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Sugar Market


Transform your big ideas into real results.

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Sugar Market (formerly Salesfusion) is a leading provider of marketing automation software that is designed for B2B companies who are committed to driving more revenue by aligning marketing and sales.

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InTouch Tool


Safe and easy LinkedIn automation for lead generation

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Chrome extension to automate LinkedIn connections and messages.

The safest and easiest LinkedIn automation tool - InTouch Tool automates LinkedIn connection requests and message sequences. Perfect for LinkedIn lead generation, prospecting & sales.

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Abandonded cart & sales recovery tools for eCommerce sites

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Ecommerce software that sends the right message at the right time to recover lost online sales. Cart & browse abandonment emails bring back lost customers & automatically recover lost sales, while on-site campaigns work in real time to improve on-site conversion & capture new leads.

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Conversational AI platform for lead acquisition

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Insent is a cloud-based conversational AI platform designed to help businesses acquire clients and enhance sales opportunities. Features include lead scoring & generation, multiple user accounts, customer greeting messages, and communication management.

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Lead Management for Call Centers and Sales Teams

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Route web leads, inbound phone calls, and improve your sales teams ability to reach and convert more of their leads to paying customers.

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All-in-one marketing software

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Simplero is a single software for your website, sales funnels, email marketing, online courses, and membership sites.

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Conversica automated sales assistant


Artificial intelligence-driven sales assistant

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Conversica is a leading provider of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) helping organizations attract, acquire and grow customers at scale.

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Online lead generation & marketing automation

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Jumplead is an online sales lead generation, lead management and marketing automation system that generates targeted leads from an existing website in real time

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SAP Marketing Cloud


Multi-channel marketing software with customer segmentation

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SAP Marketing Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses streamline operations related to lead generation, campaign planning, predictive analytics, and more. Marketing professionals can create and distribute personalized campaigns across multiple channels.

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Interactive content creation & marketing

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SnapApp enables users to create interactive marketing content, and integrates with CRM, marketing automation and content management software

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Campaign management, email marketing, and lead generation

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Magileads is an automated sales prospecting & lead generation tool, designed to help sales teams protect & retain leads & transform new prospects into customers. Features include automated emails, reports and analytics, points scoring, prospect targeting, behavioral statistics & CRM integration.

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Online marketing tools for SMBs

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Genoo provides online marketing tools and marketing automation to SMB businesses.

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Customer relationship management solution for SMEs

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FIREBusinessPlatform is a business management solution, which helps small to midsize businesses manage customer support services, marketing automation, collaboration, & more. It enables organizations to interact with potential, as well as current, clients to improve sales & customer satisfaction.

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Marketing automation software for B2C & eCommerce websites

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All-in-one customer lifecycle marketing automation software for B2C and e-commerce websites

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Growth marketing platform for SaaS companies

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Funnelfly is a cloud-based lead engagement platform which helps businesses manage and organize sales funnels and marketing efforts. This growth marketing platform offers tools such as machine learning and personalized messaging to automatically engage customers in every step of the buying journey.

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Lead generation software for the finance sector

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Hummingbird is a lead capturing software designed to help financial, sales, recruiting, and human resources departments build and automate lead generation funnels using AI-enabled tools. The solution lets administrators filter prospects and send connection requests via LinkedIn accounts.

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Connect your team with voice messaging in any app

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Use voice messaging to connect your remote or hybrid team and accelerate their workflows in every app.

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Get emails and phone number easily !

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Kaspr allow you to retrieve contact information directly from their LinkedIn profile. Get emails and phone numbers in just one click ! You can also use our sales automation feature to enrich a list of contacts or send automatic invitations and messages on LinkedIn !

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An ultimate sidekick for sales teams

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Leadcamp allows sales departments to crush quotas, quarterly. The Lead Engagement Platform captures all sales interaction data, and uses AI to create lead scores – turning data into actionable sales insights.

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