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Marketing resource management (MRM) software

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BrandMaker overview

BrandMaker is a scalable marketing resource management (MRM), marketing efficiency and customer engagement management solution for B2B sales and marketing teams. The cloud-based solution provides marketing teams with a centralized space to collaborate on and develop marketing campaigns and create marketing content, as well as a customer engagement cloud for nurturing leads by providing automated, personalized content.

The BrandMaker Marketing Efficiency Cloud provides businesses with a collaborative workspace to plan and create customized marketing content for their brand. Tools including marketing resource management, digital asset management, channel marketing management, and performance management aid marketing teams with creating, managing, distributing, and analyzing marketing content and campaigns. BrandMaker is designed to give businesses control over their marketing campaign planning and spend through a unified marketing and budget calendar which allows users to schedule campaigns, plan budgets, and track actual spend. Interactive approval workflows can be setup using the review manager to manage content versions with commenting, annotations, change requests, and more.

In order to help businesses communicate with customers and nurture prospects, BrandMaker’s Customer Engagement Cloud provides tools such as strategic engagement planning, customer journey mapping, communications automation, prospect behavior analysis, personalized content creation, and more. To facilitate sales and marketing team collaboration and help users find more qualified sales leads and increase pipeline activity, BrandMaker provides the tools to create personalized and automated customer journey maps using a drag and drop interface with which users can control which custom content is delivered to customers and at what stage in their user journey, based on their needs and preferences.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, German
BrandMaker screenshot: The online marketing calendar tools allows users to schedule campaigns and plan budgets from the same screenCustomer Engagement Cloud ENBrandMaker screenshot: Manage campaign spend and track actual spend against budgets and forecastsBrandMaker screenshot: Set up standardized project workflows using the job manager to aid with managing tasksBrandMaker screenshot: The review manager acts as an approval tool with commenting, versioning, change requests, and moreBrandMaker screenshot: Product information profiles can be created to manage marketing contentBrandMaker screenshot: Manage, search for and distribute digital assets using the media pool BrandMaker screenshot: Rules-based templates allow users to adapt marketing materials to their local needsBrandMaker screenshot: Reports and dashboards allow users to monitor performance, ROI, budgets, and moreBrandMaker screenshot: The media pool mobile app provides marketers with access to content through a self-service portal

BrandMaker reviews

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AJ Brown

We use BrandMaker for managing assets, planning activities, and lead gen for our clients.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-08-14
Review Source: Capterra

Using BrandMaker, we have better control over corporate assets in terms of knowing where they are and what's current. The core benefit is improved brand management by everyone in the company. Also, using the BrandMaker shared calendar, we've benefited from greater transparency into marketing efforts like events that are coming up, lead gen scheduling, etc. And the BrandMaker Customer Engagement Cloud module gives us a way to control content distribution to sales prospects that we don't get with any other system. We wouldn't be able to perform our job without BrandMaker. It has become an essential platform for managing brand assets like company brochures, media, stock images, etc. Plus, we maintain entire marketing calendars in BrandMaker so that everyone knows what's happening and when. Using BrandMaker is so much better than DropBox or email... sales teams have access to what they need as well, and no one uses out of date content. The new Customer Engagement Cloud is incredibly powerful in terms of making content available to our sales prospects at their own pace. We can see exactly which content pieces are the most useful in the buying cycle and can optimize new content. We are an agency and use the tool on behalf of our clients who also seem to really find it invaluable.

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Powerful suite to create one-stop-shop solutions for brand-management & marketing ...

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-08-24
Review Source: Capterra

Brandmaker delivers a very powerful suite of modules to cover all Marketing Automatization needs with a holistic approach. Planning, production, distribution and reporting are working very well together. The new portal module (including a standalone CMS) enhances the options dramatically. The system can be completely branded and turned into a unique Marketing Information Platform - a one stop shop for everything relevant in Marketing (with potential for multiple extensions) that helps to streamline clients processes, save capacities, strengthen the brands and also save money of the companies.

