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Projecis overview

Projecis is a web-based project management solution that offers features such as task management, resource management, and document storage. The tool offers a customized interface that lets users add special functions required for executing different project types. The application enables project teams to collaborate, control, and centralize project-related tasks through a single platform.

Projecis allows project managers to track project progress and store all documents in a centralized repository. Project files are password protected and can be shared with internal and external users. The software also allows users to send SMS and email alerts to all stakeholders to notify them of changes made to existing documents. The application’s chat function helps to improve collaboration within teams.

Projecis provides training and testing features to determine the knowledge level of team members. This helps project managers to decide if trainings are required to improve employee performance. Projecis also offers a knowledge base that enables team members from different companies, time zones, and geographies to access stored information. The software’s resource management feature lets managers identify potential over-allocations, deadlines, and scheduled assignments. The data is displayed using a heat-map with color-coded views that help to quickly determine the resource demands and availability.

Projecis provides enhanced security features and allows only individuals with prior invitations to access project documents. Other features offered by Projecis includes customer dashboards, custom reports, and project templates. Data import/export and third-party integration is also provided through APIs. Projecis is used in various industries including higher education, healthcare, research, consulting, and pharmaceutical.


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Projecis screenshot: Users have to login to view protected documentsProjecis for your projects and teamsProjecis screenshot: The application lets users track project progress and milestonesProjecis screenshot: A centralized file repository helps to improve collaboration and information sharingProjecis screenshot: The calendar feature lets users schedule and track project discussionsProjecis screenshot: Users can share files that are password protected or have custom labelsProjecis screenshot: The software helps managers track the status of assignmentsProjecis screenshot: Managers can set project file permissions to improve data security

Projecis reviews


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Pavel Vep¿ek

Tool under continuous development

Reviewed 2015-09-07
Review Source: Capterra

In our CRO we use this system for 1. monitoring visits planning and vacation capturing 2. site visit report revision/finalization and upload of final versions of confirmation and follow up letters and reports - as PDFs Comments: I generally like this tool, it is simple (for me) and I am able to use it for above described tasks. It is also quite stable tools but not working on all platforms (old browsers versions) - HELP - online help certainly improved (but I believe it is still not covering all topics ' e.g. lock file') and it describes new features - however not available as document (or did I miss something?) - Calendar - Filter assigned OFF by default (I did not find in settings how to set in On by default as this is the feature I am using) and the system does not remember this setting so next time I have to again select this filter - Calendar - when placing e.g. new event (for example vacation) with certain date(s) it always shows up in Calendar shifted by one day ' rather annoying - Calendar ' ADDING NEW EVENT - is not straightforward as events can be entered simply by clicking on the calendar date but tasks through task menu. And we use TAKS for tracking monitoring visits as progress can be completed in TASKS but not events. - Notification about new version uploaded is not received (only when new file is uploaded I am receiving notification) - TASKS ' cannot be sorted by Assigned to and other parameters (task summary) - we are running three protocols so the filed task summary serves for distinguishing among them - File Revision process not easy to understand for less skilled people - No export/print tool for TASKS, MILESTONES, CALENDAR etc. according to various parameters e.g. sorted by month, task summary (full or partial text) , assigned to, months, '. ' - no possibility for batch operation (such as marking multiple tasks completed etc. ) - No possibility to set some fields/properties as mandatory for completion (in calendar/files ') - a bit more detailed was how to set access rights ' for individuals within groups Note: Some of my comments can be already obsolete as I did not have time to check all pages in online help.

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Kristi Clark

Great Platform for Project Transparency

Reviewed 2015-09-10
Review Source: Capterra

We utilize Projecis software as a document as a platoform for document sharing, review, calendar transparency and communication tool. Our clients love that can see where their team is at a glance! The software is easy to use and the Projecis staff is amazingly quick to assist with any issues. In fact, they like to hear suggestions on improving the user experience and they implement suggested changes if feasible. Agility Clinical relies on Projecis for electronic audits as well because we can protect our documents with ease while allowing auditors access to the documents they need. Projecis is part of our daily busines life!

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Brian Murphy

Revolutionary tool for La Jolla Country Day School

Reviewed 2015-09-02
Review Source: Capterra

Projecis has revolutionized the way we collect, interpret and report the data involved with enrollment management. From the enrollment dashboard to flexible ad-hoc reporting, Projecis has provided us with a cutting edge tool that will allow us to efficiently identify and analyze trends. This will help shape future decisions surrounding the retention and recruitment of our students. The customer service we have received from the team at Projecis has been truly phenomenal. They are responsive, flexible, compassionate and extremely patient. Their service is second to none.

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Inez Odom

Using PROJECIS as a CRM as well as a means by which we manage data associated with our customers.

Reviewed 2015-09-03
Review Source: Capterra

Pros: The efficiency of this system has cut reporting time down from days to minutes. Allowed us to use reporting tools for data analysis more effectively. Working with the PROJECIS team is a joy. They epitomize the best in customer service. Cons: PROJECIS can still be difficult to navigate at times with many clicks to arrive at your goal. Some of the interfaces are not intuitive enough.

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Glenn Dulko

A Lot of Features for the price

Reviewed 2015-09-01
Review Source: Capterra

The system has a lot of features under the hood so I have to only manage one platform versus a whole bunch of separate ones. Woohoo! It provides great flexibility and security of information. Watch some of the videos, or better yet, ask them to do a demo for you. It'll help you hit the ground running.

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Projecis pricing

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Basic pricing: $20/seat/month (for up to 250 seats)

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Projecis features

Collaborative Workspace
Gantt Charts
Project Time Tracking
Project Tracking
Third Party Integration

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Additional information for Projecis

Key features of Projecis

  • Task management
  • Client management
  • Idea management
  • Product roadmapping
  • Document management
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Project workflow
  • Automatic reminders
  • Project time tracking
  • Quality control
  • Prioritizing
  • Project tracking
  • Content repository
  • Document storage
  • Gantt charts
  • Email integration
  • Calendar management
  • Secure login
  • Permission management
  • Knowledge base
  • File transfer
  • Search functionality
  • Resource management
  • Archiving & retention
  • Version management
  • Multiple projects
  • Project estimating
  • Discussion board
  • API
  • Third party integration
  • Chat
  • Training
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• Projecis helps to improve collaboration and information sharing between team members by offering features such as discussion dashboards, text messages, and email integration.

• The tool offers flexible security features that allow users to secure their information and project permissions quickly, without help from the IT department.

• The software’s Gantt chart feature helps project managers track project statuses and plan tasks and milestones in a visually appealing manner.

• Projecis lets reviewers provide guidance or feedback to team members by adding comments to the project files.

• Projecis supports electronic signature capture and stores all signed documents in one place to minimize delays when working with distributed teams.