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Knovio Pro

Instant multimedia content through online presentations

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Knovio Pro overview

Knovio is the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to create personalized, illustrated multimedia stories using nothing more than a desktop browser, iPad, or iPhone, and to distribute them instantly on-demand to any viewer with a desktop or mobile browser.

Unlike PowerPoint decks circulated by email or posted to SlideShare, Knovio presentations incorporate the full storyline, context, and personality behind the images, and provide a more complete and engaging communication experience.

These stories can be used for many business and personal purposes, including: explaining concepts, pitching ideas, marketing products, teaching courses, documenting processes, advocating causes, and practicing for live presentations. And as the content is viewed, Knovio provides continuous telemetry and feedback to the content creator, enabling him or her to take follow-up actions and improve the quality of the storytelling over time.


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Knovio Pro reviews

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Paloma González González

Knovio Pro, a user-friendly application for online presentations

Reviewed 2015-08-12
Review Source: GetApp

As a Competitive Exam trainer in Spain for English Language teachers at Secondary State schools I have been using Knovio mainly to promote my B-learning course POPPIES and for the course presentations which are now an essential part of it. I was looking for an easy-to-use, non expensive tool when the director of the B-learning Course I was then finishing back in October 2014 suggested Knovio: It was free and you could do up to 5 presentations. Very easy to use, it had then two main drawbacks: uploading the slides did not always work (it was better to upload them as .jpg or similar) and could not be downloaded in video format for YouTube or similar. Since April 2015, the people at Knowledge & Vision have been working hard and they have come up with a great tool I would find difficult now to do without. I strongly recommend it to anybody looking for a very easy to use tool for their presentations and promotional videos.Very easy to use, slides or .jpg files are easily uploaded, you can re-record each slide as many times as you need . One of the features in Knovio Pro I particularly like is that your viewers can post you questions, a tool which, I think, is going to be of great help for me. The customer support is prompt and really good, although I must say that I have hardly needed it, so easy and intuitive it is Knovio Pro (as is Knovio, the free application). You can now download your presentations as mp4 for YouTube, Vimeo, etc. although I must say I have only downloaded a couple to my computer so far. ...I really love Knovio and Knovio Pro!

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Kirstin Lynde

Dramatic Improvement in Multimedia Content Production Time

Reviewed 2015-08-11
Review Source: GetApp

As someone who develops leadership development and training materials for one of the largest HR services companies in the world, I was looking for a tool that my organization could use to develop crisp, compelling presentation-based content for our Learning Management System, as well as to distribute as "multimedia learning notes" for my leadership courses. Knovio has more than filled the bill. It's easy to learn, easy to learn, and content that used to take days to create in some of the more traditional multimedia content tools now takes less than an hour in Knovio. That means we can roll out more video content more quickly than ever. The most recent overhaul of the Web version dramatically improved from previous version. Now, the web and mobile versions work identically, which makes it easy to go back and forth. I'm also very excited to explore the KnowledgeChecks feature that has just been released. Prior to this, we've had to post quiz material outside the presentation, within our LMS. But now, we can put quizzes right inside the presentation, and the results get scored and posted to the LMS, which is much cleaner.-- The mobile version for the iPad is outstanding, and they've announced an iPhone version too. -- The system check, which audits your computer and connection to make sure it's set up for multimedia recording, is clever. -- The ability to go back and correct mistakes in the presentation is really important. This was not in the original version, and makes a big difference. -- I like that you can choose whether and when to appear on camera or not. Sometimes, you want just to use the microphone, and not the camera. -- The video export makes using Knovio content much more flexible.

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Allows more dynamic and attractive presentations

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-04-25
Review Source: Capterra

Fill my presentations with dynamism what gratifies me as a filmmaker and invites you to explore the application in depth It gives a different character to power point presentations nourishing them with color, sounds and movement, which makes it easier to catch the attention of the viewer.

