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10,000ft Plans

Resource management & time tracking software

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10,000ft Plans overview

10,000ft Plans is simple, collaborative software that improves the way users allocate resources, plan project portfolios, and uncover insightful business data.

The interactive schedule view allows users to see who is working on what, find people with availability, and address issues before they become problems. It features an intuitive interface that makes resource planning an easy and enjoyable process.

Assignments are sent to team member profile pages where the team can review the projects they are assigned to and record how long they worked on each one. Tracking time in 10,000ft Plans is as simple as clicking confirm. If an employee worked more or less than what was planned, users can indicate that on the time sheet, and even add a note.

Every project has a project dashboard that shows the timeline, the team assigned to the project, and a high level status of how the project is performing. Users can track time, fees, and expenses for every project, and the status reports will update as the team fills out their timesheet.

The reports and analytics section is where users can analyze project profitability and future forecasting for projects and clients. Users can create custom reports by grouping and pivoting data across a number of filters to get different views of the company's past and future performance.

10,000ft Plans focuses on the high level information about teams and projects to give organizations the big picture of the business.


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10,000ft Plans screenshot: The interactive resourcing schedule to create, edit, or view assignments. Team members can be filtered based on custom criteria like discipline, location, and skills. The schedule can be sorted to surface people with the most availability to take on work.10,000ft Plans10,000ft Plans screenshot: Project page. On the left, you see team members working on the project. The schedule bars map out the project phases and assignment details. On the right, you can keep track of how your real-time budgets are tracking against the original project plans.10,000ft Plans screenshot: Project portfolio view that can be filtered and sorted based on custom criteria, like client, start/end dates, project types, priority level, Project Manager, and project status.10,000ft Plans screenshot: Personal dashboard view that helps each team member know what's on their plate. Here, they can see the projects/phases they've been assigned to and the number of hours allocated for each project. They can track their daily hours with detailed notes.10,000ft Plans screenshot: Team member allocation heat map to quickly see who's overbooked and who has capacity to take on more work. This list can be filtered by custom criteria like discipline, location and skills, or it can be sorted to surface your most available people.10,000ft Plans screenshot: Utilization report that captures how busy each team member is forecasted to be by discipline, based on upcoming work on the schedule. This report can also be retrospective to show how utilized your team was in the past based on their actual hours tracked.10,000ft Plans screenshot: Budget report showing how client projects are tracking against the plan. From here, you can spot issues - like chronic overages - and dig in to figure out what to adjust to stay on track.

10,000ft Plans reviews

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Peter Petrovics

Exactly what we need - after trialling 10+ apps/services

Reviewed 2015-11-02
Review Source: GetApp

We've been looking for project budget planning, time tracking and resource allocation planning tools for our agency. We tested 10+ different tools/services. For our needs we found 10K plans the best. It's almost a 100% percent match with our workflow. It's not an end-to-end tool but helps where we struggled the most: resource allocation and budget tracking. It comes through that it has been designed by people who did similar agency type work. The approach / concept is brilliant and most importantly kept simple yet flexible Great fit for our processes: * Bidding/planning You can draft a project - it immediately reflected in resource allocation. Or change the resource allocation and it's reflected in the budget. It's immediately visible if your planned allocation is over the budget - so you can cut scope or ask for increased budget. You immediately see if you over allocated people: you can stagger projects or bring in more resources * Tracking The project analysis bars with incurred / forecasted vs. budgeted time & expenses are giving a fantastic one blink overview of a project's status. User experience is one of the best among the products we reviewed. It's especially important for time entry as all people hate to do it. Reporting is great, slice and dice as you wish and drill down even to individual time entry level

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Chris Daley

Quick and easy way to schedule resources.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-08-04
Review Source: Capterra

Good control and visibility of resource scheduling for low effortIt is very well designed. It's fast. Like the name suggests it gives you a high level view of your business for very little effort. Interaction is intuitive - drag the schedule around and zoom in and out so it works at any scale from daily increments to annual. Over utilisation and availability in hours are clearly displayed. Whilst it feels light it does have some depth. Time recording, P&L, custom fields, API integration and pivot table style reporting are there if you want them. Project / stage hierarchy is very handy and tags and filtering are great.

