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MaintainX logo

Manage Maintenance and Operations. Without the Paper Stacks.

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MaintainX is the leading maintenance and work execution software trusted by over 6,500 companies worldwide.

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Fiix logo

The easiest way to plan, track, and optimize maintenance.

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Fiix, by Rockwell Automation company, is the #1 way to manage work, assets, and parts. Get a 360-degree view of costs, schedules, KPIs, and more. Boost asset performance and drive uptime with cloud and mobile capabilities, AI-driven insights, and the ability to connect with 1000s of business systems

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FaciliWorks CMMS logo

Master you facility's maintenance with FaciliWorks CMMS.

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FaciliWorks CMMS is standards compliant, offers multiple deployment options and is not module based; it includes everything you need to master your facility’s maintenance. We’ve been in business since 1988, so rest assured that we’ll be here to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

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Asset Essentials logo

Improve productivity and drive smarter operations decisions.

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Asset Essentials is a cloud-based maintenance solution developed for daily advanced maintenance operations management.

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Q Ware CMMS logo

Maintain Excellence

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Q Ware CMMS is a simple, easy-to-use, and affordable web-based facility maintenance management application.

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eWorkOrders CMMS logo

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)

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eWorkOrders CMMS cloud-based maintenance and facility management software is designed to help manage and improve processes and procedures within any industry. Easy-to-use, scalable and flexible software, with robust features for managing work orders, preventive maintenance, asset tracking & more.

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Fullbay logo

Cloud-based auto and truck repair shop management software

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Fullbay is a web-based repair shop management solution for heavy duty truck shops, providing invoicing, parts billing and mechanic efficiency reporting features

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UpKeep logo

Asset Operations Management Software

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UpKeep is a mobile computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) -- which allows users to manage their team, assign work orders, sync devices, and more.

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FMX logo

Optimize your facilities and maintenance operations

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FMX is a computerized maintenance management solution (CMMS) for work orders, preventive maintenance, asset tracking and more.

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Maintenance Connection logo

Multi-site, multi-industry CMMS/EAM software

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Accruent's Maintenance Connection is a scalable, multi-site CMMS that helps businesses avoid asset failure and downtime. Our web-based solution offers comprehensive work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, and inventory management for businesses in a variety of industries.

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Yardi Facility Manager logo

Maintenance management software

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Need a mobile CMMS solution? Yardi Facility Manager optimizes maintenance operations through automation and centralized data. Streamline work orders, equipment management, preventive maintenance and inspections. Reporting and analytics support smart decisions including resource scheduling.

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IndySoft logo

On-premise & web-based calibration and asset management

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IndySoft is an on-premise and web-based software designed to manage quality-driven assets, calibration and maintenance for diverse customers of any size

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AkitaBox logo

Facilities management from the boiler room to the boardroom.

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You’ve found the ultimate facilities management tool - asset management, maintenance management, capital management, facility condition assessments, and inspections in one secure, seamless system. Yet so easy to use that even your technology-challenged team members will get it.

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LLumin logo

Asset, material, and maintenance management system

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Llumin is a cloud-based maintenance management system that helps businesses manage assets, materials, and compliance. Key features include downtime tracking, role-based access, trend analysis, risk assessment, data collection, and compliance management.

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Limble CMMS logo

Modern mobile CMMS for companies and facilities of all sizes

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Limble CMMS is a web-based and mobile computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) designed for businesses with facilities of all sizes across a variety of industries. Key features include asset management, preventative maintenance management, and work order management.

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FastMaint logo

Equipment data & maintenance schedules at your fingertips

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FastMaint maintenance management software for equipment & facility maintenance teams. Good for small to mid-size teams with limited IT support. Cloud software from $100/ month OR install on-premises multi-user software from $4800 one-time. Fast setup. Simple to use. Free trial (needs no credit card)

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IFS Ultimo logo

We empower teamwork

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Ultimo will be sure to pass on the crucial signals about your assets. Centralised on one CMMS platform. A CMMS platform on which it is easy to manage all your assets and their processes. Our talent for automation and our knowledge of management used for your benefit.

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Sweven logo

Sweven is the work management digital ecosystem for you!

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Built on Amazon Web Services architecture, Sweven is the technological answer for newcomers and mid-sized companies in need to harness the full potential of their workflow and, at the same time, the best ally for multinational companies and government contractors to reach operational efficiency.

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MEX Maintenance logo

MEX Mobile CMMS App

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From Asset Management & Daily Maintenance Management to Automatic Stores Ordering and Reports. MEX Mobile CMMS App makes life easier for you and your service technicians in the field.

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GoCodes logo

No more lost and stolen tools.

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A cloud-based tool tracking solution that includes patented QR code labels, mobile apps and award winning features.

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Cartegraph Asset Management logo

Manage every asset: indoors, outdoors, above and below.

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Cities, counties, states, utilities, educational institutions, and parks tap into Cartegraph's asset management, work order management, and space management software to better manage their assets, track maintenance work orders, optimize facility space, and spend smarter.

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AssetTiger logo

Free*, cloud-based fixed asset management tool

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AssetTiger is a cloud-based asset management solution from which allows users to track their equipment & assets across multiple locations, sites & categories. The software includes check-in & out features, configurable alerts, customizable reporting, maintenance scheduling, and more.

