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Email marketing solution

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FreshMail is a marketing software for creating, sending and tracking targeted email campaigns.

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Email, web form, and e-signature solution for healthcare

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Hushmail is a web-based email, web form, and e-signature service that enables businesses to send and receive encrypted client communications. The drag-and-drop form builder, template directory, and integrated e-signatures are perfect for healthcare, legal, and other fields requiring confidentiality.

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Email management solution to optimize response rates

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timetorely is email reply time and analytics software that enables companies to visualize, manage, and track email volumes and reply times for transactional email. Set reply time goals, SLA alerts and close off conversations. Works across all email clients. Track shared and individual mailboxes.

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World's only ESP that doesn't charge for emails opened

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Pepipost is an email delivery service which allows users to send emails via SMTP relay or Web API. Sign up & get 25,000 email credits free every month. Forever.

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Your Inbox, reinvented

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Spike brings all of your communication: your emails, messaging, chats, voice and video calls, team collaboration, everything - to a single place. It’s what you and your team have been looking for in a productivity and collaboration app, but so much easier, and all from your inbox.

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Secure electronic signature, email encryption & file sharing

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DeliverySlip is a cloud-based email security, file sharing and electronic signature solution which offers industrial-grade email encryption, secure file transfer, electronic approvals, web forms, bulk send, and more. The software works inside Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and various other applications.

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MailClark, shared inbox in Slack & Microsoft Teams

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Bring the power of a shared inbox within Slack to easily engage your teams in workflows related to messages management. For every Customer Support, Sales & Marketing, Project Management or Recruitment team, MailClark centralizes shared inboxes to optimize productivity.

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Email Marketing Software

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VerticalResponse provides users with the tools needed to run successful email marketing campaigns, including custom email creation, campaign scheduling, automated follow-up emails, A/B testing, landing pages, surveys, autoresponders, performance monitoring, advanced reporting, and more

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GlobiMail for Podio


Get your Email conversations into Podio

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Podio is a great way to run your business, but it can be almost impossible to get your customers to give up email. Fortunately, they don't have to. With GlobiMail for Podio, your email conversations automatically get into Podio. Perfect for tracking sales opportunities, running a helpdesk, and managing projects.

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Email on Acid


A seamless email workflow to boost your ROI.

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Campaign Precheck is our guided seamless checklist that optimizes every email, from your preview text to visually-accessible design, deliverability checks and email previews, allowing you to save time, reach more subscribers and achieve higher ROI with every message.

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Easy, Intelligent Email Marketing

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With DirectIQ's rich features and intuitive user interface, you can easily load email contacts, pick a template, and send out email campaigns in just a matter of minutes. Already helping 10,000+ businesses communicate with their customers, we have all the email marketing tools you need to get the job done right.

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SilverSky Email Protection Suite


Advanced email security and compliance for SMBs

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SilverSky Email Protection Suite is an email protection service that helps small and mid-sized businesses identify and prevent cybersecurity threats in compliance with industry regulations. Protects against targeted attacks, social engineering and data loss.

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Thexyz Webmail


Email management software to sync mails, contacts & calendar

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Thexyz Webmail is an email management software that helps employees synchronize their email accounts with an integrated webmail system to archive emails, schedule appointments, and send meeting invitations to team members.

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Cloud-based email management, analytics and deliverability

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250ok is a modular, customizable email performance management, analytics and deliverability software suite, for use by email marketers alongside popular third-party Email Service Providers (ESPs), to drive advanced insights around email performance and the assurance that all messages reach customers

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Marketing & transactional email delivery platform

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SocketLabs is a marketing & transactional email delivery service with features for sending, receiving, & tracking the success of emails and recipient engagement

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Launch your first (or millionth) email campaign, no sweat.

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Cakemail is an email marketing application that simplifies the way small businesses engage with customers, allowing them to manage contacts, create personalized email campaigns from templates and simply send. It’s an affordable, easy-to-use solution, created to help small businesses.

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Loop Email


An all-in-one team inbox

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Loop Email is an all-in-one team inbox, which simplifies and organizes incoming work communication into one inbox.

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Subscriber Engagement & Monetization Platform

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Get unmatched delivery with Pushnami's email platform. Coupled with web-based push notifications and Facebook messaging, Pushnami makes it easy to target your subscribers across all channels.

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Email service for businesses

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Kingmailer is a transactional email solution offering businesses a cloud SMTP mail server to distribute emails to customers/clients. This mail server can be set up in minutes and integrated with third-party applications or websites to deliver email messages.

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Cloud-based document management software for legal firms

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Uptime LegalWorks is a document management software for legal firms to store and organize documents, mails and notes in a matter centric form

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Email marketing and marketing automation platform

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ActiveTrail is an email marketing and marketing automation platform with features for designing, sending and analyzing email marketing & SMS campaigns

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Email Meter Enterprise


Email analytics solution for GSuite users

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Email Meter is a cloud-based email analytics solution, built for G Suite, that helps businesses track employee productivity, workload, and response time. Managers can generate histograms and heat maps to gain visibility into sent & received emails, email traffic, top recipients & senders, and more.

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Email marketing and marketing automation tool

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Sendloop is a full featured email marketing and marketing automation. You will find all features and tools to nurture leads, segment them and run highly targeted email campaigns

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Sortd for Sales


Sales CRM for Gmail

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Sortd transforms Gmail accounts into a powerful sales tool, enabling users to drag & drop emails into a pipeline, while keeping track of contacts, notes & more

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Email Manager for Microsoft 365


Capture & classify emails from Outlook 365 to SharePoint

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Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 is a modern add-in that offers easier, faster email capture and auto-classification, so emails are stored correctly and can be found when needed. It features an easy-to-use interface and works on any device with Outlook.

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