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Raiser's Edge NXT

Cloud fundraising and relationship management for nonprofits

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Raiser's Edge NXT overview

Raiser’s Edge NXT is a cloud based fundraising & donor relationship management software designed to cater the needs of small and midsize nonprofit organizations that offers donor management, contact management, database management and automatic payment functionalities within a single solution.

The campaign management functionality of Raiser's Edge NXT enables marketers to send analytics driven campaigns, collect online donations, initiate crowdfunding efforts and measure campaign performance.

The donor management functionality of the software enables users to remotely track and manage the performance of the portfolio and pipelines, track multiple touchpoints, assign actions, find major donors and estimate how much to request from them.

Raiser's Edge NXT's features include database management to help users keep their organizational data clean and accurate whilst data enrichment services help users automatically update contact information. This in turn helps users to reduce their campaign bounce rates.

With the help of customized reporting and dashboards to accurately track the health of the organization’s fundraising efforts, users gain a complete view of all their fundraising activities and are better equipped in making decisions regarding their donor management practices.


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Raiser's Edge NXT reviews

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Tracey Sirles

A Game Changer for Prospect Managers

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-04-25
Review Source: Software Advice

I think the RE NXT interface is incredibly intuitive. It helps new team members get on the ground faster with learning how to search records and find the information that they need. That said, a strong background in the database view is helpful to any member of your team, whether they are on the road or not. I would strongly suggest having teams trained formally on both systems.What I love about RE NXT is that it helps to visualize graphs, such as donor patterns and key financial data, automatically. You no longer have to have endless queries and exports and dashboards to access the data you want the most. This helps facilitate staff meeting discussions, and also keeps all team members informed on the fly. Secondly, the prospect profiles for managers. Gone are the days of exporting travel profiles in plain text. Now a PM can login from the road to see all the details they need in a useful manner -- and what's even better? They can change how the data is displayed so that it is personalized to them. It is clean, well constructed, and yet also flexible enough to be able to dig deeper with a couple of clicks. And if they need to find a new person to visit in their area, the map tools are perfect. Highly recommended for offices with lots of traveling teammates.

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Raiser's Edge NXT

Cloud fundraising and relationship management for nonprofits

Mary Speta

Powerful Database

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-07-11
Review Source: Software Advice

My recommendation is to get formal training if you are going to use the database and give each new staff member the opportunity to be trained by a Raiser's Edge specialist. The database is absolutely worth the time and money if you also invest in your staff's knowledge of it. If two people are doing the same task in even a slightly different way, you can end up with holes in your data. However, if you do get good training, you'll find this database to be well worth it and will assist your fundraising strategies quite well.The Raiser's Edge is a very powerful database that can provide great insight into your organization's fundraising. It has the capability to track and report on anything you would ever need to look at for fundraising. The template reports are customizable, which is very helpful. My favorite feature is the query and export combo - I can pull out any piece of information I need to analyze and Raiser's Edge does a good job of getting rid of duplicate information for me. The dashboard feature is also good - you can create multiple dashboards to compare fiscal years, appeals, funds, recent gifts list, summaries, etc. You can also share your dashboard with other users so that everyone can be looking at the same thing.

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Raiser's Edge NXT

Cloud fundraising and relationship management for nonprofits

Stephanie Crawley

Satisfied Raiser's Edge 7 user Ready to Make the Jump to RE NXT

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-11-04
Review Source: Software Advice

I previously worked with many other database interface software in the for-profit world, where I worked for the first 15+ years of my career. So when I started using Raiser's Edge, it came relatively easily to me as it reminded me of other previously used interfaces. We have a large database of over 350K donors, and Raiser's Edge has no problem handling our volume. The Raiser's Edge 7 is now showing some age in how it's structured and functions, but mostly in look and feel. We have been using Raiser's Edge with our database on premise. With the seismic shift into cloud computing, we are planning to move to a Blackbaud hosted environment, which will, in and of itself, bring us closer to feeling like it's not the 90's anymore. But the good news is that Blackbaud knows that the look and feel, usability, functionality and ability to play well with others need to catch up with the rest of technology, and so they introduced Raiser's Edge NXT a couple of years ago. RE NXT looks modern and fills many checkboxes of what fundraisers need to do their jobs in today's environment. (See Pros to find out more of what I like about RE NXT.)Raiser's Edge 7 gives you the tools (and/or gives you optional add-on tools) to manage your donor relationships and data in just about any way you can think of. It's a great all-purpose fundraising tool for non-profit organizations. Raiser's Edge NXT (RE NXT) is the next generation, and we are most likely moving to that within the next year. The awesome things about RE NXT are 1. User access to your donor data from anywhere on any device, 2. Unintimidating ease of use for non-techie and techie alike, 3. Open API which means lots of more fantastic compatible tools are being built by Blackbaud partners, 4. Unlimited users - which means now our Board members and many other stakeholders will be able to login and get their reports on the dashboard instead of waiting for emailed or, even worse, hard-copy reports to be run and delivered to them by our staff.

