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Salesforce CPQ overview

Automate quotes with Salesforce CPQ. Configure products, price orders, and generate quotes, all with simple clicks. Utilize Guided Selling help sales reps identify the best matched solution to customer needs. Use the Product Configurator to define product bundles, dependencies and exclusions. Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and utilize your Salesforce Product Catalog within Salesforce.

With Salesforce CPQ you can build quotes, proposals, and contracts to meet the requirements of any number of situations—set your terms and conditions to static or dynamic, attach datasheets, add a partner to a sale, show or hide component pricing, or group products by family. All quote documents are created in PDF format so they can be attached to emails with the click of a button. Quotes can also be produced in Microsoft Word and Salesforce CPQ will automatically convert them. All documents you create are stored and tracked for audit logs.

Furthermore, Salesforce CPQ automatically generates renewal quotes based on original quotes and add-on quotes. All renewals are automated from within the Salesforce platform, ensuring you never miss a renewal. The software also provides reporting and dashboards to garner further insight into your CPQ process.

Salesforce CPQ is fully native to the Salesforce platform. Unlike other CPQ apps built on Salesforce, we largely use standard objects and offer a plethora of prebuilt features, ensuring easy scale as your sales processes evolve.


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Salesforce CPQ

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Chris Valentine

Steelbrick is Promising

Reviewed 2015-09-03
Review Source: Capterra

We looked at a few CPQ tools to help us automate a few obstacles in our (complicated) SaaS model. Steelbrick was the best solution out there for your buck. Pros: We were in a situation where our current (custom) CPQ solution did not allow the flexibility to add new products, adjust order forms, support local currencies (without an expensive developer resource) and it really empowered out business to address new opportunities by being able to do these things. There are a lot of objects and we needed to use them all to make our multi-year product model work and it seemed daunting, but really, I was able to pick up how everything fit together after a few days of diving in and playing around. The support and customer service team are absolutely amazing. Special shoutout to my CSM (Kelly Wilson) who responds day and night to emails and is always willing to find time to get on a call. Our primary support agent (ChrisL) is also really smart and easy to work with. No implementation of CPQ goes perfect, but we had great implementation engineer (ChrisT) and implementation consultant (ChrisH) who really PARTNERED with us to make sure the tool was what we needed to accomplish our goals. You can trust the product management team. We have already seen features that they have promised to us (contract amendments, for example). Cons: - We did not realize this until after implementation (and product management has promised us that it is a high priority), but the CPQ tool will only work in full data replica sandboxes. Partial and dev sandboxes do not bring over the 20+ object records that come with Steelbrick. You will need to make sure you also consider some data migration solution between environments. You can do this yourself. I did it once successfully and it took 4 hours. :( - CPU timeout errors. If you have complicated pricing on multi-year products and you make changes to those quotes (for example changing a 5 year deal to a 3 year deal), we often get a "CPU timeout" error. We can't ever get beyond this. We need to build a new quote. :( Again, Steelbrick product management has assured us that this will be addressed in future releases with more precise code.

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A Scalable Quoting Platform

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-05-21
Review Source: Capterra

Create internal/operational efficiencies Improve business process agility Improve business process outcomesThe application provides rich functionality in product catalogs, commerce and report generation and is scalable to support future organizational growth. The user on boarding is easy due to cloud based solution. Support of solution to run on Mobile platform and channels drives high adoption

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Stephanie P

Great product for quotes and renewals

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-12-08
Review Source: Capterra

I have been using Steelbrick CPQ for over a year and I love this product, it allows me to create orders and renewals for my customers all at a click of a button. Being able to easily create quote and send to my customers

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Lonnie Barish

Executive Director

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-08-18
Review Source: Capterra

Ultimately we received no benefitLots of customization options and flexibility. Native to the SalesForce environment. Pricing on a per user basis.

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Gina Costantino

Need more detail for set up

Reviewed 2015-09-03
Review Source: Capterra

My involvement with SteelBrick was working on setting up the SKUs with the configurations that were set up by the IT team. Most of the training and knowledge transfer time with Etherios was designated to the configuration set up, but no time was allocated to showing us how to upload new SKUs moving forward. Templates or configuration names and fields were not provided. When asking Etherios for the documentation multiple times, they had said they would not leave us high and dry. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened. It took our project manager to reach out to SteelBrick directly to request this documentation. It would be very difficult for any company to continue managing their system with this software without instruction on how to maintain new information moving forward. With regards to the set up that was done by SteelBrick for the quoting portion of the software, it seems that Sales is efficiently and effectively using it.

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Salesforce CPQ features

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Additional information for Salesforce CPQ

Key features of Salesforce CPQ

  • Guided selling
  • Create proposals & contracts
  • Genearte quotes
  • Create proposals & contracts
  • Cross-sell and up-sell recommendations
  • Product Configurator
  • Supports product bundles, dependencies and exclusions
  • Salesforce Product Catalog sync
  • Multiple quote lines item editing
  • Pre-defined descriptions and subtotaling
  • Pricing and discounting rules
  • Product search capability
  • Audit trail of quotes
  • Multiple pricing options
  • Customizable quote templates
  • Unlimited tier volume discount schedules
  • Automatically generate renewal quotes
  • Fully native app on Salesforce CRM
  • Electronic signature integrations
  • Reports and dashboards
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Multiple pricing options - Ensure pricing consistency by setting rules and discounts. Salesforce CPQ can handle volume discounts, percent-of-total subscriptions, pre-negotiated contract pricing, and channel and partner pricing.

100% native app on Salesforce - Built on the Salesforce platform, including the same look, feel, and features as your Salesforce instance; leveraging standard objects and prebuilt features so the solution scales as your business does as opposed to highly customized, hard coded solutions.

Create volume discount schedules - The software automatically calculates the amount of discount to meet the product quantity.

Audit trail - The system automatically keeps a log of who sent what and when for auditing, tracking, and compliance.

Create branded documents - Quote templates are fully customizable and come with a multitude of options.

Export quotes - Export your quote from Salesforce CPQ in PDF format and attach to emails. Or produce them in Microsoft Word.

Electronic signature - The software offers easy integration with a number of e-signature partners.

Automatic order renewal - Renewal opportunities and quotes are automatically generated based on previously validated data.

Reports and dashboards - Salesforce offers reporting in all generated quotes, follow-up quotes, and expired quotes.