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Campaign Monitor

Elegantly simple email marketing.

4.83/5 (160 reviews)
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Over 2 million marketing professionals at 150,000 companies around the world trust
Campaign Monitor for simple and effective email marketing that delivers results.

With 24/7 customer support and plans starting at $9/month, Campaign Monitor is the ideal email marketing software for business.

Campaign Monitor Reviews (160)

Most positive review

 Great Customer Support

The app works great and it's easy to use, but let's be honest- there are a LOT of great apps out there. The real test is Customer Support, and Campaign Monitor has always been unbelievably responsive and easy to work with. They answer my questions and resolve any issues I have, though to be fair, ...

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Reviewed 24th of January, 2016 by

Most critical review

 Cool app

I can say this app is a very good and easy to use for monitoring campaigns which i run for my business. Here my search is get stopped and it fulfill all my requirements.

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Reviewed 15th of June, 2016 by Growth Hacker & Analytical Marketer

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Campaign Monitor Pricing

Starting from: $9.00/month

Pricing model: Open-source, Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Prices as low as $9/mo with 24/7 support.

Key Features of Campaign Monitor

  • Mobile ready templates
  • Templates gallery
  • Personalization
  • Inline CSS
  • Inbox preview
  • Email automation
  • Dynamic content
  • Your own branding
  • Segmentation & targeting
  • A/B testing
  • Spam testing
  • Image hosting
  • RSS to email
  • Email tracking & analytics
  • Transactional email
  • Subscriber list management
  • Social sharing
  • Social reporting
  • Whitelabel solution for agencies
  • 250+ integrations

Campaign Monitor Screenshots (8)

Campaign Monitor screenshot: Email BuilderCampaign Monitor screenshot: Dynamic Content and PersonalizationCampaign Monitor screenshot: Email AutomationCampaign Monitor screenshot: AB Testing & PersonalizationCampaign Monitor screenshot: Reporting & WorldviewCampaign Monitor screenshot: Mobile AppCampaign Monitor screenshot: ReportingCampaign Monitor screenshot


Intended Users
Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Public Administrations, Small Business
Devices Supported
iPhone-iPad, iPhone, Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Windows Phone, Mobile Web App
Supported Countries
Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages
Support Options
FAQs, Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials

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With Campaign Monitor, you have all of the features you need to run beautifully-designed, professional email marketing campaigns to grow your business.

Design gorgeous emails that get results
With our drag-and-drop email builder you can start from a variety of professionally-designed templates and make them your own for completely branded and truly unique emails that look great on any device.

Deliver personalized email content to every customer
Emails are most powerful when they’re personalized. Our easy-to-use, yet powerful tools allow you to customize, segment, and grow your lists so you can target the right contact and send the most relevant messages.

Test and measure the success of your campaigns
Get insights into how your emails are performing in real time with interactive analytics on campaign activity. See how your audience is engaging with your emails, sharing your content and which calls to action are most effective.

Who is Campaign Monitor For?

  • Experience level: All levels
  • Industry: All industries
  • Business size: Small businesses, mid-size businesses, large businesses, enterprises
  • Departments/roles: Marketing departments, agencies
  • Budget/point: All budgets
  • Example customers: Showtime, San Diego Chargers, Coca-Cola, Apple, and Disney
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#3 in Email Marketing

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GetApp Analysis

Keeping customers loyal requires frequent communication. Campaign Monitor is an email marketing solution that makes it easier for digital agencies, marketers, and businesses of all sizes to send personalized email messages and relevant offers to their fans and customers.

Mobile-ready templates, spam testing, inbox previews, and A/B testing make Campaign Monitor a reliable solution for creating, sending, and optimizing advanced email marketing campaigns. The web-based platform is currently used by more than two million people at 120,000 businesses located around the globe.

What is Campaign Monitor?

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing platform for businesses that makes it possible for users to design their own personalized messages for customers and fans. In addition to creating and sending customized email messages, Campaign Monitor also provides a way for users to optimize their campaigns through detailed reports and advanced analytics.

Campaign Monitor allows businesses to create branded, personalized emails using a drag-and-drop email builder. List management tools help businesses build segmented lists based on their own criteria. Meanwhile, campaigns can easily be automated to ensure the right customers are receiving the right messages at optimal times.

Of course, successful campaigns require more than just top-notch designs and automation features. They also require optimization, which Campaign Monitor provides. The solution includes tools for tracking the success of email marketing campaigns in real-time. At a glance, users can see who opened their emails, who shared their emails, and what the people they’re sharing them with are saying to their friends.

Main Features

Creating Marketing Emails

Campaign Monitor's DIY email builder enables users to design branded, personalized emails. These emails are optimized for every inbox, regardless of whether the recipient is using a desktop or mobile device to retrieve his or her messages.

One of the first steps when developing a new email campaign is to select a design using Campaign Monitor’s email builder. Campaign Monitor offers a range of designs, each with flexible layouts that ensure no two business emails look exactly alike. Drag-and-drop elements let you place images and text in the right spots within your messages. You can also set up your emails to display different content for different subscribers based on their preferences. This is called dynamic content.

Managing Lists

List segmentation features make it possible for businesses to send relevant content to the customers or fans who are most likely to convert. Campaign Monitor's list management tools provide for subscriber segmentation, triggered messaging, personalized content, and webhooks.

Send your messages to the subscribers most likely to be interested in your content at the time when they’re most likely to convert. Using whichever information you have — user preferences, past campaign activity, location, purchase histories, and demographics, for example—you can create segmented lists. Dynamic content is also a useful way to send messages to subscribers based on the information you know about them.

Automating Campaigns

Automated campaigns work seamlessly in the background. Once they're setup, a business simply imports its subscriber or customer information into Campaign Monitor, and then sits back while the cloud-based application sends their pre-designed messages at optimal times.

As a Campaign Monitor user, you can set up triggered emails to automatically go out to selected customers whenever certain criteria has been met. For example, depending on your industry, you might want to set up a recurring email that goes out to fans before their memberships expire. Or, you may want to send a thank you email to customers whenever new online transactions have gone through.

Tracking Results

Analytics are the key to optimizing modern email marketing campaigns. Campaign Monitor's platform includes a substantial analytics and reporting component, which allows users to see who opened their emails and what aspects of their messages were most interesting or relevant to recipients. Businesses can also see who their emails were shared with.

Start tracking the results of your campaign for future optimization efforts. When you embed "Like" or "Tweet" buttons in your marketing emails, you'll be able to see exactly who shared your emails and what those sharers said to their friends and followers on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Campaign Monitor also has an iPhone app that you can use to see who is joining your lists and watch what's going on with your campaigns in real-time, regardless of whether you're sitting in front of a computer.


Campaign Monitor integrates with more than 100 third-party applications. These applications include Salesforce, Facebook Subscribe, Lytics, MailSync, Zapier, Podio, Enlist iPad App, Unbounce, Wufoo, and many others.


Campaign Monitor offers monthly basis and unlimited plans starting at $29. Campaign Monitor plans include 24/7 support. Businesses also have the option of paying per campaign. This option costs $5 per campaign, plus 1 cent per recipient.

Bottom Line

  • Drag-and-drop tools simplify the email creation process
  • Designed for businesses of all sizes, including digital agencies and marketers
  • Straightforward tools to grow subscriber lists
  • Automation features help optimize existing campaigns
  • Social features promote sharing on Facebook and Twitter

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