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Jeremy Aho

Easy to use and deliver lecture style presentations

Used other for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-01
Review Source: GetApp

Knovio makes it easy to sync up video and PowerPoint presentations and displays it well for the viewer. It's nice that it works on mobile, has ability to deliver in formats for tracking in an LMS, and it's nice that all the video streaming is handled in the cloud. We actually don't use it anymore as we have a need for a different delivery format, but it was great working with the customer service team and they were super helpful getting some files from their platform that we "lost", even after we discontinued use of their service.

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Tom Crawford

Knovio makes my life easier

Reviewed 2015-08-17
Review Source: GetApp

I use Knovio web and Knovio mobile to activate and provide my partners with sales ready presentations. It greatly simplifies things for me as partners and my WW partner sales team can easily reference the presentations any time regardless of where they are in the world or the time of day/night. Knovio also lets me know who is and is not paying attention to our content. Open it and start building your presentations. Seriously, it's that simple. The responsive design templates. This is great because I publish the presentation once and it's available for viewers regardless of how they are opening the presentation (e.g. desktop, mobile, tablet). I don't need to be a landing page expert or a web developer. Tracking! This is so important for me to manage the "silence" in my pipeline. I know if, when, and by whom the presentations are consumed. And I know what content they care about and just as important, the content they skipped over.

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Knovio Pro pricing

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Free trial
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Knovio Pro ($15/month): unlimited presentations, animations, chapters & footnotes, attachments, video export, branded player, and much more.
Knovio Team (starts at $5,000/yr): Enables teams or whole companies with Knovio Pro.
Knovio Campus ($8/student): Campus-wide deployments of Knovio Pro.
A limited free version of Knovio is also available.

Knovio Pro features

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GetApp Analysis

Knovio is a cloud-based online video presentation tool that allows users to instantly create on-demand multimedia content for marketing, learning, and other communications. It can be used on websites, in email campaigns, and in social media to sell products, pitch ideas, explain concepts, teach courses, advocate causes, practice speeches, document travels, illustrate processes, and enhance resumes or portfolios.

Knovio Pro is a combination of four apps: Knovio Web, Knovio Mobile, KVCentral Library to store and manage your Knovios, and Enhance, which supports dynamic footnotes, chapters, and attachments to your presentations, among other things. Knovio Pro also comes with 32 player design templates, and speeds up production process by 10 to 100 times versus traditional multimedia authoring tools.

What is Knovio Pro?

If you want to add personality to static PowerPoint decks, Knovio is a tool that makes boring presentations come alive with the voice and/or image of the author. It allows presenters to tell the story behind their slides and turn dull content into an engaging, multimedia experience. Multimedia presentations can be created within minutes from a web browser, smartphone, or tablet. All finished Knovios can be viewed in any browser, desktop or mobile, even without a downloadable viewer app.

A Knovio Pro subscription supports any number and any length of presentations (except for those created on mobile phones, which can only be a maximum of 20 minutes because of device memory limitations), and PowerPoint animations. Other features include programmable zoom control, clickable chapters, synchronized footnotes, high-definition 1080p or 720p video files for posting to YouTube, SlideShare, or other video services, and email alerts when someone watches your presentation.

Who is Knovio Pro for?

  • Experience level: Beginner to advanced
  • Industry: All industries
  • Business size: All business sizes
  • Departments/roles: Content creators in corporate learning, content marketing, and sales
  • Budget/point: Starts at $15 per user per month or $150 per year
  • Example customers: Aetna, Tesla Motors, IDC, and Forrester Research

Main features

Narration with Webcam, Microphone, or Both

When you first use Knovio, a system check is performed on your browser settings, network connections, Flash setup, webcam, and microphone. You perform a test recording, and if there are any problems, Knovio helps you troubleshoot. It also automatically detects and uses the media tools your device already has, such as a webcam or microphone, that are either built into your iPad or iPhone or attached to your computer.

When recording narrations for your presentations, you can use both your webcam and microphone, or just the microphone. Speaker notes can be typed in, and they’ll show up above the preview image in your record screen, which is where most webcams are located. If your PowerPoint slides come with speaker notes, they’ll automatically be visible above each slide.

