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Prezi Next, the latest in presentation software from Prezi, features a dynamic, flexible format that lets you move freely between topics and adapt on the fly, without having to flip through slides. By adjusting your delivery to focus on what interests your audience most, you get people invested and engaged through a whole new style of communication we call “conversational presenting.” The result? More meaningful dialogues and better outcomes for speakers and audiences alike.

With intuitive “Smart Structures” that help you arrange your message to show context, and an impactful Zoom Reveal function to let you unveil critical details as your story unfolds, this is Prezi’s most powerful presentation platform yet. Prezi Next is built on the latest HTML5 technology and engineered to deliver a consistently smooth, high-resolution experience across multiple devices. New capabilities include new designer templates, a streamlined creation engine, live analytics, private presenter notes, and cloud-based collaboration.

Prezi Next takes the best storytelling elements of Prezi, makes it easier to use, and adds new features such as live analytics, private presenter notes, and customizable designer templates. By navigating between topics at will, users can adapt their presentations with the flow of conversation. Prezi Next is built on the latest HTML5 technology and engineered to deliver a consistently smooth, high-resolution experience across multiple devices.

Prezi Business is Prezi’s team solution. Powered by Prezi Next, it includes a host of valuable business features such as leaderboard analytics, cloud-based commenting for enhanced collaboration, a dedicated customer success manager, training opportunities, custom designer services, and more.


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United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, Germany, Latin America, United Kingdom

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English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian and 4 other languages, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish
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Prezi reviews

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Russell S Phillippe

Prezi is unique, but be smart with usage!

Used monthly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-01-25
Review Source: Capterra

Creating presentations that pop and have a fresh, dynamic feel.First, I want to point out that Prezi is a great platform. It feels like you're using a platformed that is inviting us into the future of presentations and slide decks. It's simple to create a fresh, dynamic slideshow - but what's great is that doesn't feel like a slideshow! The generated movement (natural zooming) almost hooks your audience and takes some of the heavy lifting off of the presenter. The ability to integrate images, documents, texts, hyperlinks, and even videos is also an incredible feature. From a creator standpoint, although there is a bit of a learning curve if your shifting from another slideshow platform, Prezi is relatively simple to learn to use. The features and layout are not overly tedious to learn to navigate. Prezi just recently added the collaboration feature, which was needed in the Google Drive era we live in. This enables users to collaborate on one dynamic show. Another high point is that they offer a free, web-based option before paying for a subscription. Last, Prezi is just different - it operates, feels, and looks unique. It's not a linear, click next, click next show - it breaks the mold!

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Joseric Montemayor

Prezi has more Power than Powerpoint!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-08-10
Review Source: Capterra

I was first introduced to Prezi in one presentation I attended at a local university. My initial impression was that it was such a powerful, engaging, visually stimulating tool for making presentations. Ever heard of "Death by Powerpoint"? Well, Prezi has some magical powers to alleviate such boredom by making slides twist, turn, zoom in/out, pop out, and see the minute to the BiG picture! Collaboration is at the heart of Prezi Business. It makes your Prezi presentations and story creation more dynamic by engaging more minds to work on the same material together. Feedback and commenting are easy via the chat feature. Teams can also work on a common/shared folder for easy access to content. This is cloud based so we can all work together anywhere and anytime as long as we're connected to the net. At the end of the day what matters is the effectiveness of one's presentation/efforts. Prezi Business has helped our marketing team via Data Analytics. We are able to get actual data feedback on who viewed our Prezi, which parts are engaging and which parts are boring and where they tend to just skip through, etc. This feedback helps us to further improve specific parts of our storyboard, visuals, and presentations. There are many templates and sample/public Prezi's out on the Internet to be used as a reference. It can also be branded accordingly using one's corporate logo and images.

