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BrandpointHUB overview

BrandpointHUB is a cloud-based content marketing platform which allows users to collaboratively create, review, publish, and track the performance of content across multiple channels. The software is designed for marketing teams and agencies, and includes an interactive editorial calendar, customizable content creation workflows, revision tracking, and more.

With BrandpointHUB, users can configure multiple creation process workflows for different types of content. Content progress can be tracked, and users can view all changes, revision histories, and comments on each piece of content. Deadlines and publish dates can be scheduled in the editorial calendar for articles, blogs, and social media content. Content can be added by clicking on individual date cells, and deadlines can be adjusted by dragging-and-dropping. The calendar can be filtered by content type, current status, and assigned user, and hovering over a piece of content gives users an overview of its stage in the content creation process.

BrandpointHUB allows users to publish content to WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. Tags, categories, and SEO information can be carried across to WordPress to streamline the publishing process, and RSS feeds can be set up for other content management systems. The analytics dashboard allows users to track social, blog, and distribution metrics, with content production, distribution, and performance reporting, and the ability to filter by date, project, and tags.


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BrandpointHUB screenshot: Users can create and collaborate on content in BrandpointHUBWatch Our 2 Minute OverviewBrandpointHUB screenshot: Content can be scheduled in the interactive editorial calendarBrandpointHUB screenshot: The calendar can be filtered by content type, and users can hover over each piece of content to see its progressBrandpointHUB screenshot: BrandpointHUB allows users to publish across WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and moreBrandpointHUB screenshot: The content creation workflow can be customizedBrandpointHUB screenshot: Users can configure multiple workflows for different content typesBrandpointHUB screenshot: Users can track all of the changes and revisions made to each piece of contentBrandpointHUB screenshot: The analytics dashboard gives users an overview of KPIs for their contentBrandpointHUB screenshot: Users can view distribution reports for each piece of contentBrandpointHUB screenshot: Reports can be filtered by date, project, and tags

BrandpointHUB reviews


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Amy Hufford

Updates inconvenient

Reviewed 2016-08-02
Review Source: Capterra

I use the Hub to write fb posts for DCI/Saputo cheese. I've submitted a review previously but wanted to submit another, as there have been ongoing updates.

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Lisa Bergerson

Saves time and simplifies the content review process

Used monthly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-01-04
Review Source: Capterra

This has simplified my content review process - especially going back and forth between internal reviewers and my agency writers. What I have most enjoyed working with Brandpoint is the support. They are very responsive when I have questions and many "wish list" items I have brought up have been integrated into features. Their service and client attention is top notch. It makes managing content revisions so much easier! I love not having to deal with compiling multiple edits of the same document but just automating a simple workflow for our review process. It is also easy to see past versions and changes without searching through past emails or documents for those times when you feel you lost messaging through the edits you want back. It is intuitive to use and has saved me a lot of time and hassle.

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Emily Pauly

So many clicks

Reviewed 2016-03-21
Review Source: Capterra

So far, I really truly do like the Hub. I love that I can use the calendar view to see all the content we have being published on any given day, or how many in a week. My only complaint is that it takes several clicks (about 4) to get to the page where you're actually creating/writing the content. I know this is a picky thing, but it just seems that there are a lot of steps before you even start creating. I'd love to have a "Create Content" within the Manage menu so you can go straight to setting up the time and type of content.

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Sam Richter

Great content management and marketing resource

Reviewed 2017-04-27
Review Source: Capterra

BrandpointHub is the ultimate tool for organizations that produce content. The tool allows us to easily share, edit, and track content. Then we can easily publish our content on our blog and all of our social media channels. It is very easy to use and the interface is so intuitive that I very rarely have to use the help guides (although when I do, they are very helpful). The ROI on the Brandpoint Hub is off the charts because of the amount of time we save. In addition, it took which used to be a dreaded chore -- writing and publishing content -- and made it something easy which has allows us to maximize our marketing efforts.

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Scott Litman

Brandpoint Hub automates what previously was an inefficient combination of email, Word and Excel

Reviewed 2015-09-26
Review Source: Capterra

Brandpoints HUB is a new tool that automates content management workflow for teams. The Hub replaces the combination of email, Word and Excel and gives teams a robust tool focussed on the workflow around managing content for websites, email campaigns, social channels etc. Thus far, we have found the team at Brandpoint to be very supportive when we've had questions. And what I like most is that we can control based on the user, who has access to which content, which client, which campaigns etc. Excited to see this new tool continue to evolve as it already provides a tremendous level of benefit over more manual workflow processes.

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Pro: $162/month billed annually or $180/month billed monthly
Agency: $324/month billed annually or $360/month billed monthly
Enterprise: $486/month billed annually $540/month billed monthly

BrandpointHUB features

Activity Dashboard
Content Management
Drag & Drop Interface
Engagement Analytics
Social Media Integration
Social Network Marketing

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Additional information for BrandpointHUB

Key features of BrandpointHUB

  • Multi-channel publishing
  • Content planning
  • Content scheduling
  • Interactive editorial calendar
  • Content reviewing
  • Custom workflows
  • Progress tracking
  • Change tracking
  • Revision histories
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Report filtering
  • Scheduled publishing
  • Team management
  • Access to Brandpoint publisher network
  • Social promotion
  • Asset library
  • Workflow templates
  • Client reviewers
  • White labeling
  • Written & visual content asset management
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The built-in interactive editorial calendar allows users to schedule content for publish, with drag-and-drop deadline adjustment, filtering by current status, assigned user, and content type, and production progress tracking.

Content creation workflows can be customized to include any number of users, and give full visibility into the content creation process.

All changes can be tracked, with one-click revision history views and comment tracking.

Content can be published across WordPress, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and RSS feeds can be setup for other content management systems.

The analytics dashboard gives users an overview of KPIs, with production, content distribution, and performance reporting, and report filtering by project, date, or tag.