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CMMS for fleet maintenance management

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FleetMEX overview

What is FleetMEX?

FleetMEX is a web-based computerized maintenance management system for managing fleet and vehicle maintenance which includes tools for preventative maintenance scheduling, work order management, usage, cost, and history tracking, reporting, and more. Employee hours can be logged using the built-in electronic timecard system, and an add-on module allows users to track and manage all spare parts in their inventory.

FleetMEX includes a centralized vehicle register where users can record details of all vehicles, including registrations, insurance, depreciation schedules, replacements, and more. Full work histories, previous vehicle locations, spare parts used in maintenance, previous service dates and readings, and outstanding work can also be tracked. Users can create additional data fields to record an unlimited amount of custom information about each vehicle. FleetMEX also allows users to record and track vehicle usage, costs, and wear-and-tear, and use this information to forecast service and replacement requirements.

Users can define their own preventative maintenance schedules in FleetMEX, using either time-based or usage based frequencies. These act as work order templates, generating work orders periodically for each vehicle and removing the need for users to manually complete this repetitive task. Users can also choose to create work orders manually for maintenance requests, jobs, and reminders, and record as much or as little data as they wish, including manpower, tools, spare parts, tasks, procedures, and safety instructions. The built-in resource scheduler can then be used to organize when the job will be carried out and by who.


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FleetMEX screenshot: Scheduled maintenance can be viewed on a calendar within FleetMEXMEX Maintenance SoftwareFleetMEX screenshot: Work orders can be created manually by users, or automatically according to maintenance schedulesFleetMEX screenshot: Over 200 reports are built into FleetMEX, and users can also view a range of KPIs on the built-in dashboardFleetMEX screenshot: FleetMEX allows users to schedule preventative maintenance for their vehicles using time-based or usage-based frequencies

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Wayne Roberts

Mex Rating

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-02-23
Review Source: Capterra

I believe the upgrade is good, however when closing out work orders it doesn't go back to where you were on the listing, but rather to a blank screen. I think it would be better to go back to at least where you were. Also the drop downs no longer give you the option to start typing in the name bit rather to scroll down the list. Better the other way.

Easy to use

Still some little bugs to sort out.

Response from MEX

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for taking the time to review FleetMEX. Regarding the issue you mentioned, this doesn't sound like standard behavior of the FleetMEX system. One of our Support team will be in touch to assist in resolving this for you.

Kind regards
The MEX Team

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FleetMEX features

Customizable Reporting
Inventory Tracking
Reporting & Statistics

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Key features of FleetMEX

  • Vehicle register
  • Custom fields
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Work order creation
  • Periodic work orders
  • Time-based & usage-based frequency schedules
  • Work history tracking
  • Control files
  • Custom rules
  • Equipment readings
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Predefined & custom reports
  • Timesheets
  • Electronic timecards
  • Spare part tracking
  • Purchasing
  • Requisitions
  • Parts catalogue
  • Parent/child component & spare part relationships
  • Wear & tear monitoring
  • Costs & usage monitoring
  • Forecasting
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All usage and costs associated with each vehicle can be monitored and tracked, including fuel usage and number of hours of operation.

Fleet details including registration dates can be recorded, periodic inspections can be scheduled, and vehicle wear & tear can be tracked and used to forecast replacement and service requirements.

Users can create work orders manually for any jobs or maintenance requests, or the system can create them automatically according to user-defined preventative maintenance schedules.

Preventative maintenance can be scheduled according to time-based or usage-based frequencies, with users able to define the times or distances involved, such as every 10000 km, every 100 hours, or every quarter.

Users can select from a range of over 230 built-in reports or create their own custom reports through the Report Designer, and customize the FleetMEX dashboard with their choice of KPI lists, gauges, and graphs.