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Lucy Todd

Elevated our internal resource allocation, saving us hours each week

Reviewed 2017-02-21
Review Source: Capterra

10,000ft Plans was our choice after a vetting process of several weeks and over a dozen different products. We needed something to improve our internal resource allocation capabilities to prevent over- or underbooking while also providing task management and schedule management both at an individual and company-wide level. When the 10,000ft team presented us with their "Schedule" view, we literally "ooh"ed and "aah"ed. It remains the most exciting feature about Plans for us, in addition to the reports and analytics we're able to run on our team's utilization, project budgets, and more. The 10,000ft team is very receptive to feedback on their product (in fact, they often reach out to gather our feedback rather than waiting for us to provide it, which I feel is a sign of a great company), and we have had several suggestions for them that could improve our experience with the tool. Their response is always to be curious to understand the request and to thoroughly consider whether it's a change that makes sense for the tool as a whole. It's also happened more than once that we've mentioned a suggested feature they are already working on for the next update! What we'd still love to see from 10,000ft is a more robust task communication system ("comments" on tasks aren't given enough weight in the interface for us to provide full communication among team members about what needs to happen on any given task, leading us to double-up in chat or email with full details), as well as some additional categorization on analytics. For example, there isn't currently a way to isolate only projects that are over budget or within a certain percentage of maxing out budget; instead we have to scroll the project list to find them, and then analyze one-by-one. There are a ton of other ways to categorize projects that are very useful, though. It bears repeating that this is a company that is eager to learn from its customers. None of our input is cast aside even if it's not the right fit for the product overall, and that means a lot as a customer who depends on this tool. If you aren't getting enough insight into resource allocation, and if you want more insight into your project budgets and employee utilization, Plans is a solid option that has improved our workflow.

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Horacio Otis

A powerful resource management tool

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-06-28
Review Source: GetApp

The program helped us move from the manual tables to the real system. The ability to use a platform with a small amount of data for rapid planning or a large amount of data for deeper immersion in projects with a greater degree of certainty. I also like the new project toolbar and sort-able columns and resource management. I solve the needs, which must perform both the operations and the strategy that my business requires. Everyone in the team has a clear idea of ​​all the projects. Not only the specific stage of the project that they have appointed, but all the others who work with other components of the project.

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Raj Mendes

Outstanding application that has improved how we run our business.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-07
Review Source: Capterra

Simple but powerful. The design is clever - we looked at many other options in the market and 10kft is a standout on great design. The design allows to to have deep insight and visibility into resource management in your company. Love the ability to forecast revenue.

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Basic: starting at $150 per month, or at $1,200 per year.

Professional: starting at $250 per month, or at $2,400 per year.

All plans come with a free trial, unlimited projects and storage, and support from the support team.

Subscription access is sold in groups of 10 users on a monthly or annual basis.

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#16 in Project Portfolio Management

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Key features of 10,000ft Plans

  • High-level project planning
  • Drag + drop resource planning
  • Painless timesheets
  • In + out board
  • Real-time project status
  • Visual business analytics
  • Real-time budget projections
  • Hiring need forecasting
  • Automatic updates
  • Project planning
  • Gantt-style portfolio overview
  • Project + phase planning
  • Project budgets (hours, fees, expenses)
  • Project status tracking
  • High level tasks + notes
  • Custom project fields
  • Resource planning
  • Project staffing + resource forecasting
  • Team availability
  • Team in + out board
  • Custom profile fields
  • Time + expense tracking
  • Mobile web app for time tracking
  • Time + expense approvals
  • Analytics
  • Planned vs. actuals reports
  • Budget status reports
  • Utilization reports
  • Expense reports
  • Report exporting (.CSV)
  • Additional features
  • API access
  • Custom branding
  • SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On
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Faster decisions for real-time planning: There is no such thing as a final plan. Today’s business is about making and adapting to changes. The 10,000ft Plans user interface is built for light interactions and quick changes, rather than heavy data entry.

Get the big picture of your business: Other tools focus on endless tasks and details about projects. 10,000ft Plans bubbles up the critical information you need to run your entire project portfolio so you can make faster and smarter planning decisions.