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Raiser's Edge NXT

Cloud fundraising and relationship management for nonprofits

Aaron Fisher

Great Price, good functionality, limited ease of use

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-03-25
Review Source: Software Advice

Overall, it's a good program for the price we pay, but if it was any more we would change to a more user friendly system. The most important thing with eTap is to make sure that you have an employee who is familiar with database administration otherwise it is very easy within eTap for data to be misrepresented. In summary, if you don't have a big budget, it's a good way to get your feet off the ground, but I wouldn't look at it expecting a 5+ year/long term solution. First of all the price for our organization is fantastic, after shopping around for a new database management system, we have found nothing close to what we are currently paying. eTap has decent functionality after you learn how to use it; once you master the basics, it has the flexibility to store just about any data that you need as long as you are willing to get a little creative in how you organize the data. The ability for the data base to be directly integrated into our website and Quickbooks is also a great feature that minimizes potential lost memberships and corrupted data.

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Raiser's Edge NXT

Cloud fundraising and relationship management for nonprofits

Lindsay Boughey

Raisers Edge - IF you are good to it, it will give you GOLD

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-11-02
Review Source: Software Advice

Raiser's Edge is great for development departments of medium to large nonprofits, schools, etc, especially those with sophisticated fundraising programs. It may not be the best fit for small nonprofits with limited resources in the budget. The Raiser's Edge is an excellent software for cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship and allows for easy tracking of each constituent's relationship with your organization. Raisers Edge is being used by the development department to track donations and our constituents relationship to us as an organization. Our database is not large but the relationships are long and often complicated. A database like this allows us to see the constituent and all of the interactions we have had with them over the years. The Raisers Edge in combination with some of the add on's like online express have been helpful for seamless tracking of newsletter readership and conversions from our website and online publications.Queries are what we use to create lists of constituents with particular behaviors or similarities that we can use for creating mailings, invitations or actions. An amazing tool with endless possibilities. Raisers Edge is a beast of a program. It can do just about anything you could want for a donor database and Blackbaud offers several supplemental solutions that seamlessly integrate. Donor stewardship, from first contact, to donation, to acknowledgement letter, is a process that is handled particularly well with Raisers Edge

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Raiser's Edge NXT

Cloud fundraising and relationship management for nonprofits

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Raiser's Edge NXT Pricing Reviews

  • Ease of pulling specific data out of the database.
  • Easy to use and vendor willing to work with us on price.
  • Many features, reasonable price (except for training modules).
  • The survey add-on is cheap (in incremental dollars). It allows download of data to Excel.
  • Lacks a robust query tool.
  • There isn't anything I dislike about the product. Honest.
  • Price. Multiple add-ons. Occasional downtime, as we are a hosted organization.
  • The only con is the price. It is expensive for a small non-profit. Other then that no other cons ..
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Raiser's Edge NXT features

Contact Database
Credit Card Processing
Customizable Reporting

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Key features of Raiser's Edge NXT

  • Volunteer management
  • Membership management
  • Alumni management
  • Contact management
  • Relationship tracking
  • Donor management
  • Pledge and recurring gifts management
  • Split gift designation
  • Batch gift entry
  • Database mobile app
  • Address finder
  • Donor contact management
  • Provides various reporting tools
  • Email marketing
  • Data health scorecard
  • Automated de-duplication process
  • Credit card updater


The donor management functionality of the software allows users to manage the donor portfolio and donation pipeline remotely.

Analytics functionality helps marketers effectively drive data-driven campaigns and track the performance of each of their efforts.

Relationship management allows users to reach out donors using targeted messages from multiple channels.

Wealth Analytics feature allows users to find out bid donors and the amount they can be requested.
Raiser’s Edge NXT features crowd funding that allows evangelist to raise money on behalf of their organizations by leveraging all the social media platforms