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Automate the review & approval of everyday contracts

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LawGeex overview

What is LawGeex?

LawGeex is a contract review automation platform that allows users to automate the review and approval of everyday incoming business contracts. In-house legal teams are able to efficiently triage high volumes of low-value incoming contracts such as non-disclosure agreements, services agreements, purchase agreements, and SaaS agreements. The artificial intelligence engine is capable of reviewing contracts and highlighting issues in under an hour, requiring legal teams to dedicate only minutes of active review time.

LawGeex’s Action Center helps speed up approvals by automatically reviewing contracts and highlighting any issues or discrepancies. The AI engine reads and analyzes incoming contracts, and suggests edits based on the company’s pre-defined legal policies. Users can view the company’s default language and fallback positions for each clause to effectively red-line the contract within the platform. Contracts that don’t align with the company’s policies are automatically escalated for guided editing and approval.

LawGeex enables organizations to capture and update their institutional legal knowledge in one place. Users can define the clauses their business requires, their acceptance criteria, as well as rejections. LawGeex AI will apply these policies to every incoming contract to ensure business standards are followed each time, while minimizing legal risks. Users can automate the approval or escalation of contracts to the relevant person, as well as define the company’s standard language, fallback positions, and more.


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LawGeex screenshot: The LawGeex Action Center supports contract editing and red-liningLawGeex screenshot: The LawGeex Action Center highlights any discrepancies between a submitted contract and the company’s policies, helping teams find and fix missing or problematic clausesLawGeex screenshot: Policy Center variations allow users to define which clauses the business requires, what the acceptance criteria are, and what should be rejectedLawGeex screenshot: Minimize legal risks by enforcing legal policies consistently across every contract using the LawGeex Policy Center LawGeex screenshot: Upload contracts and files in any file format including: doc, docx, PDF, and imagesLawGeex screenshot: View account summary and analytics that show contract turnaround time averages, contracts per month, savings, approvals and moreLawGeex screenshot: Review all document changes and accept or reject them with a click

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LawGeex features

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Additional information for LawGeex

Key features of LawGeex

  • AI (artificial intelligence) contract review
  • Automated legal policies
  • Contract approval workflows
  • Guided contract editing
  • Automatically highlight issues & discrepancies
  • Escalations
  • Task management
  • Red-lining
  • Find and fix missing or problematic clauses
  • Set the company’s default language and fallback positions
  • Text editing
  • ISO/IEC 27001 certified
  • Data encryption
  • Enterprise-grade privacy and security
  • Custom workflows
  • Support for file types including: doc, docx, pdf, and images
  • Capture and update institutional legal knowledge
  • Document tagging
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Empower contract teams with guided contract editing and streamlined workflows between legal, operations, and procurement.

The LawGeex Action Center helps contract teams find and fix any missing or problematic clauses by highlighting any discrepancies between the contract and the company’s policies.

Define clauses and acceptance criteria to enforce legal policies consistently across every contract in order to minimize legal risks.

Automatically escalate contracts that don’t align with the company's policies for guided editing and approval.

Custom workflows direct approvals to the right people, helping increase efficiency between teams including sales, legal, operations, and more.

LawGeex is ISO/IEC 27001 certified, providing organizations with enterprise-grade levels of privacy and security along with data encryption.