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  • Salesforce 1 Platform  

    Gartner Leader in Platform as a Service
    Use the Salesforce1 Platform to connect your existing applications and legacy technology as well as the custom applications you build using the platform.
  • Knack    7 reviews

    the easiest way to build online database apps
    Knack is the easiest way to build online database apps to power your business or organization: * SIMPLE: no I.T. required. * CUSTOM: build a custom app for your specific needs. * POWERFUL: forms, searches, calendars, user log-ins and more. * MOBILE: all Knack apps work great on any mobile device. We consider our world-class support a Knack feature. You can chat with English-speaking humans to help build your app. Sign up for a free trial to build an online database now.
  • Caspio Online Database    4 reviews

    DIY Online Database Apps Without Coding
    Caspio is the #1 online database platform for creating business applications, custom forms and reports fast and without coding. With an intuitive point-and-click app builder, non-technical business users will be able to create custom web apps fast and at a fraction of cost compared with traditional software development. All Caspio-powered apps can be seamlessly deployed on your own website, intranet, CMS, blog, or any other web property. With Caspio’s online database platform, you can create apps 20 times faster than conventional development. Your apps are very easy to maintain and you can scale up or down as your needs change. Since 2000, organizations of all sizes have been utilizing the platform to create custom apps that streamline processes, enhance workflow and experience much more agility. Caspio is a certified partner of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. All pricing plans include UNLIMITED USERS. Try it for free!
  • Zoho Creator    6 reviews

    Launch database apps on your own
    Use Zoho Creator to build your own custom business apps and connect them at any point with your existing 3rd party apps using custom workflows & rules.
  • Mendix    2 reviews

    The App Platform for the Enterprise
    Mendix is the app platform company for the enterprise. We enable companies to build, integrate and deploy web and mobile applications faster and with better results, effectively driving ROI in days not months.
  • Zengine    2 reviews

    Build custom business apps in under an hour
    Zengine empowers anyone to build custom business applications without any coding or technical expertise. The cloud-based platform allows non-technical users to build their own custom business applications, while also allowing developers to extend their application through the use of integrations (via our API), plugins, and other complex functionality. Zengine can be used to manage any project - track customers, job candidates, or more and replaces paper processes, outgrown spreadsheets, or generic software products.
  • Hosted Elasticsearch    1 review

    Data Exploration, Enterprise Search, and Analytics as a Service is ridiculously simple hosted Elasticsearch. Getting your data exploration and analytics projects off the ground has never been so easy. Get a hosted endpoint in one of 13 different Rackspace or AWS data centers on 5 continents. Specify your favorite monitoring plugin, your client, your security credentials, and then you're ready to index your data. Use cases include e-commerce product search, log analysis, bioinformatics, geo-search, and more. Anything that needs to be searchable, filterable, and fast.
  • Hosted Virtual Desktop from the Cloud    1 review

    ThinkGrid is a worldwide enabler of cloud computing. Our new Hosted Virtual Desktop technology is an innovative new method for delivering desktops to end users. Through our Channel Partners we can deliver vertical specific solutions to suit individual business needs. Cloud computing and hosted virtual desktops provide the same features, tools and ways of working as traditional IT, but with a different method of accessing them. Whilst the services look and feel familiar, behind the scenes they bring a raft of benefits, such as cost savings, disaster recovery, business continuity, remote working and improved staff productivity. Why Unique? ThinkGrid's Hosted Desktops run on Windows7; benefit from full isolation; allow any business application to be installed; provide full scalability, customization and benefit from high availability.
  • SharePoint  

    Content Management System
    SharePoint is a Web technology based server that can be used to build portals, collaboration sites, and also content management sites.
  • Workato  

    Powerful app integrations for everyone
    Workato lets anyone create powerful integrations between applications in minutes. Use Workato to connect your apps and automate your work. No coding required.

    Database[dot]com is the world’s first enterprise database built for the cloud. It's open, proven and trusted. Database[dot]com is built to power the next generation of cloud 2 social and mobile enterprise apps. Database[dot]com makes it easy to build next generation business app. It comes with toolkits for connecting apps that run natively on mobile platforms. It also includes a social data model that makes it easy to build apps with profiles, status updates, news feeds and groups. Database[dot]com is a core component of the Force[dot]com platform. As such, a large number of tools and toolkits are already available for accessing the database from a variety of languages and platforms, from Java on a server to iOS on a phone.
  • Xeround - Cloud Database  

