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Insight Salon Software

Cloud-based salon & spa management software

4.4/5 (137 reviews)

Insight Salon Software overview

Insight is a salon & spa management software that helps small, mid-size and enterprise organizations in managing appointments, clients and staff. The software can be installed on-premises or hosted in the cloud.

Insight salon & spa software offers a variety of features such as appointment management, client & staff management, marketing services and reporting. Users can book appointments and reserve service rooms and resources online, and receive appointment confirmation messages on their phones. The tool records client preferences, formulas and other notes as well as tracking product, service and appointment histories and other personal details such as birthdays and anniversaries. The software also stores contact and employment details of staff, sets up flexible, rotating work schedules, and supports role-based access to data using passwords and administrative controls. Users can generate over 80 report types including sales and appointment trends, inventory and services. Multiple payment methods can be accepted for a single invoice, and discounts and cancellations tracked, with hardware integrations for barcode scanners, cash drawers and receipt printers. Insight’s inventory management feature helps to analyze inventory levels and track partial use of an item. The pricing grid feature lets clients optimize sales revenue and price services based on department, category, and employee skills or experience.

Insight software can be customized to meet specific customer requests and offers add-ons and integration with third-party software such as QuickBooks to help salons and spas improve their efficiency and client experience.


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Insight Salon Software screenshot: Insight salon & spa software accepts multiple payment methods even for a single invoiceInsight Salon and Spa Software - Choose Insight Installed or Insight on the CloudInsight Salon Software screenshot: Insight salon & spa software can be accessed on multiple device types such as desktops, smartphones and tabletsInsight Salon Software screenshot: Insight salon & spa software helps in online appointment booking and managementInsight Salon Software screenshot: Insight salon & spa software records client purchase history and other contact details to improve customer managementInsight Salon Software screenshot: Insight salon & spa software stores employee details and helps in employee management

Insight Salon Software reviews

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Steven Brown

Great Choice Overall

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-12-13
Review Source: Capterra

We took over ownership of a salon that has used Insight for years, so we decided to keep using it. Overall it functions well and has pretty much all of the features we need. Throughout the last year we ran into a few technical hiccups but customer service was helpful in getting things ironed out. We have an excellent representative that is okay with us emailing her directly which is a rare thing and is much appreciated. Most of the support staff is helpful but there's one person that seems to get annoyed or sound inconvenienced when I call in about something. It's happened a handful of times with that support staff member. If you're a relatively small salon & spa, Insight is a great choice. We have found that the monthly fee added on top of the price to purchase SMS bundles has caused the cost of Insight to exceed other software on the market. If you send a lot of text messages to clients, keep this mind since it can increase your budgeted expense for software. Overall quality (4) - It works well but at times throws error messages for certain reports that requires a call to support staff. Ease of Use (4) - There's a learning curve to Insight but that's nothing new. There's a TON of reports which takes considerable time to learn, and no one report includes a dashboard of all statistics an owner might need. I find this tedious having to run several reports multiple times for each team member. I can recommend Insight to anyone looking for a salon & spa software, but felt it's my duty to cover both the pros and cons. Hopefully this review will help.Offers several features that most owners need. Relatively easy to learn and support staff seems willing to help if you're lost or have issues with anything. Uptime is good if you're using the cloud version, which is recommended over the installed version.

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Renata Barbora

Great but needs some improvement

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-11-03
Review Source: Capterra

I have been using Insight for a few years now. The software is somewhat user friendly, once you know your way around it's pretty easy to navigate around. I love the fact that I can schedule appt from an app on my phone, I don't ever need to call the salon to see when my first apt is in the morning. Having said that there are a lot of things that still need a little improvement. Example: I can't double book from my phone. I can't change my working schedule from my phone. I can add a special break or block a time when I know I won't be available but then I can't see the notes I have under that block. On the software itself, when I'm using the computer I can schedule multiple services for one client (I can however it will show as separate appts and opposed to one long appt. I also would love to get texting with my service, however for a booth renter like myself that service is a little too pricey. Would be nice if it was included in the $35/month I currently pay. The customer service is excellent. I always get to talk to someone quickly and they always have been able to help me. After all the little things that I know one day will be fixed I love this program. Easier than a few I have tried in the past. I'm able to use my phone to schedule appts

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Shannon Howell

Insight Makes My Life Easier!

