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Last-mile delivery management software

Onfleet makes it easy for businesses to efficiently manage their last mile food delivery operations, with intuitive driver apps and a powerful dashboard & API.

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Oracle MICROS Simphony POS


Restaurant POS for food service management

Simphony, by Oracle MICROS, is a cloud-based POS system designed to synchronize front-of-house, back-office, and kitchen operations. The platform helps restaurants manage processes related to takeout and delivery orders, menus and pricing, customer loyalty programs, online payments, and more.

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Route & scheduling optimization for every service industry

OptimoRoute is a scalable, cloud-based route and schedule optimization solution for companies deploying delivery drivers and field service technicians

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Restaurant management system for SMBs

The HungerRush Delivery Management System is the best way to run a delivery fleet, own the customer experience, and earn higher margins on delivery right from your restaurant management system. Large or small, delivering far or near, HungerRush can help your restaurant succeed.

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Route optimization software for delivery businesses

Routific is a cloud-based delivery route planning and route optimization solution designed to help businesses maximize fleet capacity, save on fuel, and track driver progress in real time. The software includes interactive maps, signature capture, API integrations, a driver mobile app, and more.

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Pizza restaurant & delivery POS system

Thrive Pizza POS offers a comprehensive suite of technology built with the unique needs pizzerias and delivery restaurants in mind.

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Dispatch Science


Artificial intelligence for your unfair advantage

Dispatch Science is a disruptive Delivery Management System for shippers, transporters, and couriers. Dispatch Science simplifies and automates your dispatching, routing and live tracking. It comes with a comprehensive driver app, a client self-service web portal, advanced reporting, and accounting.

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Delivery management and order tracking for courier companies

OnnaWay is a cloud-based delivery management system, which assists courier companies of all sizes with order tracking and dispatch management. Key features include driver tracking, scheduling, route management, notifications, a self service client portal, and invoice processing.

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Point of Sale (POS) System for Restaurants & Retail

PDQ POS, a top rated point of sale system, is designed specifically for pizzerias, quick serve, fast casual, and delivery services. The secure hybrid platform provides features for POS management, payment processing, enterprise reporting, back office management, employee management, and much more.

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Cloud-based Restaurant POS & Delivery Management System

Sapaad is an industry-leading cloud-based restaurant point-of-sale (POS) and delivery management system trusted by thousands of restaurants worldwide.

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Order and delivery management software for restaurants

Increase Sales.
Manage your orders, drivers and deliveries with a click of a button. Save time and generate more sales.

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Food delivery management and restaurant POS software

Deliverect is a food delivery management tool designed to help businesses streamline order tracking, POS, and revenue management operations. It enables employees to create menus, configure workflows, and handle multiple online food delivery channels including UberEats, Foodora, Deliveroo, and more.

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Vehicle route planning solution and online delivery tracking

Track-POD is a cloud-based fleet solution for route optimization that utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology, GPS and mobile apps for ePOD to give starter and Enterprise businesses access to delivery management, route and fleet optimization, real time map-based tracking, proof of delivery ePOD

Read more about Track-POD



Food delivery platform to manage customer orders.

Text4Service is a cloud-based in-seat ordering solution that allows hotels, resorts, & stadiums to provide guests with the tools to order food, beverages, and services from mobile devices. Users can utilize the QR code scanner to access digital menus and track the status of orders in real time.

Read more about Text4Service

OnTime 360


Cloud-based dispatch and courier solution

OnTime 360 is a cloud-based solution that helps freight brokers, carriers, dispatching service providers and couriers manage their business operations

Read more about OnTime 360



Customer Loyalty & Marketing Platform

TapMango is a fully branded loyalty solution offering the most advanced rewards program to retailers and restaurants. Engage customers with our powerful marketing tools, get new customers with our referral system and review boost, increase revenue with flash sales and mobile ordering and more.

Read more about TapMango



eCommerce and website management tool for restaurants

BentoBox is a restaurant management software designed to help businesses handle various eCommerce operations including event management, online ordering, catering, and more. Key features include SEO optimization, alerts/notification, gift card management, location tracking, and more.

Read more about BentoBox

Flex Catering


Amazing Catering Management Software

Flex Catering is a catering management software which provides professional catering companies and restaurants with the tools to manage their clients, events, orders, products, costs, online orders and more. Flex Catering supports integrations with accounting, POS & payment gateways

Read more about Flex Catering



Dispatch and delivery tracking software for small businesses

Shipday is a dispatch and delivery tracking software designed to help restaurants, courier services, grocery stores, and other small businesses plan orders, manage drivers, send alerts to customers in real-time, and more on a unified platform.

