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Service Autopilot

Management Software for Lawn, Landscape & Cleaning companies

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Service Autopilot overview

Service Autopilot is a cloud-based service management software designed for lawn care, cleaning, snow removal and field services. We offer that offers scheduling, job costing, call tracking, credit card processing and website integration within a suite.

Service Autopilot helps service owners manage their business from end to end starting from lead capture, proposal generation, service scheduling going all the way up to online payments and customer support. The lead capture functionality of the software allows users to capture visitor information with the help of custom web forms. The leads are then assigned to the sales team for follow up calls and emails. At the proposal creation stage, the software helps users estimate project costs based on the requirement information.

Service Autopilot features scheduling which allows service managers to assign service requests to the service staff and track the status of each request on a real time basis. This ensures that each service request gets visited and completed in the least amount of time. Once a task is completed, the software allows users to make payments using credit cards payment processing functionality.

With the help of customized reports and dashboards to monitor and track all the service requests, users gain a complete view of all the field service activities and are better equipped in making decisions regarding the customer handling procedures.


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Service Autopilot reviews

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Aaron Frick

Everything you can think of with more on the way!

Used other for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-09
Review Source: Software Advice

This software is incredibly powerful! We are trying to get our money's worth out of it by utilizing more and more of the features, but there is so much more we can do with it that we're not doing. Customer support is incredible! I chatted with customer support about an issue (after waiting in queue for a whole 15 seconds), and a week later, I got a hand-written card in the mail thanking me for my patience and my business. We used to keep paper route sheets and proposals. We went to mobile app use and eliminated the route sheets and were able to translate jobs directly to invoices! We were taking 2 days to invoice and when we set the system up properly, it went to just a bit over a day to complete all of our invoices! Then, we moved from typed up proposals to using templates and rate matrices through the system and clients can sign the actual proposal right online, two clicks of a button and the jobs are scheduled (work-order notes and all) and then it auto invoices. Everything stays in the system and is easily accessible from anyone in the field! i.e. "Did Mrs. Jones sign up for a fall cleanup? Let's check the system to see which services she accepted on her proposal." or "When were we here last? Just touch "Job History" and it shows the last year's worth of visits. This has saved countless hours and makes our business so much more professional; "Mr. Smith, I just got a note and a picture here from one of our techs in the field, he was just there and the note says there was a car parked in front of the back yard gate so he could not get in, we can come back tomorrow." One of the challenges is getting a handle on every little feature of the app. The Snow Plowing dispatch is packed with features and it can be just the slightest bit complicated. But once we get the hang of it (like every other part of their system), we will be that much more efficient, professional, and PROFITABLE! Well worth the money! Put your SERVICE on AUTOPILOT!Robust reporting allows me to see things like "revenue per lead source" and "actual time/budgeted time", job costing, payroll, sales commissions, lead conversion rates and much, much more. A seamless process that takes Lead to proposal to contract to job to invoice to payment to receipt of payment to thank-you note! Targeted marketing and targeted cross-selling with "Sales Campaigns". Mobile dispatch that allows for constant communication between office staff and technicians in the field. Asset management and tracking. Mobile signature and payment on invoices and proposals make quick sales and quick payment possible. AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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Jason Nunemacher

Service-Software Dominant Player

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-09-12
Review Source: Capterra

Service Autopilot has not just been another CRM to hold customer information and track sales. As a $5MM+ service company with a database of over 55k contacts and their related records, choosing the right software company to transition to was very critical. We had long outgrown our previous CRM and until Service Autopilot we had almost given up on finding a real solution that would fulfil our needs to help us continue to grow and improve our system in the process. Service Autopilot has brought the whole spectrum of a service business together in an easy-to-use format for us. From incoming leads to re-marketing to previous customers and everything that happens in between Service Autopilot is a complete solution that saves times, increases efficiencies and pays for itself. Their awareness of the swift technological changes, attentiveness to member's needs and rapid/timely upgraded solutions is what separates them as the dominant player in the service-software market. In addition, everyone from the support staff to the leadership team of Service Autopilot has proven to be extremely receptive and helpful to provide answers and solutions to its member's needs. This is one of the most valued partnerships we have ever established and are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship as we both grow together. The fact that it seamlessly moves every activity of a lead from one phase to the next, from an incoming lead generated through an advertising campaign all the way through the sales process, follow-up, scheduling, invoicing, payment to re-marketing and upselling.

