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Oct 29, 2018

5 Best HR Apps for Hiring and Recruiting

These top five HR tools simplify the hiring and recruiting process for small businesses. Learn how features such as candidate sourcing, interview scheduling, and job board integration can benefit your business.

Ankit SharmaContent Analyst

Finding the right talent is no easy task, especially for small businesses with limited HR resources and budgets. According to our survey on top technology trends among small and midsize businesses (SMBs), 42 percent of small businesses still face challenges when it comes to hiring the right candidates.

Here are few reasons why small businesses find it difficult to hire high-quality candidates:

  • Sixty-three percent of hiring managers say they can't find suitable candidates who fit the job requirements.

  • Fifty-four percent of employers say that an offer was rejected within one to four weeks of the first interview, implying that the top candidates are fielding multiple opportunities at any given time.

With 90 percent of recruiters believing that we’re in a candidate-driven market, small businesses need innovative hiring practices. The current talent pool is very savvy with technology and wants short, engaging-and importantly, digital-HR experiences on their phones or tablets.

Small businesses that use the most cutting-edge tools will save time and money, as well as boost candidate engagement. For example, businesses that implemented AI into their recruitment process saved 23 hours per hire and reduced the cost per screening by 75 percent.

In this article, we’re comparing five top HR tools (based on user reviews on GetApp) that offer hiring and recruiting capabilities. Read about our methodology at the bottom of the page.

The top-rated HR apps for hiring and recruiting (arranged alphabetically) are:


  • ApplicantStack

  • Breezy HR

  • JobDiva

  • ZipRecruiter

  • Zoho Recruit

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ApplicantStack: Score candidates with Rule Wizard

ApplicantStack is a cloud-based employee onboarding and applicant tracking system (ATS) that’s specifically designed for small businesses. It lets recruiters and HR managers post on various job boards, create prescreening questionnaires, and score candidate resumes.

ApplicantStack's hiring and recruiting capabilities

  • Create job descriptions and candidate application forms using customized templates.

  • Post jobs to custom-built job boards and then share the openings on social media platforms and other job portals.

  • Use the Rule Wizard tool to filter and rank applicants based on their resumes and answers in the prescreening questionnaires.

  • Create personalized email templates to communicate with candidates, track applicants throughout the hiring process, and schedule interviews on your company's internal shared calendar (Google Calendar or Outlook).

  • Track and add notes to an applicant's profile at different stages of hiring. This helps managers stay updated on a candidate's progress, even during interviews.

ApplicantStack’s candidate scoring metrics (Source)

User feedback trends

Based on an analysis of reviews on GetApp, here’s how users of ApplicantStack feel about the platform’s hiring and recruiting features:

  • Users like that ApplicantStack allows HR managers to simultaneously post jobs to multiple job boards such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.

  • Reviewers like that they can schedule automatic emails to inform candidates about the status of their job application.

  • Users feel that the software's prescreening capability reduces hiring time and lets them focus on other tasks such as scheduling interviews.

  • A few users say that the reporting functionality is cumbersome and could have more options. For instance, a report on candidates hired in a quarter or year that can be filtered by a specific date range would demonstrate the hiring rate.

Who should consider ApplicantStack?

You could consider ApplicantStack if you’re a small business that’s finding it difficult to manage a high volume of resumes. The Rule Wizard feature filters candidates based on the information in their resume and their answers to the prescreening questions. This saves time, which you would otherwise spend doing these tasks manually.

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Breezy HR: Streamline candidate pipeline with drag-and-drop interface

Breezy HR is a cloud-based recruiting and applicant tracking platform for SMBs. It offers interview scheduling, background checks, video interviews, and candidate sourcing features. Breezy HR’s drag-and-drop pipeline management helps HR managers customize the candidate pipeline at each hiring stage.

Breezy HR's hiring and recruiting capabilities

  • Source candidates from LinkedIn, AngelList, etc., using a browser extension, and post job openings on multiple job boards.

  • Send autoresponse emails to update candidates about the status of their job applications or interview times.

  • Eliminate unqualified candidates using prescreening video questions that help you understand the candidate's interpersonal skills, salary expectations, availability to relocate, and future goals.

  • Use hiring analytics to track, measure, and analyze applicant data so that HR managers select only qualified candidates.

  • Customize the candidate pipeline and short list applicants for the next step of the recruitment process using the drag-and-drop interface.