    A ridiculously simple, seriously powerful CLOUD DATABASE
    Xeround is a service that seamlessly replaces your existing MySQL database and lets you run it in the cloud, scale automatically and maintain high availability - all in a simple database-as-a-service. Rather than having to manually install, configure, monitor and manage your MySQL database – You can enjoy a zero-management MySQL in the cloud with just 1-click. Xeround Cloud database comes in both FREE and paid plans. You can run your database on Amazon Web Services and on Rackspace, Joyent Cloud, HP Cloud Services, as well as via the Heroku, Engine Yard, PHP Fog and AppHarbor platforms. Create Your FREE Cloud Database today!
  • MobStac  

    Mobile commerce app development platform
    MobStac is mobile commerce platform for developers and agencies to create exceptional apps for e-commerce businesses and consumer brands across iOS, Android and Windows. Our native SDKs let developers enable in-app payments in over 100 currencies and catalog sync between your desktop e-commerce site and mobile app. Our platform works with your existing e-commerce software, so you can create a mobile commerce app without disrupting your existing site.
  • Tcat Server  

    MuleSoft's Tcat Server is enterprise Tomcat made simple — a fully supported Apache Tomcat server that allows developers to easily build and test today’s connected Web applications, and that simplifies Tomcat management and application provisioning tasks for administrators. Tcat Server is built on 100% Tomcat, with no changes to the core Tomcat code. Capabilities include: Deployment, Configuration Mgmt, Diagnostics, Reliable Restarts, Group Management and more.
  • Choice™  

    Improving the Mobile Web Experience - Performance, Privacy & Personalization
    Choice™ middleware works with the browser to give your Web server, access to the same data as a native mobile app. This enables organizations to programmatically manage the mobile Web experience in real time by optimizing performance, privacy and personalization. Our software provides the tools – Contextual Data, Browser Menu Navigation, Data Privacy Controls – that let you create the most effective mobile Web experience for your customers, employees and business. Using open Web standards, we enable you to optimize your Web Apps for each mobile device and customize navigation via the browser menu (like an app), while delivering your content via the more flexible Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Choice gives you mobile app richness with Web app flexibility.

    GET A MOBILE APPLICATION THAT BRINGS CUSTOMERS TO YOUR BUSINESS BranchMaps offers local businesses a branded mobile check-in and coupons application that brings customers to their storefront. Your mobile application will: * Show your customers where they are on a map * Locate the closest branch of your business * Provide a simple Click-to-call button * Promote your business with coupons * Let people share with their friends on Facebook BranchMaps helps businesses bring more customers to their storefront. Easily and instantly it can provide your business with a branded mobile application to be used by your customers. Your mobile app will show your customers where they are on a map, find the nearest branch and display attractive coupons. - NO setup fees - UNLIMITED branches - iPhone App (HTML5) INCLUDED - Website widget INCLUDED - Click-to-call INCLUDED - Social Sharing INCLUDED - Deals & Coupons INCLUDED
  • Replicon WebExpense  

    Replicon WebExpense provides a hassle-free way for companies to manage expense reimbursements and accurately track project-related expenses in multiple currencies.
  • Immersive Tour Builder  

    Build and sell virtual tours online. Impress with immersive interactive panoramas, add graphical floor plans, interactive radar, clickable hotspots to move from between rooms. Embed your virtual tours easily into any website and take advantage of robust, fast and reliable hosting on Feature your panoramas in Google Earth for free (only for panoramas that apply to the Google Earth terms).
  • Viravis Online Database Application Platform  

    Viravis is a platform that helps you to develop online softwares without programming. It is a simple, powerful new way to create online database applications that can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere!
  • Bpm'online mobile CRM  

    Business in the palm of your hand!
    Experience the new level of agility with mobile version of award-winning bpm'online CRM. With bpm'online mobile CRM access to the vital data is made simple anywhere to boost your sales performance.
  • Wealth Management Collaboration Platform  

    Educated Diversification
    Macroaxis uses power of Mathematics to analyze investments and offer various tweaks to increase the returns, help to diversify portfolios and reduce risk. Our suggestion module synthetically manufactures efficient portfolios out of your existing portfolios based on market risk reduction through examining of asset correlation and utilizing mean-variance portfolio optimization. The bottom line is: we provide few alternatives for investors of all levels to find optimal portfolios that work for them
  • Moovweb  

    Go mobile with Moovweb, the complete mobile solution! The Moovweb platform rebuilds your existing website on-the-fly to deliver a mobile optimized website or application for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry. Our technology frees you from the complexities of mobile, and let you focus on your core business. Your site will not just be converted to mobile but redesigned with mobile in mind. Plus, Moovweb has a far lower TCO than building a mobile organization internally or hiring contractors.
  • Webuzo  

    Webuzo Application Manager
    Webuzo is a LAMP Stack and a Single User Control Panel which helps you deploy Apps on your server, virtual machine or in the cloud. Webuzo enables you to focus more on using applications rather than maintaining them. Webuzo is also available in the form of Virtual Appliances.

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