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Project & resource management for the media industry

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What is farmerswife?

farmerswife is an all-in-one project and resource management solution designed for the media industry. The platform is scalable to any company size and budget, and serves organizations within a variety of industries including production, post-production, broadcasting, advertising, equipment rental, and corporate media.

farmerswife enables users to control and manage the full life cycle of projects and resources. Users can get a full overview of projects, including client contact details, project descriptions, financials, and keep up-to-date on all bookings and resource allocation. Gantt-style timelines help keep track of daily or long-term events, with clearly defined project stages and checkpoints. Users can pencil in meetings using drag and drop, and set up personalized reminders and automatic alerts.

Contact management features allow users to import their client, supplier and freelancer database, and assign contacts to specific projects or clients. Customized rate cards with agreed prices can be set to automatically override default rates. farmerswife helps organizations stay on top of finances, allowing users to monitor supplier costs and payments, track billable items and events, and streamline invoice processes.

farmerswife includes personnel management functionality, allowing users to organize their staff and keep an eye on their availability, as well as staff rosters, overtime and billable hours, absences, sick leaves, and vacations. The platform enables the synchronization of rate cards, cost tracking, and reporting, keeping all project financial data automatically up-to-date.


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farmerswife screenshot: Resource managementHow farmerswife software can help me in my job? Schedule Manage Relaxfarmerswife screenshot: Connect to anythingfarmerswife screenshot: iPad viewfarmerswife screenshot: iPhone viewfarmerswife screenshot: Keep sight of the big picture with a full overview of projectsfarmerswife screenshot: Gantt-style timelines keep everyone updated with what is happening daily or long-term, with defined project stages, milestones and checkpointsfarmerswife screenshot: Import client, supplier and freelancers databases with a few clicksfarmerswife screenshot: Create quotes, monitor supplier costs and payments, track billable items and events, and streamline invoice processfarmerswife screenshot: Rate cards, cost tracking & reportingfarmerswife screenshot: Keep an eye on: availability, staff rosters, overtime & billable hours, absences, vacations, and sick leaves

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Project Management
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Key features of farmerswife

  • Budget management
  • Collaboration
  • Cost-to-completion tracking
  • Prioritization
  • Product roadmapping
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Full overview of projects
  • Client contact details
  • Customized project descriptions
  • Financial input and output
  • Bookings management
  • Resource allocation
  • Daily or long-term Gantt-style timelines
  • Defined project stages
  • Milestones and checkpoints
  • Drag-and-drop system
  • Reminders and automatic alerts
  • Instant time reports
  • Assign contacts to projects or clients
  • Create customized rate cards
  • Quotes, invoices & purchase orders
  • Monitor supplier costs and payments
  • Track billable items and events
  • Streamline invoice process
  • Prepayments
  • Part invoicing and credit notes
  • Monitor invoice payment statuses
  • Track payments and due dates
  • Financial data management
  • Scheduling
  • Report designer
  • Customized documents and reports
  • Reports branding
  • Production plans
  • Personnel management
  • Monitor availability and staff rosters
  • Track absences, vacations, and sick leaves
  • Share and update information with colleagues
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farmerswife was designed specifically for media professionals, enabling users to control and manage the entire life cycle of projects and resources in a single platform.

Users can monitor and prioritize resources, equipment and facilities for rental or stock purposes using features for scheduling and time reporting.

The solution enables users to handle prepayments, part invoicing and credit notes, as well as monitor invoice statuses and payment due dates.

Using the report designer, users are able to create customized documents and reports with the organization's branding.

farmerswife provides multi-user remote access, with different privilege levels for users.