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netTerrain DCIM

Data center infrastructure management

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netTerrain DCIM overview

netTerrain DCIM is a data center infrastructure management solution which allows users to visually track data center space, power, assets, cabling environments, and more. The software is aimed at state and federal government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare providers, manufacturers, utilities and telecommunications companies, and banking organizations.

netTerrain's built-in discovery features enable data import from external systems, with a range of predefined monitoring system integrations, the ability to create custom integrations, and one-off or continuous bulk import of data from spreadsheets, text, and static diagrams. Full data center infrastructure can be visualized, from entire regions down to individual racks, ports, and subcomponents. Assets can be visualized in logical, physical, or user-defined views according to custom hierarchies, and users can track asset data, locations, status, and an unlimited number of custom fields for all objects. Elements can be color-coded by capacity parameters including utilization, enabling the identification of underutilized assets and available capacity.

netTerrain offers tools for space management, environmental monitoring, cable and circuit management, and customizable reporting, which allow users to optimize moves and additions, track energy usage, schedule jobs, locate and proactively manage assets, identify power or thermal failures, and more. Capacity planning and forecasting functionality enable the visualization of current capacity and identification of underused servers to optimize capacity. Roadmaps for increasing capacity can also be generated with details of space requirements, connectivity, and energy efficiency.


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netTerrain DCIM screenshot: Data center floor plans can be visualized in netTerrainDCIMnetTerrain DCIM screenshot: Power usage and temperature can be monitored through the dashboardnetTerrain DCIM screenshot: Racks can be visualized in netTerrainnetTerrain DCIM screenshot: Logical, physical, and custom views can be generatednetTerrain DCIM screenshot: Patch panels can be visualized in netTerrainnetTerrain DCIM screenshot: The asset dashboard allows users to track device distribution, port usage, and card usage

netTerrain DCIM reviews


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Daniel Guimenez

Excellent software for documenting the network.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-05
Review Source: Capterra

Network and device information related to in a unique place and system.* The layers feature is very useful to filter objects and not get lost in busy diagrams * Drag and drop to the diagram for easy data entry and rack mounting * Drag and drop of links makes the creation of connections easy * I like the grid option in addition to custom backgrounds to keep diagrams tidy * Easy routing of cables on a floor plan using quick bend point shortcuts * Exports to PDF, Visio and others directly from the client, without having to rely on server exports * Improved look and feel and usability with the latest version including ribbon menus

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netTerrain DCIM

Data center infrastructure management

Pasqualino De Sanctis

Software is very user friendly. It's a joy to be able to work with such ease.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-05
Review Source: Capterra

Easy to ask questionsSoftware is wonderful, able to view cabinet layout, equipment, and connection at a touch of a button. Also use it for Power monitoring in cabinets, link to link connections and also view CLR

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netTerrain DCIM

Data center infrastructure management

Joseph Hiles

This app has the best support I have seen

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-03-02
Review Source: Capterra

Network tracking ease of use.Easy to use and very comprehensive. Easier to use then trying to document with visio or excel. I like the point to point connections that can be hidden when not actively in use. Great for diving down or high level look.

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netTerrain DCIM

Data center infrastructure management


Quality software for documenting your environment.

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-27
Review Source: Capterra

-Highly customizable, plus the software is getting better with every version. -Customer service is top-notch.

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netTerrain DCIM

Data center infrastructure management

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Key features of netTerrain DCIM

  • Device auto-discovery
  • Bulk data import
  • Workflow management
  • Customizable hierarchies
  • Proactive asset management
  • Infrastructure visualization
  • Reports & dashboards
  • Document management
  • Equipment location tracking
  • Actual power consumption tracking
  • Capacity planning & forecasting
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Power aware VM migration & job scheduling
  • Configurable access rules
  • Asset visualization
  • Physical, logical & custom views
  • Element color-coding
  • Utilization tracking
  • End-to-end circuit layout records
  • Power/thermal failure identification
  • SNMP device discovery
  • Monitoring system integrations
  • Cable & circuit management


netTerrain DCIM allows users to visualize data centers, from building views, to floors, down to each rack, equipment, and individual ports.

The locations of racks, equipment, cable trays, cables, and other assets can be tracked and searched.

Space and rack management tools enable the identification of available power, spaces, and networks, optimization of additions and moves, and device reconfiguring.

With the capacity planning and forecasting tools, users can visualize current capacity, discover underused servers to optimize capacity, and generate roadmaps for increasing capacity with details of space requirements, connectivity, and energy efficiency.

The flexible platform allows users to add and remove properties, create business rules, change visual cues, and generate custom reports.