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5 Best Digital Recruitment Apps in 2021

Mar 8, 2021

Finding it hard to manage your recruiting process? Here are five top digital recruitment apps to help you find and interview quality candidates.

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5 Best Digital Recruitment Apps in 2021

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, filling an open position can be an intimidating task. Recruiting software can help. 

Recruiting software tools let you easily post jobs on multiple forums, screen resumes, schedule candidate interviews, review applicants with your team, and send offer letters. 

Sounds pretty great, right? There’s more good news: We’ve put together a list of five top-rated recruitment apps from GetApp’s Category Leaders in Recruitment report to start your search. 

(Tools listed alphabetically; read our complete methodology at the bottom of the page.)


Breezy: Customize your candidate pipeline with a drag-and-drop interface

Breezy HR, known as Breezy, is a cloud-based recruiting and applicant tracking platform for small to midsize businesses (SMBs). Breezy offers interview scheduling, background checks, video interviews, and candidate sourcing features. The tool's drag-and-drop pipeline management helps HR managers customize their candidate pipeline at each hiring stage.

Breezy's hiring and recruiting capabilities

  • Post open positions on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter with a few clicks using Breezy’s browser extension

  • Send auto response emails to update candidates about the status of their job applications or available interview times

  • Eliminate unqualified candidates using pre-screening video questions that help you determine candidates' interpersonal skills, salary expectations, availability to relocate, and future goals

  • Use hiring analytics to track, measure, and analyze applicant data so that HR managers select only qualified candidates

  • Customize your candidate pipeline and shortlist applicants for the next step of the recruitment process using a drag-and-drop interface

Breezy’s drag-and-drop hiring pipeline

Breezy’s drag-and-drop hiring pipeline (Source)


Breezy HR offers a free version of its tool, called Bootstrap. With Bootstrap, you can create a branded career site, distribute listings to over 50 job boards, and manage an unlimited number of candidates. The next highest plan (called Startup) starts at $143 per month. Breezy offers a 14-day free trial.

Who should consider Breezy?

Breezy is an appropriate option for SMBs with internal recruiting teams looking to save time by automating time-consuming tasks. Breezy's free version boasts an impressive set of features, which makes it a good option for internal hiring teams that are hesitant to invest a significant amount of money in a new tool.

GoHire: Create and measure the effectiveness of your recruitment campaigns

GoHire is an applicant tracking system and recruiting platform mostly used by SMBs. GoHire is an all-in-one talent hiring platform that includes features to help you advertise openings, attract applicants, and make informed hiring decisions.

GoHire’s hiring and recruiting capabilities

  • Create unlimited hiring pipeline templates that are ready for use with any job, complete with custom tags that help your team stay organized

  • Post jobs to over 15 websites (including Adzuna, Careerjet, Indeed, and Glassdoor) with one click

  • Use GoHire’s screening questions, questionnaires, evaluations, and reporting tools to make sure you select right-fit candidates

  • Automate tasks such as scheduling candidate interviews and sending followup emails

  • Build in-depth reports to measure your most recent recruiting campaign’s success


GoHire calculates candidate scores based on evaluations from your hiring team (Source)


GoHire’s starter plan costs $62 per month and includes all of the tool’s standard features (branded careers page, candidate offer letters, and interview scheduling), plus the ability to manage three active job postings and three hiring pools. GoHire offers a 14-day free trial. 

Who should consider GoHire?

GoHire’s current customer base includes businesses in the cybersecurity and technology industries, mostly located in the United Kingdom. Even so, GoHire’s comprehensive set of features and 24/7 chat support make it an ideal option for small or midsize companies in any industry or country.

Manatal: Make data-driven hiring decisions with AI-based recommendations

Manatal is a cloud-based recruiting solution and applicant tracking system used by both in-house HR departments and recruitment agencies. Manatal describes its tool as an easy-to-use AI-powered platform that helps you optimize every step of the recruiting process.

Manatal’s hiring and recruiting capabilities

  • Import LinkedIn profiles to your candidate database with one click using Manatal’s Chrome extension. You also use this feature to parse candidates’ public information and shortlist those that best fit your position requirements.

  • Create and share openings across the largest global job sites worldwide (such as Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Google for Jobs, CareerBuilder, Monster, and Jooble). If a candidate applies through these job boards, Manatal will automatically create and store their profile information.

