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SnapComms overview

The main alternative communication channels that exist within organisations for employee communications include; email, intranet, social media, face-to-face Communication, instant messaging, phone system (automated calls or voicemails), public address announcements, RSS feeds, SMS messaging, collaboration tools like Yammer and the ‘grapevine’.
The SnapComms solution is better than any of these options in terms of cost, ease of use and, most importantly, large audience ‘message cut-through’ (ensuring important messages get noticed by employees) with guaranteed delivery, readership and measurability. While some competitors deliver part of what the SnapComms solution offers (e.g. desktop alert notifications only, screensavers only etc.) none offer the broad suite of tools on the one platform with comprehensive message administration options and an integrated range of reporting tools that are available from the SnapComms solution.
In addition our mobile offering extends the business value of the SnapComms solution and acts as a barrier to competitors due to the complexity and time associated with development and deployment within a BYOD (‘bring your own device’) corporate environment. Current (mobile only) competitors in the enterprise mobile space are limited and simply provided ‘wrappers’ for customised intranet apps with limited, unfiltered and untargeted push notifications for new content.


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SnapComms reviews


Very good

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Travis Crozier

Cutting through the noise and generating conversation

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-03-21
Review Source: GetApp

We have cut through a number of traditional views on how internal communications should be approached and the conversation that this has generated has been positive for the business. Ultimately, we want our messages to be seen and then discussed at a peer to peer level which is what SnapComms has enabled. Take your time to introduce SnapComms to the business, and plan carefully which messages will be delivered via SnapComms. While it has been tempting to use SnapComms more frequently, a balanced and considered approach has been extremely beneficial in ensuring that our messages have had the most impact. The SnapComms platform is simple to use and the messages hard to miss. In an organisation that deals with mountains of complex data and information, it is refreshing to reach our employees through a crisp and attention-grabbing format that gets read and generates real conversations; an outcome we are always trying to achieve in the internal communications and employee engagement space. The SnapComms team have also been very responsive in dealing with questions as they arise and have actively sought feedback and taken onboard suggestions for improvement which holds great promise for the platform as it continues to evolve.

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Great way to communication with staff

Reviewed 2015-09-17
Review Source: GetApp

I used SnapComms when I was the Internal Communications manager at a large telecommunications company, one of our major issues was we had over 3000 staff spread over three major sites and at over 100 retail outlets throughout the country. Our biggest issue was the company grew very quickly, but we didn't evolve our communications to match our size so email was very much the cornerstone of our internal communications. This however became a problem as we grew as there was so much email traffic, that any important messages were lost in the avalanche of email that staff had to get through. An urgent message sent out via email might not get read for a few hours, maybe even days. SnapComms allowed us to bypass email and get messages directly in front of employees, no matter what they were doing, obviously we had to choose which messages were sent out as urgent alerts, versus those messages that didn't require immediate attention - so other channels such as screensavers and wallpaper allowed for a more passive means to communicate- Messages can cut through whatever staff are doing on their PCs so they get immediate attention - The suite of tools can be used to create campaigns that can run over a number of days to really drive home educational messages

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SnapComms pricing

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The SnapComms App Annual License fee (Minimum 500 PCs):
$1.75 to $15.00 per year per PC, this varies depending on the number of PCs in the organization and the number of SnapComms Channels used. For smaller organizations, we have packages available starting from $2000.

The SnapComms App Perpetual License fee (Minimum 1000 PCs):
$4.00 to $40.00 per PC (one-time fee), depending on the number of PCs in the organization and the number of SnapComms Channels used.

SnapComms features

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Additional information for SnapComms

Key features of SnapComms

  • Corporate Screensaver Messaging
  • Desktop Alerts tools
  • Desktop News Feeds
  • Desktop Wallpaper
  • Internal Newsletter tool
  • Mobile Channels
  • Pop-up Staff Quiz tool
  • Pop-up Staff Survey tool
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The product suite includes:

- Desktop (and mobile) Alert messaging for urgent employee communications

- Scrolling messages delivered to the desktop with links to further information and fuller message windows

- Interactive digital signage and messaging delivered to screensavers

- Desktop and mobile gamification

- Desktop and mobile surveys.

All messaging formats can be targeted to specific employee groups and roles with full reporting and measurability.