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alfredo roldan

very useful dynamic work tool with great features easy to use and to present at meetings conferences

Used monthly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-03-13
Review Source: Capterra

Very useful dynamic work tool with great features easy to use and to present at meetings conferences and meetings. I like that it is a viusal dynamic tool with vast work templates. Each of these templates has an art touqe that allows to generate ideas and interactive contents with text videos, images and links. Being able to have a presentcation with this tool allows us to look good by giving an impression with the audience if a conference is about. With an attractive content for people who visualize the content with this we get the attention of the public Traditional presentations based on slides are just that: Traditional. You could have fantastic images, but no matter how elegant (or austerely minimalist) each slide is, it's still a slide. Prezi (several prices, starting at no cost) tries to change this by converting his presentation into an open canvas in which he can draw his ideas spatially and then present them by zooming and panning the entire canvas. Used well, the final result feels cinematic and interesting in a way that traditional presentations rarely are. To begin, Prezi displays a list of templates you can use. There is a large number of templates, but there is no way to preview the appearance of a template, except when starting a project with it. If you start a project with a template and discover that it does not work, after all, you can change to a different template in half, but you must adjust things to work in the new template.

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An Excellent Presentation Tool When Used Right

Used other for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-12-30
Review Source: Capterra

If a user understands how Prezi is different or better than a slideshow, then it is very easy to create Prezi is a presentation tool that breaks out of the restrictive slide format to create dynamic presentations that make use of a large canvas that the presentation moves along by sliding, scaling, or rotation the framing to. With this format, it is much easier to visualize information and how information relates to itself. This large canvas also makes seeing the bigger picture clearer compared to slides. While a programmed set of movements and framing is used to create the flow of the presentation, this flow can be broken out of any time to change the framing dynamically. This is useful if, for example, someone asks a question and changing the current framing would help answer this question. The collaboration tools and online functionality in Prezi are excellent, allowing for easy real-time changes to be made on a presentation. In addition to real-time changes, there is a chat for present collaborators and the ability to add comments to the presentation.

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Rafael León

Stunning easy dynamic slides for every kind of presentations

Used other for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-07-29
Review Source: Capterra

Prezi is a power tool to make beautiful and dynamic presentations, featuring an original flow using mind maps and zooming. You don't have to be a pro user to make awesome presentations thanks to a clean and user friendly interface, in their business version, Prezi has some key features that worth to highlight. - There are several templates for every kind of presentation, it could be a product presentation, services breakdown, marketing strategies, and many other templates available and growing. - The Prezi business collaborative work feature is very solid, where every team member can drop comments and make changes to the presentation all in real time, this speeds up the design process and eases the work flow when two or more people are working on the same presentation - Prezi Business platform allows feedback from spectators, this is quite handy because gives you the power to zoom and move quickly to the most important topics for the audience, also this gives important data that can be reviewed later, giving you facts about which topics were more relevant and attractive, very useful for marketing purposes - No need to install any software to display the presentations(however you can export a standalone Prezi executable for offline display).

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Additional information for Prezi

Key features of Prezi

  • Unlimited presentations
  • Zoom & pan on one slide
  • Group editing
  • Shared folders
  • Remote "hand-over" presenter tool
  • Present on desktops or mobile devices
  • Works on Windows or Mac
  • Store on computer or cloud, or both
  • Touchscreen iPad app
  • Custom iPhone app
  • Custom logo
  • License management
  • Private/public settings
  • Recoverable share links
  • Offline access
  • Presenter view
  • Voice-over
  • Export to PDF
  • Video upload storage
  • Analytics
  • Advanced online training
  • Collaboration tools
  • Leaderboard tracking
  • Commenting
  • Slack integration
  • Admin controls
  • Centralized billing
  • Content ownership
  • Rich media import
  • Presentations library
  • Template management
  • Customizable templates
  • Prezi analytics
  • Design management
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Smart structures
  • Zoom reveal
  • Free movement
  • Graphical data presentation
  • Charts
  • Real time data
  • Activity tracking
  • Real time team performance tracking
  • Customizable branding
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Use Multimedia: users can insert images, video, sound or directly import from Google and Flickr.

Eliminate Multiple Slides: Use Prezi's pan and zoom features to highlight various elements of the one slide.

Multiple Devices: Prezi works on all smart phones, iPads, iPhones, Mac and Windows devices.

Collaborate: Multiple people can view, edit and share presentations at the same time from multiple locations.

Dispersed Teams: Multiple team members in different locations can also present at the same time with the remote hand-over presentation mode.

Flexible Licensing: Create public or private presentations and set up team access.