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Visme overview

Visme is a web-based data visualization tool that helps individuals and teams to translate data into engaging content in the form of presentations and infographics. The solution is used globally by various professionals including marketers, educators, executives, and communicators. Visme can be accessed using any device and enables organizations to design and present content related to projects, initiatives, and programs in both online and offline modes.

Visme can be used by teams to create and manage new projects. The solution allows team managers to organize projects by using a folder tree structure. Administrators and managers can assign role-based access of folders to their team members. The software also offers control over publishing and display settings and allows presenters to set time frames to advance slides automatically. Visme’s analytics feature helps to track the number of unique visitors who view the content as well as the average time spent by each visitor.

Visme offers customizable presentation and infographic templates that can be edited by marketers to add video, audio, or record voice inside the editor itself. Users can also add third party content and set solid or gradient color backgrounds or upload images to be used as backdrops. The content can be published online, embedded to a website, shared on social media channels or downloaded as PDF or image file.

Visme offers other features including a wide range of fonts, free images and icons to customize the content. The solution is available in three plans: basic, standard, and complete. Users can start with the free basic version and upgrade anytime.


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Visme reviews

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Susan Good

I LOVE VISME!!! I can use one program for so many things!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-07-13
Review Source: Capterra

I save so much time using Visme. It makes graphic design easy, and makes me look so good. It's SO SIMPLE!! I love how EASY it is to do almost anything! I use it almost everyday for website graphics, emails, print. I used to jump around from program to program but now I do a majority of my design work in Visme. You don't need to know any other graphic programs to use Visme, it's for everyone. I love showing people in the office how they can look like a design professional in a matter of minutes. If you have any experience with Paint, Photoshop, Illustrator, you won't even have to read instructions, it's so intuitive.

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chloe faller

Title your review: there is no better software to create illustrations for free than Visme.

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-12-07
Review Source: Capterra

Since a year ago I use this software sporadically to carry out visual content projects and I am doing very well with it, I use the free version and really the products are downloaded with excellent quality. I usually do infographics and despite using that version there are many customization options that allow you to generate unique and attractive content in compatible formats with different publication media such as social networks.This is software that allows creating banners, infographics, animations, professional presentations, and graphics, among others. The user has a large number of templates that facilitate the creative experience and offers endless customization possibilities. The best of all is that Visme has a free version available with which the user can familiarize him and take his first steps in the world of visual content design before acquiring one of his premium versions. The options for downloading the work done are also very varied, since the content is downloaded as an image, PDF, HTML5 or inserted into a website or blog.

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Stephanie Berchiolly

love, Love, LOVE me some Visme!

Used monthly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-06-28
Review Source: Capterra

The ease of creating great looking interactive infographics just blew me away. I was always intimidated by creating infographics, but was able to whip up an html5 version lickety split, first try. Their library is expansive. A vast amount of great templates which they seem to update pretty frequently. When you create a new project you can choose between: Presentations - Choose between Classic (400 + slide templates) or Modern (400+ slide templates) Infographics - Where you can search hundreds of templates by keywords to find the perfect, completely customizable template Reports & Ebooks - Includes Surveys and Charts subcategories Printables - Choose Posters, Flyers (8.5"x11" and 5"x7"), Menus, Invitations, Postcards, Business Cards Web Graphics - Sizes range from standard, wide, tall, medium rectangles, leaderboards, and email headers Social Graphics - For all the main social media platforms organized by headers, posts, regular graphics, channel art, and covers Custom Size - Where you create your own graphic based on width and height of your choice

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Tyler Loechner

Visme's software makes creating graphics, images, and infographics very easy.

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-06-28
Review Source: Capterra

The ability to pull from a large number of icons and images; the ability to work from pre-made templates and "make them my own"; the auto-save functionality; the ability to create my own color palettes; the ability to download as a PDF or image and to have the option of directly embedding into a page; if I do have an image/graphic embedded on a page, I love having the ability to edit on Visme's site and have the changes immediately be reflected on my website without having to download anything new or update any other code

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Great visual storytelling tool

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-10-04
Review Source: Capterra

Great experience, completely changed how we report things internally (no more cumbersome PowerPoints or visually unappealing excel graphs). Affordable, and premium offers a lot more features, options, and templates. Tons of templates and forms of graphic assets to choose from. Video at the beginning of each new project is easily searchable to learn how to use a new feature, but the tool itself is intuitive. Premium also allows for brand pallets with new default colors and fonts for a unified theme. Great alternative to illustrator for far less money and for users will little design experience. Love the feature to upload excel doc and output is a visually appealing graph or chart that’s customizable.

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Visme pricing

Starting from
Pricing options
Free trial
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Basic Plan: $0/month
Standard Plan: $19.00/month
Complete Plan: $30.00/month
For annual subscriptions, a 25% discount is available.

Visme features

Activity Dashboard
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Additional information for Visme

Key features of Visme

  • Animations
  • Offline presenting
  • Zoom / pan functions
  • Activity dashboard
  • Customizable templates
  • Project templates
  • Document templates
  • Social advertising
  • Project development
  • Video support
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Activity logging
  • Secure login
  • History tracking
  • Activity tracking
  • Permissions management
  • Lead capture
  • Third party integrations
  • Charting
  • Graphical data presentation
  • Presentation streaming
  • Customer activity reporting
  • Privacy options
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Offline access
  • Web analytics
  • Visual analytics
  • Content library
  • Data visualization
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● Visme allows designers to control the privacy settings of their digital content by securing it with password protection and making it private before publishing.

● The platform enables marketers to combine text and other digital assets including images, videos, and audio in their projects and work collaboratively as a team.

● Grid feature helps educators to set the size of each square on their stage area and decide its opacity while positioning text and other digital content.

● Visme assists marketers in lead generation by allowing them to track and download the details in of all those who have accessed the organization’s publicly available content in an Excel file.

● The solution enables users to create customizable animated charts and assists in template selection by offering search and filter features.