Read more about Shipday

Square Online


Website designing tool for eCommerce businesses

Square Online Store allows small & medium-sized sellers to grow their business with a professional eCommerce website & integrated tools

Read more about Square Online



eCommerce Platform for Online Ordering

DeliverAI is a complete eCommerce platform that enables businesses to sell products online through any website or social media platform.

Read more about DeliverAI

Smooth Restaurants


Restaurant management system for bars, pubs, and eateries

Smooth comes with a FREE APP that your customers can download or simply use in their web browsers. Orders are managed through Smooth using our KDS and POS functionality.

Read more about Smooth Restaurants



ERP solutions for retail, restaurants & distribution

learn more
GOFRUGAL Food delivery software gives you a comprehensive platform that enables you to receive orders from your customers through a customizable mobile app under your brand's name reducing the burden of receiving orders through other channels.

Read more about GoFrugal



All-in-one catering software for corporate drop-off caterers

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CaterZen is an all-in-one solution designed to meet the CRM, sales, marketing, and operational needs of corporate drop-off caterers

Read more about CaterZen



Food delivery and point of sale (POS) software for retailers

learn more
StoreKit is designed to help businesses process food orders and streamline point of sale (POS) operations. The application enables retailers to create and edit digital menus, maintain product catalogs, and set up online stores by adding address, opening times, and merchandise information.

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Buyers Guide

Food delivery

If you own or manage a food outlet such as a restaurant, cafe, or food truck, you know that managing food deliveries has its own challenges compared to handling dine-ins or takeaways. On top of managing the kitchen and getting the orders right, you have to ensure that orders are delivered to the right address, within the promised time, and via the most optimized route. 

Juggling all of this manually can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are tools such as food delivery software to help you out. You can better understand the tool and its features in this buyers guide. 

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is food delivery software?

Food delivery software is a tool that helps food service businesses such as restaurants, cafes, and food trucks streamline their order delivery processes. 

The tool enables outlets to showcase their menus online and receive orders from websites, apps, social media platforms, etc. It also helps manage the kitchen and delivery agents, ensuring that the right orders are delivered to the right customers. 

Some advanced food delivery software offer features such as inventory management to manage the stock of items and food costing to help set pricing.

What are the deployment options for food delivery software?

Food delivery software is typically available in one of the following two deployment models:

Cloud-based deployment: The vendor is responsible for hosting and managing the tool and users can access it via browsers, mobile apps, or desktop apps. This is ideal for small businesses since it does not require large IT investment and is available on subscriptions typically charged monthly and yearly. 

On-premise deployment: The user is responsible for hosting and managing the tool and the vendor only licenses the software for a one-time payment. Some vendors also provide hosting and customer support for additional charges, however, this requires investment in IT infrastructure and can be a costly affair for small and midsize businesses.  

Key question to ask a vendor: What are the add-on equipment, such as computers, credit card scanners, or display screens, that are needed to use the tool?

What are the common features of food delivery software?

Understanding the common features of food delivery software can be helpful when evaluating different tools. To help you out, we have listed the most common features below:

Online menu: Feature your food menu on websites, apps, or social media platforms via a single back end tool. Add details such as ingredients and images and change the menu as required. 


Presenting an online menu in Thrive POS

Online ordering: Accept orders from multiple online sources such as your website, app, or social media profiles. Also, enter orders manually if required. 


Receiving online orders with LimeTray

Kitchen management: Streamline all incoming orders and send them to the kitchen in a queue for preparation via printed tickets or a display screen. 


Kitchen management in Sapaad

Point of sale (POS): Process payments via a payment gateway, accepting debit and credit cards, digital wallets, and cash.           


Payment gateway created with LimeTray

Delivery routing: Prepare the shortest route for multiple deliveries and direct delivery agents to customer locations.


Planning the shortest route for delivery in Routific

Delivery zone management: Set the area your business caters to. This can be a set locality or radius of a few miles around your location. 


Setting a delivery zone in GloriaFood (Source)

Customer relationship management (CRM): Record contact information and order history of customers to use in marketing campaigns and build repeat business. 


Recording customer info in Sapaad

Reporting: Use collected data to create custom reports on incoming orders, sales, delivery locations, and multiple other metrics. 


Reporting in GOFRUGAL

Key question to ask a vendor: Apart from these common features, what are the differentiating features/functionalities of your software product?

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.

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