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Dispatch Science

Automated courier management for delivery & dispatch

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Dispatch Science overview

Dispatch Science is a mobile and logistics solution designed for the needs of transporters, courier companies and dispatchers. The platform uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to help organizations plan, execute, and fulfill all service, delivery, and dispatch operations, and create the most effective order to driver matches.

Dispatch Science allows users to receive orders via web, mobile or phone, which are automatically validated with customer account, pricing, service level, delivery specifics, and other business rules. All daily orders are pre-processed and scored by the platform’s proprietary algorithms, and are queued for automated dispatch.

The platform’s dispatch engine takes all pertinent information into account, such as pickup location, order weight/volume, delivery location, current and future driver locations, order delivery time, driver load, and more. Organizations are able to combine on-demand deliveries with fixed-route operations, while maintaining service levels.

Dispatch Science sends optimized routes to drivers' mobile device, with alerts and status notifications along the way. Drivers can make assigned stops and obtain proofs-of-deliveries, as well as process customer and driver payments according to terms and prepared delivery orders for accounting integration.


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Starts at: $300/month

Driver app: $35/month per driver

Dispatch Science features

Automated Scheduling
Automatic Notifications
Delivery Tracking
Location Tracking
Logistics Management
Order Management
Route Optimization
Status Tracking
Third Party Integration

API (36 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (28 other apps)
Data Import/Export (19 other apps)
Email Notifications (20 other apps)
GPS (22 other apps)
Geographic Maps (21 other apps)
Real Time Data (25 other apps)
Real Time Monitoring (23 other apps)
Real Time Updates (26 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (32 other apps)
Shipping Management (35 other apps)

Additional information for Dispatch Science

Key features of Dispatch Science

  • Rating
  • Scheduling
  • Job assignment management
  • Automated dispatching
  • Receive orders from web, mobile or phone
  • Automatic validation
  • Business rules
  • Pre-processed daily orders
  • Proprietary algorithms
  • Dispatch engine
  • Automatic order-to-driver assignments
  • Route optimization
  • Proofs-of-deliveries
  • Status notifications
  • Customer and driver payments
  • Payment processing
  • Alerts & notifications for dispatchers, drivers, & customers
  • Native iOS & Android mobile apps
  • Web services
  • Traditional EDI
  • Third party integration
  • Combine on-demand with fixed-route
  • Automated billing
  • Editable invoice templates
  • Live tracking
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Mobile integration
  • Order queue
  • Courier management
  • Driver load
  • Current and future driver locations
  • Order weight/volume
  • Delivery location
  • Pickup location
  • Mileage tracking
  • Live tracking
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Dispatch Science helps relieve operators from manual tasks by automating the assignment of orders to drivers using modern algorithms.

Native iOS & Android mobile apps allow organizations to send a variety of alerts and notifications to dispatchers, drivers, and customers.

Dispatch Science provides organizations with automated billing and editable invoice templates for customer and driver payment processing.

The platform provides web services and traditional EDI for easy integration with high-volume clients and 3rd parties.

Dispatch Science helps eliminate organizational bottlenecks by facilitating the combination of on-demand and fixed-route operations.