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Brad Bippus

Amazing Software

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-09-14
Review Source: Capterra

Started using this software 5 years ago when I created this new landscape, lawn maintenance and irrigation business. Wanted to have a solid foundation for scaling up and this was the perfect solution. Before this I used four other software programs and nothing even compares to the ease of use and multitude of features Service Autopilot offers. One great example is our irrigation winterizing and spring turn on list. We have about 300 clients and it only takes an hour or so to sort them and schedule them for the appropriate day. We never miss a client because we have them set up in a "package" that automatically generates the routing and jobs are broken out by neighborhood. As soon as the irrigation technician completes the job on their mobile, it generates an invoice and we have it sent out via email at the end of the day. Sometimes our clients get their invoices before they come home and realize the service has been completed. Just the time savings alone on this project is worth the Service Autopilot cost. Before it would take 15 hours or so to organize the jobs and multiple hours just to enter and send out the invoices. Also, the techs can take pictures and leave notes for the office for repair follow ups that are attached to the job. Absolutely wonderful for repeat maintenance jobs and one time jobs. We never miss any billing because the employees only go to places on their mobile schedules.

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Rudi Roeder

Service Autopilot will offer more than what you ever need

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-11-07
Review Source: Capterra

I've switched to SA from operating on paper notes and without much systems and trackable processes. Main reason opting for SA was Jonathan's track history of lawn care operations and software. But biggest selling point was his vision on an all automated platform. A very detailed price matrix and estimate templates plus the easy to navigate dispatch board are just two of the many features that have helped my company to send out proposals quick, efficient and with the desired profits and making sure no job gets missed. The mobile app is a sure game changer for everyone that used to work with paper route sheets. Customer Support when needed is finding a good solution most times. Many times they will go the extra mile finding a good solution. Occasionally you may find a representative who is not up to speed with some issues but hey...there's new people in any business that can't be perfect from day 1. The people behind the company and the leadership is outstanding as I know Jonathan (co-owner) on a more private level. The progressive approach to today's fast changing technology and demanding customers is second to none. Capabilities of SA are simply staggering and will require at least one full time person in order to utilize the power. One area of suggested improvement is the snow dispatch functionality. Although it works you can sense the immediate lack of insight due to their location not being exposed to real winter service environment . If you're looking for a business software that can grow with your business as well as provides great inside information into your numbers you will not be disappointed. no jobs missed anymore marketing potential templates

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Lexie Ferguson

SAP saved our company!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-11-02
Review Source: Capterra

Our business is Lawnpro Grounds Maintenance, We have been with Service Auto Pilot since 2014. When we first came on with SAP I was a little worried about how this one program would fit our company needs. But after about 100 phone calls, 50 emails and many webinars, I can say first hand that without SAP, our company would not be where it is today. The team at SAP was very supportive and patient with any and all our questions. SAP have given us the system and tools to be able to run our company at its fullest. We have grown in numbers and grown ourselves in being more efficient. We depend on SAP so much you could quite possibly call them a business partner. We are truly grateful and recommend SAP to anyone. All functions of SAP are exactly what you need to run your company efficiently. We absolutely love the Maps Pro for estimating our clients property. That alone saves us hours of work weekly.

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Startup: $47 per month
Pro: $79.97 per month

Each version has a one-time setup fee of $97

Service Autopilot features

Activity Dashboard
Customizable Reporting
Invoice Management

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Additional information for Service Autopilot

Key features of Service Autopilot

  • Customizable reporting
  • Activity scheduling
  • Service level management
  • Lead capture
  • Web forms
  • Job costing
  • Email tracking
  • Drip email marketing
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Credit card processing
  • Invoice management
  • Website integration
  • Call tracking
  • Task scheduling
  • Mobile alerts
  • Mobile integration
  • Scheduling - Advanced
  • Automatic Invoicing
  • Optimized Routing
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Email Marketing
  • Client Management
  • 2-way QuickBooks Sync
  • Mobile App
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Upgrade your business instantly. Service Autopilot features scheduling, job costing, call tracking, payment processing and website integration in a single solution.

Estimate from the office. Service Autopilot features GPS-based​ property measurement which allows users to calculate the property size online without an onsite visit.

Save hours of time every week with automatic invoicing. Send automated email invoices after the service is complete.

Track key performance metrics with custom reports.

Get organized in the field. Our mobile app allows you to remotely manage field services.