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Sebastian Meissler

Broad solution, flexible to configure and adapt to our specific needs.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-01-02
Review Source: Capterra

Moving from spreadsheets and manual reporting to a system based approach has truly been transformative for our marketing operations, and the ability to have a single source of truth for all our marketing and sales assets is a core requirement for marketing. A next step in 2018 will be to expand our scope to further interesting MRM functionality BrandMaker offers such as integration with Salesforce (CRM) and unleashing the full power of marketing performance measurement.

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catherine josef

Web to Print andJobs Module Review

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-12-04
Review Source: Capterra

BrandMaker solutions have saved us loads of money vs previous systems we left to launch BrandMaker -- Plus the adoption of the new BM solutions has tripled our older solutions. the net effect is more of our associates creating more pieces that are on-brand and more effective in closing the sale.BrandMaker solutions are German Engineering at it's finest. Well built with forward thinking innovation and always improving on the capabilities even before you ask for the new feature to be added.

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Sharron Bell

Saves our marketing team time

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-06-13
Review Source: Capterra

After implementing the solution, we found that our marketing team could set up the most requested items from sales and allow them to update and change preapproved items as they wanted. We no longer had to spend days adjusting flyers and newsletters. They can now do it themselves. Our training went along quickly and all questions answered during training. If we have questions we email or call and we had our answers.

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BrandMaker features

Campaign Management
Content Management
Customizable Templates
Drag & Drop Interface
Multi-Channel Marketing
Third Party Integration

A/B Testing (144 other apps)
API (382 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (211 other apps)
Campaign Analysis (186 other apps)
Customizable Branding (177 other apps)
Data Import/Export (143 other apps)
Engagement Analytics (160 other apps)
Real Time Analytics (143 other apps)
Real Time Data (137 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (196 other apps)
Social Media Integration (209 other apps)
Social Network Marketing (136 other apps)
Tagging (145 other apps)

Additional information for BrandMaker

Key features of BrandMaker

  • Product configurator
  • Marketing plan creation
  • Discussion boards
  • Asset management
  • Social marketing
  • Multi-format output
  • Cataloging / categorization
  • Social sharing
  • Brand control
  • Usage tracking / analytics
  • Keyword search
  • Campaign management
  • Campaign planning
  • Content management
  • ERP integration
  • CRM integration
  • Third party integration
  • Self service portal
  • Project templates
  • Customizable templates
  • Budgeting
  • Performance management
  • Resource management
  • Calendar management
  • Spend control
  • Budget control
  • Project budgeting
  • Workflow management
  • Prioritizing
  • Collaborative review
  • Customizable approvals
  • Dashboard creation
  • Customizable reporting
  • Best practices repository
  • Role-based permissions
  • Task management
  • Financial analysis
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Drag & drop interface
  • ROI analytics
  • Content library
  • Multimedia support
  • Product catalog
  • Product data management
  • Performance reports
  • Real time reporting
  • Lead generation
  • Pipeline management
  • Customer experience management
  • Prospecting tools
  • Template management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Discussion board
  • Filtered views
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Create, find, and share content using the digital asset management feature which allows users to access digital and multimedia content from a searchable online catalog. Content such as images, audio, video, graphics, and more can be downloaded, sent, or customized using the BrandMaker platform.

Benefit from all-in-one channel marketing management with a self-service portal for marketers to share marketing services and collaborate on ideas. The portal can be used to provide localized marketing materials and product information.

Gain insight in to the success or failures of marketing campaigns with the performance management module which provides tools for monitoring ROI, conversions, budgets, digital performance, and more, through reports and dashboards.

Manage, distribute, and target digital assets using the content marketing portal which provides tools including a media pool for asset management, web-to-print templates, a Marcom Portal marketing site, and performance management.

Integrate with third party business applications including existing ERP and CRM systems to connect data and avoid isolated data silos. Partners include Salesforce CRM, Adobe, and Magnolia CMS.