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Subscription and Usage Billing

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Accumulus overview

Accumulus provides you with an agile back-office and subscription management for your recurring business in the cloud. You can automate the entire customer lifecycle from signups to cancellations; utilize and evolve recurring pricing strategies for your products from subscriptions to usage based pricing; and gain visibility into how your offers, promotions and reseller channels are doing. Automate, Monetize, and Optimize your recurring software, service and content business in the cloud with Accumulus.

A set of seamlessly integrated modules allow you to select the tools that best support your unique needs.

The Accumulus subscription billing module let's you price your subscriptions with tremendeous flexibility. One time fees, recurring fees, usage based fees - you name it. Simply add any number of pricing elements to a subscription offer. Mix and match as you need to and evolve your pricing over time.

Secure, PCI compliant, payment processing makes sure your customer's payments are made on time at the end of each customer's billing cycle. Intelligent dunning makes sure you don't leave money on the table.

Our customer information manager gives you a powerful tool for customer service. Any number of your customer service representatives can view and manage subscription, usage, balance, and other information for your customers. The customer information manager helps you provide efficient and high quality customer service.

Measure your customers' product usage. Simply configure the usage type(s) that you would like to measure and record usage via our API or via the customer information manager. Gain insight and use it to price strategically.

Automatically stay in touch with your customers at key points in the customer lifecycle. Customize e-mails such as welcome, statements, subscription changes and many others.

Find out what product offers, which promotions and resellers are performing best. Evolve your pricing accordingly. Keep a pulse on the key stats for your evolving business.

Fully automate your customer setup. Keep subscription settings and changes in synch with customer access using our built-in provisioning capabilities. Greatly accelerate customer on-boarding.

Accumulus provides a powerful alternative to developing and scaling in-house systems which can drain resources, dilute focus, and provide few operational or market advantages. We deliver ongoing operational advantages that help your business stay ahead of the game.


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Accumulus features


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Key features of Accumulus

  • Subscription and Usage Billing
  • Recurring Payments
  • Usage Metering
  • Customer Support and Service (CRM) Tool
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Customer Lifecycle Automation
  • Invoicing
  • PayPal Support
  • PCI Compliant Credit Card Vault
  • Zoho Integration
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- Speed
Get to market sooner and grow customers and revenue faster
Focus o your products and market, not on building your subscription commerce engine

- Efficiency
Automate recurring billing and customer lifecycles end-to-end
Centrally manage products, promotions, and customer support

- Insight
Meter product usage to understand customer behaviors
Analyze key success metrics accross products, platforms, and channels

- Agility
Increase pricing agility without increasing operational complexities
Quickly validate and optimize price and promotional strategies