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Visitor segmentation and website personalization

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Personyze includes detailed analytics, with general site statistics, campaign-specific tracking, custom KPI tracking, detailed user data, and revenue tracking.

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Critical Mention


Track. Measure. Share. Grow

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Search TV, radio, online news and social media in real-time with the industry's fastest media monitoring service.

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Continuous measurement of IT performance and security

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ServicePilot is a high-performance monitoring software solution providing full-stack observability via metrics, traces, and logs. Businesses can collect data from IT infrastructure, networks, applications, and security services to streamline issue resolution.

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Mapp Cloud


Data handled. Engagement automated. Marketers liberated.

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Mapp Cloud is a digital marketing platform that harnesses the power of your data, providing a 360° customer view coupled with actionable insights and campaign orchestration tools to effectively reach each individual customer.

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Warns you about critical website changes

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Add your most important landing pages to URL-Monitor and let it warn you about critical changes.

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Server and website monitoring software

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Keep track of everything that’s happening on your network – from when a user installs a piece of software they shouldn’t have, to when your printer’s toner level gets low! Spiceworks lets you monitor and receive alerts on all the network happenings you care about most!

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Uptime & performance monitoring tool

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Freshping (formerly Insping) is a COMPLETELY FREE uptime and performance monitoring tool from Freshworks which supports real-time monitoring, instant downtime alerts, public status pages & more for websites, APIs, and web services.

Freshping is a FREE & reliable Pingdom & Uptime robot alternative.

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germain APM


APM solution for identifying the root cause of bugs & issues

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germain APM is a cloud-based and on-premise solution designed to help businesses in industries including finance, healthcare, media, retail, telecommunication and others perform root cause analysis to monitor the performance of applications and servers.

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New Relic One


Performance testing and monitoring

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Use New Relic to monitor the health of your applications, servers and browsers. Get real-time performance & usage data, test you app, diagnose app code and more

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Google Alerts


Notification platform for businesses

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Google Alerts is a cloud-based notification platform designed to help users receive emails about content changes and new posts across web pages, articles, research papers, and blogs. It enables users to schedule alerts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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Real-time SEO auditing, content tracking & change management

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Search engines don't care what your website looked like earlier this week when you ran that crawl. They're assessing how it looks right now.

Experience full situational awareness with ContentKing's unique Real-time SEO Auditing and Monitoring technology - Because search engines never sleep.

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Distributed search and analytics solution

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Elasticsearch is a RESTful search & analytics solution designed to helps users search and analyze trends in structured and unstructured data. Key features include data indexing, automatic node recovery, index lifecycle management, audit logging, and alert notifications.

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All-in-one business dashboard

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Monitor and visualize your business on one easy to use, real-time dashboard. Social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support – all of your data together.

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Lucky Orange


All-in-one conversion optimization suite for website owners

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Lucky Orange is an all-in-one conversion optimization suite that helps website owners identify drop-offs in the conversion process using dynamic heatmaps, visitor recordings, form analytics, live chat, and polls

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SEO audit and website monitoring tool

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SiteGuru is an SEO audit & website monitoring tool that automatically crawls websites to check for usability and SEO issues. The platform surfaces broken links, meta description issues, missing headings & image alt tags, slow pages, duplicate content, indexing issues, internal redirects, and more.

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Digital intelligence experience tool for behavioral insights

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Contentsquare is a cloud-based analytics platform that helps businesses in industries such as automotive, apparel, energy, travel & finance visualize & evaluate the customer journey & behavior on a website. Features include session replays, mobile app analysis, A/B testing & historical data tracking

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Never Blinks

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With the internet getting ever-faster, end users notice more than just your site going down. Slow sites and long load times can cost you customers and revenue. We offer more than basic uptime checks, making sure you’re always the first to know when your website begins to slow down or goes offline.

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Site Uptime | Page Speed | App Functionality

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Dotcom-Monitor instantly alerts you when your website has problems. Detailed diagnostics enable you to take quick corrective action and see troubling trends, bottlenecks and intermittent issues clearly. We monitor externally, from the end user's perspective, ensuring your website and web applications perform properly 24x7.

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Stackify APM+


Performance (APM) for developers. All insights, one platform

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Use Stackify to monitor the performance of your web pages and identify which parts of your app need improving - measuring key app metrics, error rates & more.

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Open source software for IT infrastructure components

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Zabbix offers great performance for data gathering and can be scaled to very large environments. Distributed monitoring options are available with the use of Zabbix proxies. Zabbix comes with a web-based interface, secure user authentication and a flexible user permission schema. Polling and trapping is supported, with native high performance agents gathering data from virtually any popular operating system; agent-less monitoring methods are available as well.

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Synthetic and Real User Monitoring (RUM)

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Simple and affordable end-user experience monitoring, combining synthetic and real user monitoring (RUM) for ultimate visibility and enhanced troubleshooting of your web applications.

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Behavior Analytics and Activity Monitoring Software

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Cerebral (previously Veriato 360) allows businesses in various industries to to monitor, record & review computer, internet, and mobile phone activity.

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Quick and easy-to-setup business dashboard software for TVs

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With Geckoboard online businesses broadcast live metrics on big screen office dashboards so teams can monitor progress and react to problems faster.

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Lead Liaison


Marketing Automation platform

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Lead Liaison Marketing Automation is a cloud-based marketing automation and lead generation, nuturing & qualification application for SMBs

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Infrastructure & application monitoring software

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Checkmk captures the right indicators and helps you to set targeted alarms to ensure the optimal functioning of your web servers. Plug-ins for all common web server programs, such as NGINX, Apache HTML or Microsoft IIS are available. These give you an optimal information basis for your monitoring.

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