Multiple Slide and Image Types, Plus Quizzes

Knovio works with different slides and image formats including PowerPoint animation, PDF, JPG, PNG, and mobile camera images.

When creating presentations, you can choose a PowerPoint deck or set of PNG or JPG images from your hard drive, or select any of the images or slides you previously uploaded, which will be shown across the bottom of the Add Slides screen. Processing and uploading of your slides can take anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes, depending on their length and complexity.

It also offers a KnowledgeChecks option that lets you sprinkle quiz questions throughout your Knovio, scoring and tracking the results.

Easy Recording and Re-Recording Functions

Knovio has a two-button recording control to record, pause, re-record, and advance your slides. When you’re ready to add narration, click on “Record Slide,” advancing your slides as you go via the Next Slide button. This is if you want to work on multiple slides all at once. Otherwise, press “Stop” and then advance to the next slide.

When you stop recording, you’ll see a preview and the length of the presentation, and, on the left side of the screen, the slides with media recording by virtue of the check marks in the thumbnails. The “Re-Record Slide” button will now be available in case you need to redo your narration. Knovio auto-saves your work every 30 seconds, or in case of an interruption.

Instant Publishing and Sharing on the Web

When you’re done recording, previewing, and editing your slides, you’re ready to publish and name your presentation. The blue Publish button is located on the upper right-hand side of the record screen. Each published Knovio automatically appears in your KVCentral library. Access to KVCentral can be done via any mobile or desktop browser at or by logging in to your Knovio account.

Each Knovio presentation has a share button that, when clicked, generates links, embed codes, and shows email and social media posting options. The embed code can be inserted into a webpage or blog post. Knovios can also be exported to YouTube, SlideShare, and Vimeo. To do this, in the export video section of the presentation, click on “Show Downloads” and select 1080p for high-resolution videos. Click “Render” next to the video to generate a download link.

Anytime, Anywhere Creation and Viewing of Content

Because Knovio is cloud-based, it can be used to create and view content anytime, anywhere. Its responsive user interface adapts to any browser or viewing device, and creation tools are available on desktop browsers and iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch).


Aside from out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, and other marketing automation systems, Knovio supports one-button posting to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and universal integration with most learning management systems via SCORM standard .

Embed codes show Knovio content on blogs, WordPress, and other websites. High-definition (1080p) Knovio videos can also be exported and posted to YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo, and other video sharing sites.


For single users, subscription to Knovio Pro is $15 per month, $40 per quarter, or $150 per year.

Knovio Pro with KnowledgeChecks is $25 per month or $250 per year. The package includes integrated quiz creation and administration capability, scoring, tracking, and completion certificates. It also comes with a guestbook feature to password-protect your content and require viewers to “sign in” to see your content.

Knovio Team Edition, which is available for teams of 10 or more, starts at $5,000 per year. Features include advanced tracking, custom templates, and administrative provisioning tools.

Built for entire college campuses, Knovio Campus Edition costs $8 per enrolled student per academic year.

Knovio also offers a free version with limited features.

Bottom line

  • Web-based presentation tool that makes dull PowerPoint slides interactive and more engaging
  • Automatically detects and makes use of the media tools already on your device
  • High-resolution videos that can be exported to YouTube, SlideShare, and other video sharing services
  • Instant publishing to the web and sharing of content via email and social media
  • Can be used anywhere, anytime on desktops and iOS devices, and soon, Androids

Additional information for Knovio Pro

Key features of Knovio Pro

  • Narrate PowerPoint
  • Video or audio narration
  • Uses webcam, microphone
  • Browser-based, no software
  • View finished content in any browser
  • Edit, re-edit, and customize
  • Create on both desktop and mobile
  • Import JPEG & PNG images
  • Built-in teleprompter
  • Add chapters (Pro)
  • Dynamic footnotes, calls to action (Pro)
  • Programmable zoom (Pro)
  • Unlimited presentations (Pro)
  • Embed quizzes and KnowledgeChecks (Pro)
  • Perfect for e-learning, marketing, sales, communications
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Instantly add personality and storyline to your presentations and make them viewable anytime, anywhere, from any browser.