Breezy HR’s drag-and-drop hiring pipeline (Source)

User feedback trends

Based on an analysis of reviews on GetApp, here’s how users of Breezy HR feel about its hiring and recruiting features:

  • Users note that Breezy HR makes it easy for the recruitment team to collaborate with each other using the drag-and-drop pipeline management feature. Many also note that this makes it easy to track and manage candidate pipelines.

  • Some users like the video interview feature that lets them interact with candidates remotely, reducing the need for in-person meetings.

  • Reviewers like that the solution's socialmedia networking plug-in lets them easily connect with potential candidates.

  • A few users feel that integrations with major job boards could be better. For instance, users can mange more job listings by integrating their job portal with third-party apps.

Who should consider Breezy HR?

Small businesses looking to expand their teams while automating time-consuming tasks such as entering candidate data into spreadsheets or screening/scheduling candidates. Breezy HR saves recruiters time as they can filter and shortlist candidates after screening them, based on the scores in their video interviews.

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JobDiva: Find the right hires with Harvester resume parsing

JobDiva is a cloud-based solution that helps users analyze recruitment dynamics, using business intelligence (BI) tools to improve the hiring process. It allows HR managers to handle the candidate life cycle from searching to onboarding. Additionally, JobDiva helps staffing agencies to manage candidates and their clients’ hiring requirements.

JobDiva's hiring and recruiting capabilities

  • Search and filter resumes from different job portals based on parameters such as skill, experience, location, and pay scale.

  • Integrate email and text messaging tools, such as Outlook and G Suite, to track emails between candidates and recruiters as well as the candidate's hiring status.

  • Add a job post to your staffing agency's job portal and multiple job boards such as Indeed and Monster. JobDiva's CalcuDiva feature lets recruiters calculate the cost and profit of a new job requisition.

  • Search candidates in your resume database using the Harvester tool, filter resumes based on the minimum requirements, and list prospective candidates who closely match the selection criteria.

  • Staffing agencies can sync the job database with a client's vendor management system, so that recruiters are notified when jobs are opened and closed.

JobDiva’s automated alerts via email notifications (Source)

User feedback trends

Based on an analysis of reviews on GetApp, here’s how users of JobDiva feel about its hiring and recruiting features:

  • Reviewers say the historical candidate data helps them source older applicant profiles from the internal database, so that the profiles can be considered for new job roles.

  • Users like JobDiva's search engine, which helps them find alternative skills (or synonyms) for a particular job. For instance, a search for candidates with experience in "C++" will map to "programming," while "patient care" will map to all health care jobs.

  • Some users feel that resume filters could be improved to help international clients find the right candidates by checking the visa status on resumes.

Who should consider JobDiva?

Staffing solutions providers that are finding it tough to manage multiple job boards or locate prospective candidates in a vast database should consider JobDiva. The solution’s Harvester tool automates searching and downloading of candidate profiles in the database, eliminating the need to manually search for candidate data.

The solution also lets you connect with candidates and clients through the JobDiva app.

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ZipRecruiter: Enhance candidate screening with AI-powered technology

ZipRecruiter is cloud-based HR software that offers candidate screening, recruiting, applicant tracking, online interviewing, and job posting. ZipRecruiter’s AI tool, Candidate Calibration, lets you note your preferred type of candidate when posting jobs, so that you get only suitable matches.

ZipRecruiter lets you post multiple jobs with one submission (Source)

ZipRecruiter's hiring and recruiting capabilities

  • Set multiple sign-ins within a single account, so multiple users can review applicants at any stage of hiring.

  • Add labels in an applicant's profile, making it easier and faster for recruiters to review multiple profiles.

  • Rank incoming resumes with a thumbs-up or neutral tag; add additional notes in a candidate's profile to simplify the sorting process.

  • Review candidate profiles at a glance on the centralized dashboard. Also, create customized questions based on the candidate's performance in the prescreening test and initial interview round.

  • Use the built-in job templates to create detailed description of the skills and tools required in niche roles such as accounting clerk, analyst, and software engineer.

User feedback trends

Based on an analysis of reviews on GetApp, here’s how users of ZipRecruiter feel about its hiring and recruiting features:

  • Some reviewers like that the candidate ranking feature lets them filter applications by skills, experience, education, etc., which saves time and simplifies candidate sourcing.

  • Users feel that prescreening questions in each job post saves time and lets them scrutinize applications without having to thoroughly review each candidate's profile first.

  • A few users say that entering candidate data manually into the limited area in classified fields is time-consuming.

Who should consider ZipRecruiter?