  • Use Manatal’s AI-based recommendations to make data-driven decisions. Manatal extracts skill requirements from your job descriptions and cross-references the results with your talent pool to find candidates who best fit the position.

  • Assign team members appropriate permissions and stay in the loop with your team of interviewers through Manatal’s team chat functionality.


Import candidates from a variety of job sites with a one click in Manatal (Source)


Manatal’s Professional plan is its lowest cost offering at $15 per user, per month. This plan allows for 15 job postings per account and includes features such as resume parsing, candidate scoring, a customizable job pipeline, and interview management. Manatal offers a 14-day free trial.

Who should consider Manatal?

Manatal is both a recruiting tool and an applicant tracking system, which makes it an appropriate option for growing or established businesses that want seamless support throughout the recruiting and hiring process. Its lowest tier plan also allows for 15 active positions (which is more than most plans at that level).

Recruiterflow: Automate busywork so your HR department is free to focus on strategic needs

Recruiterflow is an applicant tracking system built for recruitment and staffing agencies. Recruiterflow’s main goal is to automate many of the manual tasks that recruiters deal with on a daily basis, such as creating candidate profiles and sending out emails.

Recruiterflow’s hiring and recruiting capabilities

  • Conveniently find and reach out to candidates from LinkedIn, Github, AngelList, and Xing with just one click from Recruiterflow’s Chrome extension

  • Add structure to your candidate evaluation process with candidate scorecards and collaborative notes from your panel of interviewers

  • Build “recipes” that save you hours per day (a recipe is a way to instruct Recruiterflow to take certain actions based on custom triggers that happen inside the system) 

  • Use Recruiterflow’s reporting function to build visual reports that help you understand how effective your recruiting efforts are


A visual report built in Recruiterflow (Source)


Recruiterflow offers plans for both recruiting agencies and in-house HR departments. Recruiterflow’s most affordable plan for in-house recruiting is its Growth plan, which starts at $99 per month. This plan offers five active job postings, 24x5 customer support, and unlimited users. Recruiterflow offers a 14-day free trial.

Who should consider Recruiterflow?

While Recruiterflow is primarily used by recruitment and staffing agencies, it’s suitable for internal recruiting teams as well. Because it's designed to save time through automation, Recruiterflow is a great option for teams that handle a high volume of placements.


Vincere (also called “Vinny”) is a recruiting platform designed to help recruitment agencies make data-driven decisions. Vincere claims to offer support for every step of the recruitment process, from sourcing candidates to sending them over to clients. 

Vincere’s hiring and recruiting capabilities

  • Post and advertise your openings on leading job sites and add new candidates to your database from LinkedIn with one click

  • Send applicants to clients in bulk through the LiveList™ functionality

  • Automate many of the most time-consuming tasks your hiring managers have to deal with, including resume parsing, interview scheduling, onboarding, and compliance

  • Find candidates close to your office or job location with Vincere’s map view

  • Send direct messages, create chat groups, and share files through Vincere’s internal communication function


Vincere’s Geo-Search function allows you to visualize where candidates are located (Source)


Pricing information for Vincere is not available online; the company charges a per user, per month rate. Vincere also offers a free demo. 

Who should consider Vincere?

Vincere is appropriate for recruitment or staffing agencies of all sizes. Vincere is used by recruiting agencies in many countries and supports multiple languages (English, Chinese, Dutch, German, Japanese, and Spanish). It’s not designed for in-house recruiting teams, but rather agencies seeking a robust recruitment tool with reliable support that can help them deliver quality candidates to clients.

4 tips to keep in mind during the software selection process

  1. Figure out which recruiting software features you need right now, as well as what you'll need as your business grows. Use these lists when you talk to software providers and select a tool that offers all (or most) of them.

  2. Make sure that your chosen software integrates with your existing HR management system.

  3. Choose software that fits your budget and is scalable, in terms of the number of licenses or users. Ask about any hidden costs or fees before you purchase a solution.

  4. Opt for free trials and ask software providers for demos to ensure you're purchasing a tool that offers hiring and recruitment as a core feature.

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The products featured in this list are the five products with the highest scores in GetApp's Category Leader for Recruitment, 2021. Click here for more info on GetApp’s Category Leaders. To be featured, the tools had to meet our recruiting software market definition and include job posting, candidate management, and interview management functionalities. 

Other common features of recruitment tools include resume search and parsing, reporting and analytics, and task management. Some related applications can be found in the human resources and applicant tracking software categories.

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