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Sofon Guided Solutions overview

What is Sofon Guided Solutions?

Sofon is a Sales Automation solution that simplifies, accelerates and improves the sales process of customer specific products or services. Sofon helps sales employees to easily and quickly translate customer requirements into error-free professional proposals and quotations. Quotations can be automatically transformed into production orders. Sofon guides sales to choose the best product fulfilling the needs of the potential buyer and to help them to a buying decision.


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Europe, Germany, United Kingdom

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English, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Dutch, French and 4 other languages, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish
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Sofon Guided Solutions reviews

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Pieter Lalkens

Unbeaten in ease of use and value for money!

Reviewed 2011-04-27
Review Source: Capterra

The product data and rules are maintained by the people that have the knowledge, not by it-people. Though 'off-the-shelf', the tool is highly flexible and easy to use. We could not perform without it.

The Aebi Schmidt Group ( manufactures outstanding, world-wide-distributed agricultural, municipal and special equipment. With a customized range of products and services we offer our customers appropriate solutions for almost every problem. All our products (silo spreaders, snowploughs, snow clearing machines, compact sweepers, mounted sweepers, implement carriers, transporters and mowers) are configurable, from a few options to many highly complex options with multi-level dependencies and calculations. We use Sofon to maintain and spread the product knowledge amongst all our sales offices all over Europe. With Sofon a salesman is able to make a good-looking quotation in a short time without much product knowledge. Sofon supports the whole quotation process, and when a quotation becomes an order, a sales order and the complete bill of material and routing is created in our ERP system (SAP). Changes are handled too.

no real Cons

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Robert - Philips Healthcare

Most poorly designed software I have ever used…

Reviewed 2013-04-05
Review Source: GetApp

I use SOFON as an end user. There is NO possible way to overstate how VERY bad this product is. It is counter-intuitive, buggy, and designed in such a way as to require massive amounts of additional unneeded keystrokes ans rework. Run the other direction.


Far too many to list, see above.

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Marion Kant

Our price agreements with our various customers are now clearly defined

Reviewed 2013-05-01
Review Source: Capterra

E. van Wijk Logistics is an international logistics service company with branches in the Netherlands, Romania, Moldavia and Ukraine. Before Sofon our quotations and calculations were produced manually in Excel. This was time-consuming and prone to errors; it was for example easy to forget a change in rates. This is why we wanted to simplify the way the rates were put together. We also wanted more insight into client-specific rates and outstanding quotations. We now make use of the Sofon Sales Organizer (CRM package) and the Sofon Proposal Organizer (quotation generator). We use Sofon to quickly produce uniform and error-free quotations, including the accompanying calculations. Our price agreements with our various customers are now clearly defined and our price adjustments are greatly simplified. Sofon also offers us insight into the quotations we have issued to date and the effectiveness of our sales reps.

Quickly produce uniform and error-free quotations Offers insight into the quotations we have issued to date and the effectiveness of our sales reps Price agreements are now clearly defined and our price adjustments are greatly simplified

no real Cons

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Robert Oude Avenhuis

Sofon offers Voortman complete sales support system

Reviewed 2013-02-08
Review Source: Capterra

Voortman develops, manufactures, installs and maintains CNC controlled processing machines for the steel fabricating industry and steel service centers. Because of our growing international clientele, we were looking for a complete sales support system. Sofon turned out to be very complete, so we use all of Sofon: from CRM to quotation generation and everything in between. The implementation of Sofon took only a few months. I had expected that we would need far more time, but my expectations were definitely proved wrong. All the Sofon-users in our company are very pleased with the ease of use the system offers. Since the introduction of Sofon we have the years of customer history visible at a glance. We also have a link to and synchronization of our e-marketing package, we have the possibility to manage our opportunities and our management reports are available, thanks to Sofon.

quick implementation ease of use the system customer history visible at a glance

No major cons.

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Vincent Snels

Sales staff makes 90% of quotations without the help of Engineering

Reviewed 2012-11-15
Review Source: GetApp

MarFlex is a developer and manufacturer of electrical deep well pumps for the shipping and offshore industries. The abundance of options and combinations made it difficult for the sales staff to provide an accurate quotation quickly; they often needed the help of our Engineering department. We searched for a provider who could meet all of our needs and Sofon turned out to be the best option for us. After an implementation of six months, we went live with Sofon. With Sofon, Sales no longer requires the help of Engineering for 90% of quotations. Sofon makes sure we do not make any errors and offer the correct combination to our customers. We are extremely pleased with the results we achieved with Sofon. Our quotations are of excellent quality, both in terms of contents and lay-out. We often simply copied text from old quotations and spend time at checking through the entire text. Now we know… Sofon is always right. We no longer have to read through the text and can send it off with confidence.

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Key features of Sofon Guided Solutions

  • Error-free and consistent quotations and contracts
  • Higher scoring rates
  • Lower sales cost
  • Shorter sales cycles
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In short
- With Sofon you easily produce error-free, well-presented proposals
- With Sofon you generate quotations and commissions more rapidly
- With Sofon you control your sales process from contact to contract
- Because of Sofon, all your orders are complete and feasible

Sofon Guided Selling helps sales departments maximize their sales opportunities and better manage the sales process as a whole. Dealers and other agents can also depend on problem-free sales of new and existing products and services and will need less support. All that with fewer risks in less time. Sofon makes sure of:

Connection - between client demand and product possibilities
Knowledge - complete and error-free quotations with less knowledge
Speed - no waiting for information from others
Impact - solid, attractive and competitive offers
Quality - faultless tenders, commissions and contracts
Effectiveness - fewer (manual) steps, so more time for clients
Competitive edge - best price/performance
Overview - full overview of sales process

Sofon Guided Selling offers extensive report and selection possibilities. In this way, marketing can be targeted and so undertaken more effectively.

Furthermore, Sofon Guided Selling makes sure that all documents are always presented in the correct house style. If changes are needed, they can be made easily in all documents generated in Sofon with a simple command. Thus, a correct and uniform image is guaranteed at all times. Sofon takes care of:

Recognition - strict uniformity of house style, in the local language wherever you are
Interaction - targeted interaction with clients possible (e-commerce)
Insight - more insight gained into (purchasing) behavior and (potential) clients
Focus - targeted marketing possible

A company’s continuity is determined by the factors of predictability and liability, apart from a healthy business model. Sofon contributes directly to the predictability of turnover and related income by making sure of insight into outstanding tenders and orders.

Because only feasible products and deliverable services are offered and contracted, the risk of product liability decreases considerably. And because only correct offers are made, margins are ascertained beforehand for every order. In this way, you completely fulfill client expectations. Sofon takes care of:

Cost reduction - costs, margins and turnover are immediately clear
Predictability - fewer overhead costs because sales reps produce their own offers
Less risk - less chance of mistakes (product liability, cost of returned products)
Teamwork - improved cooperation between sales, development and production
Image - consistent, professional communication
Control - authorization of important sales decisions

Sofon Guided Selling brings you faster production, improved manufacturing and less failure costs. Sofon enables sales staff to generate complete and correct orders for deliverable products. Anything else is impossible. This creates predictability and therefore calm during the production process. Sofon takes care of:

Accuracy - complete and correctly specified commissions
Realism - all sales orders are based on feasible products
Predictability - no changes during production as orders are immediately completed