Fast-growing small businesses that compete with large companies for quality candidates, should consider ZipRecruiter to boost their recruitment process with AI-powered technology. Its AI tool automates basic hiring tasks such as resume filtering and scheduling interviews. It also helps you find candidates based on the predefined criteria set by your HR managers in a job posting.

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Zoho Recruit: Streamline recruitment with candidate source tracking

Zoho Recruit is cloud-based ATS software that lets small business recruiters create and track job openings, source candidates, filter resumes, and screen candidates. It offers automated workflow processes as well as website integration with job portals and social media platforms.

Zoho Recruit also let staffing agencies share document folders containing candidate information with their clients to view/track the entire recruitment process and increase collaboration in hiring.

Zoho Recruit hiring and recruiting capabilities

  • Conduct candidate source tracking and determine the major sources (job portals, social media sites, etc.) where candidates apply for jobs.

  • Populate resumes from various sources such as social sites and store information from different career websites, mailboxes, or email attachments in the internal database.

  • Track candidate activity on the central portal to stay updated on hiring activities such as scheduling interviews, candidate screening, or selections.

  • Categorize candidates using the available standard modules such as leads, contacts, and potentials. You can also create new modules as per your needs.

  • Staffing agencies can manage their client database by uploading contract documents of selected candidates and view the current status of the client's job openings and the candidates shortlisted for these posts.

Zoho Recruit’s recruitment dashboard showing the hiring stages (Source)

User feedback trends

Based on an analysis of reviews on GetApp, here’s how users of Zoho Recruit feel about its hiring and recruiting features:

  • Users like the resume parsing functionality, which lets them automatically extract candidate information from multiple websites into their database. Some also like the tracking feature that keeps senior managers up-to-date on the recruitment process.

  • Reviewers like that Zoho Recruit allows them to manage clients and candidates in a single database. They note that it lets candidates sort jobs based on the date of posting, job location, company, and job description.

  • Some reviewers like its social media integrations, which allow recruiters to source candidates from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Some users feel that the user interface and sign-up process could be improved.

Who should consider Zoho Recruit?

Choose Zoho Recruit if your HR team finds it hard to track candidate sources manually or using your current recruiting solution. The candidate source tracking feature lets you automatically add source tracking tags to job links for accurate tracking. This helps small businesses build their hiring strategy around-and invest in-the right sources.

Additionally, Zoho Recruit enables staffing agencies to share the status of job posting and candidates with their clients in real-time.

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Next steps

The software selection process involves considering many factors to ensure you make the right choice. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Ensure that the hiring and recruiting software you choose includes all the essential features you need. Identify the features you need right now, as well as a list of features you'll need as your business grows. Based on these lists, talk to vendors and select a tool that offers all, or most, of these features.

  • Ensure that the software integrates with your existing HR management system.

  • Choose software that fits your budget and is scalable, in terms of the number of licenses or users. Ensure that there aren't any hidden costs or fees before you purchase a solution.

  • Opt for free trials and demos from vendors. This will help you shortlist a tool that suits your business and offers hiring and recruitment as a core feature.

Other helpful resources:

The comparison of these solutions is intended to help you make an informed decision to improve your hiring and recruiting process. To learn more about HR tools, check out these additional resources:

  • Compare more HR software solutions that offer hiring and recruiting capabilities.

  • Review the side-by-side comparison of the tools featured in this article.

  • Check out our blog for more articles on HR management.

  • Read more about HR apps that help you evaluate employees in 5 top-rated HR apps for 360-degree performance evaluation.


The solutions highlighted in this article are the HR software solutions that offer hiring and recruiting capabilities and had the highest overall user rating from among the most reviewed products at the time of writing (the week of August 16, 2018).

Here's an overview of our methodology for choosing this list of top-rated apps:

  • We filtered HR products that offered hiring and recruiting capabilities. The list of 50 products was then arranged in descending order, with those having the highest average customer review at the top. From among the top 10 products with the highest number of reviews, the five having the highest user ratings were shortlisted.

  • The "User feedback trends" section for each product is based on the analysis of feedback for the feature discussed, from users who left reviews on GetApp.

  • Other information in the article has been compiled from vendor websites and other secondary sources, wherever mentioned.

Note: The content in this piece that provides opinions and points of view expressed by users does not represent the views of GetApp.

We conducted this survey in April and May 2017 among 699 U.S.-based SMBs, with more than 10 employees and annual revenue of less than $100 million. The survey excluded nonprofit organizations. The qualified respondents are decision-makers, or have significant influence on the decisions related to purchasing technologies for their organization.

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