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Dec 22, 2016
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The Best Project Management and Planning Apps for iPhone and iPad

We take a look at some of the best iPhone and iPad project management and planning apps that cater to the ever-growing need for remote access from devices

Suzie BlaszkiewiczAnalyst

There are lots of great project management and planning apps based in the cloud, but not all of them have mobile apps that are accessible from an iPhone or iPad.

The ability to access, contribute to, organize, and edit projects using an iPhone or iPad is essential for any business using project management software, especially when you consider trends like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), which lets employees use their own phones to access work data. Luckily, a lot of the best project management and planning solutions have their very own apps for iOS ( and Android) that make it easier than ever to keep track of your projects while away from the office.

Below are some of the best project management apps for iPhone and iPad that'll give you a desktop-quality experience on your iOS device.

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Popular project management and collaboration tool Wrike has revamped its native iOS app, letting you do much of what you can with the desktop version, right on mobile. In a centralized hub, you can create and assign tasks, join in on task discussions, and attach photos and files that are stored on your device. You'll even be able to take photos from within tasks and send them immediately to share with your colleagues, as well as stay on top of conversations with its direct messaging features.

Wrike's also been optimized for iPad, evident through an interface that's comfortable and easy to use.

Pricing: The free version of Wrike, available for up to 5 team members, will give you basic access to shared task lists and the iOS app. For full project planning and collaboration, prices start at $9.80 per user per month for up to 15 users, with more advanced pricing plans for additional features like work management and exec reporting.

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The productivity tool created by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and engineer Justin Rosenstein came onto the market with some hype, but it's Asana's ease of use as a self-proclaimed email replacement that makes it one of the top choices for project management and productivity on iOS.

Asana's native iPhone app has a minimalistic look, making it easier to create and edit tasks, add notes, set due dates, and have conversations. One of its nicest features is a notification list on the home screen that outlines your tasks for the day, giving you an overview of upcoming work.

Pricing: You can access the Asana iOS app with a Basic Asana account, free for up to 15 users. For more advanced features, pricing starts at $8.33 based on number of users.

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If you're looking for something that's a bit more freeform but still good at keeping your projects in check, Basecamp is a good option. With its app for both iPhone and iPad, Basecamp 3 is the biggest major release of the project management fixture's iOS solution since March 2012. The latest version of Basecamp offers a complete redesign to previous versions, with plenty of new features that include 'Campfire' group chats, pings for direct or instant messages, a separate section for client feedback, and even an applause feature to let you virtually 'like' someone's contributions to a project or conversation.

Most importantly, you still have access to all your project files, documents, and feedback from the web version of the app.

Pricing: Basecamp has a flat rate, regardless of how many users you have. It will run your team $99/month, which gives access to its web and iOS app and all of its features.

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Known for its system of cards and boards, Trello's organizational abilities extend to mobile with its iOS app. Like the desktop version, you'll be able to move cards from one list or board to another to move your tasks along as your progress towards completion. The visual layout lets you see exactly what needs to get done, and the app offers flexibility when it comes to setting and organizing your boards.

Additional features include avatars to show who's doing what, task lists, and the ability to add attachments like files and photos to cards.

Pricing: Trello is free for iOS and the web, although upgrading to its $8.33 per month per user 'Business' plan will get you some additional features.

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dapulse is a project management solution built for lovers of visualization, and its iOS app for iPad and iPhone follows suite. With the app, you can get a full view of your current sprints, see who's responsible for which tasks, and chat with team members about your upcoming projects. You can also see a news feed, which gives you an overview of who's done what as the project progresses.

It also gives you the ability to quickly find anything within your project by creating a knowledge base which lets you search everything from tasks, to images, to team interactions.

Pricing: dapulse for the web (and it's related iOS app) have a robust pricing plan based on the number of users. Starting at $20 per month for 5 users with its Lite plan, it goes up from there for greater functionality.

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A joint collaboration and project management tool, Projectplace is a relative newcomer that's got a lot to offer, especially with its iOS app. With cards and Kanban boards, personal task management, file sharing, and document management, Projectplace for iOS has just about everything you'd want from a project management solution on mobile.

It's collab features lets you assign tasks to others, as well as comment on tasks or projects to make sure that your team's on the same page.

Pricing: For up to one project and 5 team members, access to Projectplace and its iOS app is free. The Pro Plan is $49 a month, and this includes 10 team members and 3 active projects. Extra users will cost $5 a month per user.

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A project management software known for its flexibility, it's no surprise that the biggest selling point of Podio's mobile app for iOS is just that- a ton of different options that let you organize your projects, tailored to your preferences, to maximize productivity. By creating "spaces", you can organize your projects in a really customizable way, communicate easily via conversation streams, and in return, reduce the need to send emails.

If you want to extend your productivity even further, you can use Podio to manage other areas of the business too, including sales. It also offers integration with apps like Dropbox and Google Drive, which will become even more useful if you're already using those apps on your iPhone or iPad.

Pricing: Podio starts at $9 for the basic plan, offering task management and user controls, going up to $14 and $24 at the next level for more functionality.

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What's your favorite project management app for iPhone?

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Originally published on September 6, 2013.

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