Reviewed 2015-02-20
Review Source: Capterra

PROS: Ease of use, Great Technical Support, Very Affordable CONS: This isn't necessarily a con, because the program's functionality is effective, but it would be nice to have a greater range of options in some areas of the program Our salon and spa has been using Insight for a number of years. Insight Salon Software is so easy to use. Steps are intuitive. Even if you didn't have someone available to show you how to use the program, you could learn the system fairly quickly on your own. The price point is reasonable, and there have been no hidden costs or fees. About a year ago another software was highly recommended to us, and we opted to give it a try. And try we did; we struggled to learn and use the system. 6 months later, we took the loss on the other software and came back to Insight. The support I received to transition back made it so quick and painless that I almost couldn't believe it. And when I announced to my staff that morning that we were back live with Insight, every member either hugged or thanked me profusely! Now, we could get back to focusing on important things, not on a software program!! One thing I love about Insight is the ease of movement within the program. For instance, when you open a search screen, your cursor automatically appears in the search box and in many places you can simply hit Enter to move to the next box. These may seem like minor details, but if you've ever worked with this capability and then tried to use another program that doesn't have it, the time saving aspect becomes quickly apparent. We do at times have issues with the automatic features working correctly - appointment confirmations, nightly backups, phone app - and end up having to these things manually. But it is also a problem we had with the other program. These types of issues are just part of it. When something goes wrong, though, the technical team is always available and always friendly and helpful. We work off a fairly detailed business plan, and I wish there were more detailed options available for some areas - such as special commissions on specific services, report sorting, etc. - that would be more in line with some of the particulars of the way we operate. I hope to be able to work with Insight on some of these things. Bottom line, Insight Salon Software is more than worth the investment.

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Roberta Dudzik

It serves it purpose.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-08-06
Review Source: Capterra

Customer support. They are friendly and very helpful and are always there when we need them!!! 24/7!!

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Suzanne Robert

Very easy to use

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-02-17
Review Source: Capterra

I love the ease of reports and download to quickbooks for simplified bookkeeping process. The online booking is excellent for customer convenience and retention. Some suggestions for improved performance are: #1. On line cancelation notifications so that stylists are made aware of schedule openings due to on line cancellations. #2. Individual Employee specific service selections that can and cannot be booked using on line booking system. On line booking, download to quickbooks,

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Solo edition - $35/month (single employee)
Partner edition - $55/month (2-3 employees)
Growth edition - $70/month (4-6 employees)
Small business edition - $85/month (7–12 employees)
Enterprise edition - $125/month (Unlimited employees)

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Insight Salon Software features

Automatic Reminders
Credit Card Processing
Customer Loyalty Program
Gift Card System
Inventory Management
Inventory Tracking

Activity Dashboard (49 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (61 other apps)
Customer Database (41 other apps)
Customer History (46 other apps)
Data Import/Export (41 other apps)
Discount Management (44 other apps)
Real Time Data (44 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (64 other apps)
Sales Reporting (52 other apps)
Search Functionality (47 other apps)
Third Party Integration (45 other apps)

Additional information for Insight Salon Software

Key features of Insight Salon Software

  • Appointment booking
  • Client management
  • Recurring appointments
  • Appointment reminders
  • POS
  • Gift card system
  • Loyalty program
  • Employee management
  • Shift scheduling
  • Payroll management
  • Multi-users
  • Resource management
  • Inventory management
  • Multi-location
  • E-mail marketing
  • Social marketing
  • API
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• Insight salon & spa software offers a variety of features such as online appointment booking, customer management, employee management and inventory tracking to help customers run their businesses efficiently.
• The software stores client information such as appointment history, products & services consumed and other personal details and sends targeted email campaigns & text messages to build effective customer relationships.
• The tool also helps in payroll management of employees and tracks employee hours, payroll types and calculates taxes & other deductions automatically.
• Insight provides a variety of advanced add-ons that help in credit card processing, remote access, text message marketing and membership management to improve client experience and operational efficiency.
• The software can be installed on-premises or be hosted in the cloud, and also provides native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.