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ProBusinessTools overview

ProBusinessTools is a web-based service management solution geared towards managing service technicians out in the field. Consisting of several integrated modules, ProBusinessTools allows users to track, update and summarize customer sales data with wholly customizable reporting and dashboard tools throughout. Schedule appointments and jobs with drag and drop, calendar-based editing while monitoring real time field data and issuing new schedule information to technicians via email or SMS. Additional modules include inventory management for tracking consumables or serialized equipment via bar code scanning, spreadsheet or manual entry. The recurring billing system facilitates the acceptance of payments from multiple sources, running batch transfers of monthly credit and more.

ProBusinessTools’ companion mobile application provides additional job management capabilities while on the move. Field technicians can quickly view assigned or scheduled work orders from an appointments home page, based on live updates from the centralized corporate database once within service range. A status page offers a time clock tool for tracking working hours linked to selected jobs, while the app also supports photo uploads, route mapping and one-click dialing.


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Ajmal Nazir

A great product backed by an amazing team. We are a much more efficient organisation with Prosite.

Reviewed 2010-08-23
Review Source: Capterra

A fantastic piece of software, that continues to evolve and develop in line with our business needs. Although they have many customers, I sometimes believe that the tool is being developed for our exact needs. The structure is so flexible that it can fit almost any organisation with a similar operation. It has streamlined our operations, reduced staff levels, empowered users with real data and gives management real time visibility with numerous reports. The biggest reason for choosing pro is because of the team, they will help you, they will listen to you, and understand you exact needs, most of all they are aggressively responsive. Finally pro has allowed us to build a huge amount of operational growth capacity.A fully hosted solution, easy to get going. You can instantly start using basic functionality and as you become more familiar with it, you can start to use other features. It is backed by a fully dedicated team all the way up to the CEO, with whom we have regular conversations and whom is involved directly with his clients. They actually listen to you, understand your business needs and then build solutions for you. In our particular case, we have requested many modules and features and increased the use of pro in our organisation. An extensive set of API's has been developed for us, allowing us to integrate Pro to our in house systems allowing us to build an extremely automated business flow. The best customer support/experience I have encountered, and we have been working with them for over 3 years.

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Tom Hammack

ProBusiness Tools - High Def Installations

Reviewed 2010-08-27
Review Source: Capterra

Overall, ProBusiness Tools is a great product that has helped us grow our business to where it is today. It has been invaluable in positioning our company to be what it is. Anyone who is in an industry that can benefit from the features and functionality in ProBusiness Tools, is doing their company a disservice by not using this as their primary scheduling and ticket management system. The ProBusiness Tools product handles the scheduling and technical details of our installations in a very efficient manner. We are pleased with the features we have implemented in the software and look forward to the ongoing enhancements that will make the components of the system that we are currently using more robust and practical in helping us grow our business. With the installer base we currently manage and the number of work orders that we process daily through ProBusiness Tools, we would not be able to do the volume we do in our industry without this software.

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John Olivier

Flexible Application - Great Support

Reviewed 2010-09-03
Review Source: Capterra

With a network of nearly 2000 installers and 600+ stores requiring use of a work order mgmt. system, we turned to ProBusinessTools (PBT) on a temporary basis until a fully integrated solution was provided by our very large IT partner. We went from contract signing to full deploy in 4 months. The application was robust enough to meet all of our back office needs, yet streamlined enough for store associates and third-party partners to incorporate into their everyday business. For 3 years, our temporary solution provided us the ability to grow our network and our business with few internal resources. The PBT team supported and continually adapted to our evolving business model. Their understanding of the services business and anticipation of our needs proved an invaluable asset. As a result, our fully-integrated solution wasn't deployed. I would recommend PBT to any organization that is looking for a robust yet flexible system that will grow with their business.Development team that understands the services business. Flexible - yet powerful software. Ability to schedule complex work orders more efficiently than other apllications.

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M. Wayne Hollinger

I have not once EVER regretted signing on for this product/service.

Reviewed 2015-09-02
Review Source: Capterra

You know, I first met with the staff of ProBusinessTools in Memphis at a SATELLEITE EXPO trade show about ten years ago. I was cheerfully welcomed into the display area, and although we had not yet met I was welcomed as a friend and fellow professional. The personnel of ProBusinessTools, most of whom are still there, and still count among some of the coolest friends I have ever made (you know who you are). I called them up when I got back to the office and spoke with their sales personnel. From that day my life has been better for having made that call. I have not once EVER regretted signing on for this product/service. It has truly shaped my personal, financial, as well as professional ability to succeed. It has been and continues to be one of the most critically important tools my company uses, and I will happily recommend what truly could be a life changing product for other contracting firms and owners, especially those who are actively engaged in looking to grow and succeed in their chosen profession.

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Babs Warren

Perfect point of sale scheduling and great field management software

Reviewed 2010-08-25
Review Source: Capterra

This software does it all! I could not run my busines without it! It saves so much adminisration time. Are you spending your life on the computer and telephone, writing those sticky notes, trying to keep track of your team, payroll, scheduling, inventory? I'm not, I love this software!! Point of Sale scheduling; Endless tracking/reports; Mobile tracking of employees to include, in-house, subcontractors; you are able to maximixe the hours of the day with the distance between job feature and how long it is taking someone to get a job completed; Accounting, to include follow through from sale, with inventory, to recurring invoicing; Payroll; Continued database of workorders No down loads of software; available 24/7/365

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PBT Lite: $250 per month, per user (+$650 setup fee)
PBT Premium: $CALL (+$2,250 setup fee)
PBT Enterprise: $CALL (+$4,250 setup fee)

ProBusinessTools features

Customizable Reporting
Inventory Management

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Additional information for ProBusinessTools

Key features of ProBusinessTools

  • Setup recurring billing plans & attach to service offerings
  • Contact customers directly from the mobile app
  • Connectivity to main corporate customer databases
  • Dispatch Management
  • Capture customer signature on work orders and invoices
  • Track consumables and serialized equipment
  • Tracking technician schedules, jobs, mileage and more
  • Mobile application for remote job management
  • Support for QuickBooks integration
  • Get routes to customer homes via mapping support
  • Drag and drop technician job scheduling and dispatching
  • Technician Management
  • Access to any orders assigned or scheduled
  • Tracking, updating and reporting customer sales data
  • Build custom reports and dashboards
  • Over 100 fully-customizable reports and dashboards
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Additional GPS tracking software for vehicles
  • Time clock feature within mobile app
  • Upload images from mobile galleries or take new pictures
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Leverage extensive dashboard and reporting capabilities to report sales data, checking the status of accounts to establish real time insights on performance.

Schedule job appointments to technicians in a matter of a few clicks, acknowledging live field updates and issuing new schedule instructions by email/SMS.

Inventory management features allow tracking of valuable serialized equipment, consigning equipment groups to technicians and following through deployment.

Recurring billing capabilities enable the attachment of plans to available service offerings, reporting on those plans plus a number of credit transfer tools.

Mobile application for field job management adds appointment viewing with calendar support, alongside time clocking, photo upload, route mapping and one-click dialing.