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Jul 06, 2017
Construction Management

4 Rock-Solid Alternatives to Excel for Construction Templates

Construction templates for Excel may be useful, but there comes a time when they just won't cut it. Here are 4 software alternatives to get the job done.

Suzie BlaszkiewiczAnalyst

Construction templates for Excel may be useful, but there comes a time when using a spreadsheet just won't cut it for your complex construction scheduling and planning needs. If you're looking to upgrade from using a jumble of construction templates to investing in proper construction management software, you may be surprised at how quickly and easily you can make the transition. Many cloud-based construction software tools offer features for project planning and scheduling that help streamline the process of allocating time, people, and resources to your construction projects.

According to Software Advice, "Construction job scheduling software supports management of labor, resource, material and equipment schedules. These programs allow a user to define phases and tasks, and then match them with the labor, materials and resources required to complete each task and phase. Of course, labor and resources introduce constraints and dependencies, which in turn affect the schedule and completion date. Construction schedule software runs complex calculations 'under the hood' to account for these dependencies and constantly recalculate the project schedule."

With construction templates for scheduling built right into construction software, you can get a better overview of your construction jobs to stay on budget and schedule. Below are four construction management tools with construction templates that will help you manage not only scheduling but also other parts of your construction jobs.

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As one of the most popular construction software options on the market, Procore's features include project dashboards, bidding, drawing, timecards, and scheduling. It has configurable construction templates for projects so that once you create a template, you can reuse it.

Anyone with admin-level permissions can create a template as well as modify it. Once you create a template and want to duplicate it, it'll carry over important project items, including directory contacts and companies, equipment, active and custom tabs, and company-level cost codes.

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Says one GetApp reviewer:

"We used to keep track of our projects via an Excel spreadsheet and then an Access database, but now we've switched to Procore and it has simplified a lot! It is easy to enter projects and track progress as well as budgets. And now the Project Managers can do their own updating of their projects!"

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Built specifically for contractors and subcontractors, eSUB is a project management construction solution with product, timecard, resource management, and scheduling features. With the option to upload templates from Excel for processes such as construction timeline, estimation, budget, RFI forms, and payroll, you can easily transfer your existing construction templates into eSUB, or create your own using the software. With oversight into all facets of your projects, eSUB eliminates the need to organize multiple spreadsheets and pull data from one system to another.

Says one GetApp reviewer:

"eSUB's project management software has changed the way we do business. We had been using over complicated excel spreadsheets for years, when my computer crashed all of my data was lost. It was then I knew we needed to switch to a cloud based solution. From the first day eSUB training and support has been top notch. I recommend this to all Subcontractors and GC's."

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CoConstruct is a custom builder and remodeler software tool made for builders as well as their clients and trade partners. It includes features for streamlining project bidding, selection, scheduling, and coordination. It also offers patent pending technology that keeps client communication organized within the CoConstruct ecosystem. When it comes to construction templates, you have the option of using CoConstruct's built-in scheduling templates, copying templates from a different project, or even using templates from other CoConstruct users. You can also build your own templates or import them from a different system.

Says one reviewer:

"We are a residential design/build firm that manages renovation projects from initial concept through final construction. Prior to Co-construct, we managed all selections via Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and did all of our scheduling through Microsoft Projects. This was a nightmare because every job had to be created independently, and the information was extremely difficult to share with our clients. We have now been using Co-construct for several years and it has changed the way we do business. We upload every single client into Co-construct and manage their project from start through warranty via the online software. Every time we have had an issue, concern or question, the Co-construct team has been very quick to help solve or rectify or create a solution! I would highly recommend this product."

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Made for home builders, remodelers, and contractors, Buildertrend is a construction app that can replace Excel for your construction templates. It has features for scheduling projects as well as additional tools for finance and customer management.

Buildertrend comes with a set of pre-loaded construction templates for project scheduling as well as gives the option to build your own templates. These schedules ensure that there are no project conflicts and can be synced with both Google and Outlook calendars to keep projects on track.

Says one review on GetApp:

"I own a residential construction company with a 70% to 30% mix between remodeling vs. new construction and average $2.5 - $3 million gross sales annually. We had previously used excel to schedule and monitor selection. It did not offer sharing schedule and selections with customers and subs/vendors and the flexibility to access any time and anywhere like BuilderTREND does […] I am constantly looking for ways to improve my customers experience and I have no doubt that BuilderTREND is going to prove to be an asset for my company."

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Construction templates are only the beginning

Having a construction template is the first step to organizing construction jobs, but you shouldn't stop there. With construction management software, you can eliminate the need for a collection of spreadsheets and house all of your construction planning and scheduling tasks under one roof.

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