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Fieldmagic logo

Field Service Management, Maintenance Management & CRM

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Fieldmagic is a complete and mobile field service platform designed for fire services, electrical, plumbing, security & maintenance, and HVAC industries

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Zoidii logo

Maintenance and inventory management software

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Zoidii is a CMMS software that is designed for businesses in several industry segments, such as manufacturing, food and beverages, facility management, and transportation. It helps organizations manage work orders, inventory, assets, documents, and more on a centralized platform.

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Software for streamlining maintenance management operations

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EZO CMMS is a web-based maintenance management software that assists businesses with managing work orders, tasks, communication, performance tracking, and other operations. Its asset analytics are designed to help organizations improve operations by analyzing historical data and identifying areas of improvement to optimize operations across departments.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

CMMS Software

Ensuring that equipment runs smoothly while on a limited budget is a challenge for any facility and maintenance manager. Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) software store all your equipment maintenance-related information. The tool provides information on the use and availability of equipment. It is useful for businesses that depend on physical infrastructure such as power generation, manufacturing, oil and gas, fleet management, and field management, among others.

We’ve prepared this guide to help you select the right CMMS tool for your business. Here is what we’ll cover:

What is a computerized maintenance management system?

A CMMS manages, automates, and streamlines maintenance work within an organization. It stores information related to work orders, maintenance costs, preventative maintenance schedules, inventory, maintenance reports, and vendor information. It works as a centralized platform to manage all your maintenance work.

You can create tickets or work requests in case of a breakdown or needed repairs or replacements. Maintenance professionals can access the CMMS app to check work orders and communicate with stakeholders.

What are the typical features of a CMMS?

  • Asset tracking: Monitor the lifecycle and use of assets (equipment, tools, software, hardware) from acquisition to retirement.

  • Preventive maintenance: Plan maintenance based on time- or event-based triggers to avoid breakdowns.

  • Work order management: Create work orders and track their status to completion.

  • Billing and invoicing: Create and manage monetary interactions including bills and invoices.

  • Inventory management: Track and manage the number of resources on hand in order to maintain an adequate supply.

  • Mobile access: Access work order software remotely via mobile devices.

  • Scheduling: Plan availability and assign specific time slots for tasks and resources.

  • Service history: Track work performed and resources used for past customers, sites, or assets.

  • Technician management: Track and oversee work orders assigned to technicians.

  • Third-party integrations: Shared data across sytems and access more features and applications by integrating the CMMS with other apps.

What are the important considerations when choosing a CMMS?

Scalability: The pricing plans of many CMMS tools are based on a per user or per asset model, which implies as your business grows you will need to upgrade the software. Check the features available in the upgrade plans to make sure that the software has all the features you'll need as you grow.

Maintenance type: Before selecting a CMMS tool for your facility maintenance, check the type of maintenance processes offered by the vendor such as inspection, preventive, and emergency maintenance. Each maintenance type requires a different type of work order.

Reporting tools: Analytical and reporting tools are crucial to understanding your maintenance data. You can get reports on labor utilization, equipment downtime, inventory costs, and work order management efficiency, among others. The computerized maintenance management software should let you see reports in various formats to get a more holistic view of your maintenance data.

How much does CMMS software cost?

Most work order software is priced on a per user, per month basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on starting price.

Price ranges:

  • $8.33-$35

  • $36-$44

  • $45+

*The pricing included is for the entry-level/lowest-priced offering that was found on vendor websites on April 5, 2022. These ranges correspond to the 25th, 75th, and 100th percentiles of pricing information gathered from vendor websites of sample products.

The above list summarizes pricing for the base plans of most products from the CMMS category. An enterprise or premium version of a CMMS, which is priced higher, may include additional features such as advanced access control, custom system labels, project view, and contracts.

How do small and midsize businesses use CMMS software?

Implementing CMMS software helps small businesses save valuable time and maintenance costs as the software allows planned and preventative maintenance. CMMS used to only be used by industries using big machinery, however, as technology has advanced, even small businesses require these tools.

With automatically triggered notifications and work orders, you can use predictive maintenance to plan ahead for scheduled maintenance dates.The software also saves maintenance history and makes it easier to pull out relevant files for audits.

Frequently asked questions

What is the main CMMS functionality?

Work order management is considered the most important functionality of CMMS, which includes scheduling repairs, restoration, or replacement requests. A work order is a maintenance task that can be directly assigned to technicians and they can update their work status on such requests. Many tools also allow your maintenance team to upload documents related to a work order which ensures that all the stakeholders are up-to-date on the status and have all the information required.

What are the different types of CMMS?

The different types of CMMS depend on the work orders they manage. Here are a few examples:

Preventive maintenance: This makes sure that equipment is maintained properly and prevents deterioration. The tasks in preventive maintenance include resource requirements, manuals, and instructions to follow.

Inspection: These are audit-based maintenance work orders wherein you can set predetermined parameters for an inspection to be conducted.

Emergency maintenance: These work orders can be generated in case of unplanned breakdowns that require maintenance right away so as to avoid business interruption.

What is the difference between CMMS and MMS?

As CMMS collates and helps you analyze maintenance information. Manufacturing management system (MMS) are designed specifically for manufacturers to help them manage manufacturing processes. In manufacturing, a lot of information has to be stored and analyzed for the optimal functioning of each facility. You need to know the materials and manpower required, production schedules, and reporting for a smooth manufacturing process. The software helps with budgeting, financial management, and quality control processing.

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