just did a switch from Blackboard after "a multi-year consultation process". More on that process is here Hopefully that last paragraph doesn't get censored, because that's the source of raw truth.1. it's an LMS and something is better than nothing. 2. It's full of examples I can show my students on how not to do UI and UIX 3. Well established company is behind it 4. Modular front-end 5. Many bells and whistles

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Brian Clark

Great way to manage several classes with great flexibility to match personal style

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-07
Review Source: Software Advice

Overall it’s an improvement over just 20 years ago when a syllabus and careful listening were the only way to connect with students. Also, I’ve had great success sharing ideas with colleagues. Of course, faculty can be just irritating as the abovementioned students. I’d say an “ignore” buttons would make this score go from a 7 to a 9. I love the ability to reach all of my students or any subgroup in multiple ways. For example, personalized announcement, group emails, meeting and grading in realtime, scheduling office hours, and getting notifications are just a few of the native services, and each can be customized l.

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Anonymous Reviewer

Well established platform

Reviewed 2016-02-23
Review Source

I am consulting for two institutions - the one a large higher education institution - 45 000+ Blackboard users - self hosted and the other - smaller business school - 1000+ Blackboard users - hosted. I present training and support to the faculty on how to use the LMS. Although one can discover a lot for yourself using the Blackboard help site, there are a few tips and tricks that make life a lot easier which is not always that intuitive. Problems that we are trying to solve: changing the faculty's teaching philosophy from traditional lecture based teaching to a more active learning environment. Blackboard certainly address that well - as long as you plan your activities properly, you can get excellent feedback for example let the students read or view a video on a specific concept and then let them write a pre-test before they come to the lecture. This will help you to identify where the gaps still exist which you can address then in class. Also using a flipped class room approach - Blackboard can be used to assist you in flipping your class room where you can also monitor and track which of your students engaged beforehand. I have been using WebCT and then Blackboard.Everything is in one space - lots of tools - the sky is really the limit. I also like the Best Practice parts of the help site - it helps you to get ideas of how you can use the tools.

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Albert Deilami

Abomination is an Understatement

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-06
Review Source: Capterra

I had the opportunity to go to school online, or check assignments on a web-based platform. I liked that. But other than that, I cannot say a single good thing about it. It is web-based. Some modules can be dragged and dropped. It has a lot of useless features I don't ever need or use, while missing ones that I do need.

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Michael Reffner

Outperforms the Competition

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-02-10
Review Source: Software Advice

Blackboard beats the competition - hands down. I've used this software for over 10 years. They constantly improve the software. It's very fluid. Grading is a breeze. As an instructor, I can locate assignments and post grades quick and easy. I can identify students who are struggling and are at risk of not completing the course. Blackboard keeps me in touch with my students. Likewise, it keeps my students in touch with me - and each other. There are so many options for creating assignments, allowing students to view content, or interact with each other. I love using Blackboard Learn.Easy to navigate. Simple to use. Effective learning platform

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Activity Dashboard

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Billing & Invoicing (64 other apps)
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Client Portal (47 other apps)
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Key features of Blackboard for Business

  • Date Management tool
  • Discussion Boards and Calendar
  • Blackboard Collaborate Integration
  • Video Embedding and Content Editor
  • Easily Create and Manage Groups
  • Enterprise Surveys and Course Evaluations
  • Grade Center, Digital badges and certificates
  • Needs Grading Smart View
  • Automate Outcomes Assessment
  • Interactive Rubrics
  • Blackboard Open Content
  • Standards and Goals Alignment & Performance Reporting
  • Easy Update and Management of Files
  • Learner Activity Reporting
  • Test Deployment and Design
  • Course Embedded Assessment
  • SIS Integration Framework
  • Global Learning Social Network
  • Course Themes and Structures
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