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Showpad logo

Close more deals. Faster.

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The Showpad Enablement Operating SystemⓇ (eOS) provides the content platform that marketing teams need to control, measure, create and adapt content with ease, helping sellers to find the right content every time, adapt to buyer needs instantly, and accelerate buying journeys.

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Contently logo

Unified content marketing solution

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Contently is the leading platform for premium content ideation, creation, approval, publishing, distribution, and promotion

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ExpertVoice logo

Brand Advocacy Platform

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The ExpertVoice Advocacy Platform connects 900 of the world’s leading brands with more than 1 million vetted industry experts to improve recommendations and reviews that help drive sales in any channel: e-commerce, retail stores, and social media communities.

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LongShot AI logo

From an Idea to a Blog in minutes

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LongShot AI is a cutting-edge AI writer designed to generate high-quality, long-form content. Spend hours and hours trying to get it right, or simply leverage the power of artificial intelligence to create blogs using LongShot that humans and search engines love.

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Elastic Enterprise Search logo

Search everything, anywhere

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Elastic Enterprise Search (Previously known as Swiftype) is Elasticsearch, with a complete set of specialized tools and extensible APIs that make it easy to build search solutions and give users the best answers, every time.

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GoDaddy Studio logo

Content creation and design tool

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GoDaddy Studio brings together all the tools businesses need to create a powerful presence online. The solution is supercharged with stylish design templates and simple editing options, so users can get their message across to audiences effectively and efficiently.

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Publitas logo

Catalog management software for online publications

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Publitas helps businesses create, publish, and manage digital catalogs across various marketing channels. The platform enables organizations to reach more people and drive traffic to their online stores. Join over 20000 retail marketeers to create digital catalogs.

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DivvyHQ logo

Content planning, workflow and analytics for marketing teams

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DivvyHQ is a robust, content marketing platform that helps marketing teams define their content strategy and manage their entire content operation. The platform combines content management, project management, and shared content calendars into a single, easy-to-use platform.

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Sumo logo

A free suite of tools for growing traffic on any website

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Easy to install on any website or CMS, Sumo is a suite of free app-like tools for growing website traffic, email subscriber lists and monitoring engagement

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Localize logo

Translate your SaaS platform in hours, not months.

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Localize maximizes your potential audience and optimizes ROI for multilingual content with our fully-featured content management system. Get more readers today.

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Foleon logo

Create the content your audience craves.

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Foleon is a content creation platform that makes it easy for anyone to create interactive content that is 100% on brand. Our intuitive drag & drop editor and engaging Foleon Doc format cuts through the noise and empowers everyone to create the content their audience craves — in hours, not days.

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LaunchNotes logo

Drive product momentum and success with LaunchNotes.

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Used by Loom, Hopin, Amplitude, and Courier, LaunchNotes is the world's first end-to-end product success platform that empowers product teams to deliver change to necessary stakeholders through multiple channels with just a few clicks; resulting 2-3x increase in product engagement.

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Leanbe logo

Product Owners Managers, Product People, Product Designers

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Leanbe is an AI-powered product management software that enables teams to make data-driven decisions from idea collection to announcement implementation. It streamlines the process, aligns teams for continuous growth, and bridges the gap between leaders and users through a single platform.

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Adhook logo

Social Media Management, Digital Advertising, Analytics

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adhook provides technology for Google & Social Media brand management to plan & publish activities and coordinate collaboration across teams.

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Allbound logo

We Make Managing Partners Simple.

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Mobilize your channel marketing strategy by deploying content and campaigns directly to your partners in order to support your sales pipeline.

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SocialChorus logo

Work as One

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Give your employees the news and information they need to thrive. SocialChorus is the only employee communications platform for complex, distributed workforces.

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Users also considered logo

You are the content you publish

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Scale your content curation and monitoring.
Plan, source and distribute content in minutes.
Get measurable results on SEO, engagement and traffic.

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SEO Tester Online  logo

Web-based lead management and SEO optimization software

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SEO Tester Online is an online-based search engine optimization tool that enables marketing experts to optimize customer engagement. Key attributes include SEO and web marketing, lead generation, keyword customization, SEO reporting, competitor analysis, position tracking, and content management.

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Kentico logo

CMS, eCommerce and online marketing platform

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Kentico is an out-of-the-box CMS used by large businesses and enterprises for web content management, eCommerce, and online marketing

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Topic logo

SEO tool for content marketing and optimization

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Topic is a content optimization software that helps businesses strategize and plan content creation processes to ensure higher SEO ranking across the web. The artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools enable writers to identify missing elements and monitor average click through rates (CTR).

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HighQ logo

Moving legal processes forward.

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From document management to workflow automation, HighQ has the tools you need to strengthen and streamline the way you work.

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Dailymotion logo

Unleash the power of video

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Designed for small to large businesses, Dailymotion is a cloud-based video management solution that helps distribute and handle digital content via cross-device compatibility, playback options, content recommendations, search engine optimization (SEO), and more.

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Coosto logo

Turning ideas into impact

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Coosto is a marketing tool that is fully focused on helping organizations get better results from content, by offering practical solutions for every stage of the content marketing process: from creating highly relevant and valuable content to social media distribution and reporting on performance.

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WordLift logo

AI-powered SEO

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A platform to automate SEO. WordLift creates a Knowledge Graph to help search engines understand the content that you write and the products that you sell.

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Narrato Workspace logo

Content creation, planning & collaboration platform

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Narrato is a content creation, planning and workflow platform. It is powered by an AI content creation and optimization assistant, which offers AI writing, SEO content briefs, readability and grammar optimization. Loaded with calendar, boards, workflow automation, templates etc., it packs a punch.

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