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Simple Poll logo

Cloud-based polling software

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Simple Poll is a cloud-based tool designed for Slack, enabling users to create polls and surveys directly within their Slack workspace. It's tailored to enhance decision-making, gather feedback, and foster engagement among team members. With Simple Poll, creating a poll is straightforward, making it accessible for all team members, regardless of their technical expertise.

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eBallot logo

Easy. Fair. Secure. Take charge of your voting process.

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eBallot is a secure, online voting system and software platform perfect for polls, ballots, and surveys. We also offer vote management services. Create your own online votes and elections to make important decisions and get trustworthy results in real time.

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SurveyMonkey logo

A market-leading survey platform.

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Trusted by 98% of the Fortune 500 and used in over 350,000 organizations, SurveyMonkey’s People Powered Data platform gives millions of people around the world a way to turn feedback into action that drives growth and innovation.

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DialogLoop logo

The Audience Engagement tool for Live Events

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Auto Polling, 7 question types, Forms Creation, Word Cloud, Survey, Image as answers, Video as question, Image as question, Skip Logic, Multi-polls...

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Jotform logo

Powerful Forms Get It Done

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Trusted by over 10 million users, Jotform's form builder is the easy way to create and publish online forms from any device.

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Typeform logo

An online form builder that lets you collect data with ease.

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Make everyone feel like #1. Typeform is an online form builder that makes people feel heard. By making the forms interactive and well-designed, users are more likely to respond with complete, thoughtful answers, which means better data for you.

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SurveyLegend logo

Mobile-friendly survey management platform

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SurveyLegend enables you to create beautiful mobile-friendly surveys, forms, and polls with ease.

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Nextiva logo

Simplifying Business Communication

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We connect businesses to all of their conversations on one, AI-powered platform, helping them understand their customers in real-time to create personalized experiences that set them apart.

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Survio logo

Powerful features served with simplicity

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Modern and intuitive design, mobile-friendly interface, omni-channel operation, powerful analytics or seamless integration. That’s what makes Survio a must-have solution customizable to any business, industry or professional background.

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Zoho Survey logo

Everything surveys—made simple and powerful.

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Zoho Survey is an online survey and questionnaire creation software, scalable to suit your specific needs. Learn more at

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Slido logo

Live Q&A & polling platform for meetings & events

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Make the most out of your meeting with Slido's Q&A, polling, brainstorming and quiz features.

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Vevox logo

Live polling and Q&A solution for businesses of all sizes

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Make meetings and classes unmissable with real-time polling and live Q&A. Get everyone involved and find out what they're thinking.

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BlueJeans Meetings logo

Nothing Fits Better Than BlueJeans

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Boost collaboration in large meetings with smart features like polling, real-time transcription, highlights, and assigning action items.

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Startquestion logo

Online survey creator and feedback collection

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Startquestion is a web-based tool for creating surveys, quizzes, and forms to collect orders or registrations, study customers, evaluate employees, and more

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Alchemer logo

Give every customer a voice. Make every voice matter.

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The Alchemer Platform is the ideal solution for teams, departments, or for an entire organization looking to close the feedback loop with their customers and employees.

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Wooclap  logo

Interactive presentations for memorable trainings or classes

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Wooclap is an interactive platform that attract students' attention through their computers or smartphones, and measure their level of comprehension, in class or remotely, synchronously and asynchronously. There’s no application, nothing to install!

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Wufoo logo

The Online Form Builder

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With Wufoo, you can easily build amazing online forms. Wufoo automatically builds the database, back-end and scripts when you design a form, helping you understand your data.

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Formidable Forms logo

Application and Form Builder Plugin for WordPress

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Take on bigger freelance projects, earn more clients and grow your business with an application and form builder that helps you build any type of project you need. Create directories, job boards, real estate listings, calculators, contact forms, review sites, recipe sites, and many more.

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Microsoft Forms logo

Data collection, analysis and feedback sharing using forms

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The Microsoft Forms platform helps companies improve their operations through data collection and reporting on surveys. The software can be used to build customized forms, with open-ended questions, multiple-choice questions, and ratings to collect customer feedback.

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AssociationVoting logo

Online Voting Made Simple!

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AssociationVoting is a simple online voting platform which offers a range of voting services including hybrid elections, proxy voting services, certified results, voter verification services, postcard announcement, uncast ballot catcher, and more

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Eligo logo

Online voting platform

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ELIGO is an electronic and online voting platform for managing all types of voting and assemblies.

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ElectionBuddy logo

Cloud-based Election and Meeting Voting

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ElectionBuddy is online voting software designed to securely manage elections for homeowners’ associations, nonprofit organizations, schools & colleges, government or political parties, and unions. The platform supports a range of voting systems including FPTP, STV, referendums, and more.

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Zonka Feedback logo

Multi-channel survey & feedback platform

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Zonka Feedback is a multi-channel survey & feedback platform which allows users to build survey forms, generate real-time reports, and receive instant alerts

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SurveyLab logo

Survey software and questionnaire tool

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SurveyLab is professional online survey software for any size of business, non-government organizations and professionals. SurveyLab is an online survey tool that facilitates custom survey creation, automates the response collection process, and provides real-time reporting and analytics.

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Poll Everywhere logo

Poll and survey creation for audience/learner engagement

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Poll Everywhere is a web-based audience response system that lets users, including event speakers, lecturers, teachers, and other presenters, embed interactive activities directly into their presentation. The audience can respond using a private response page, the Poll Everywhere app or via SMS.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Polling Software

What is polling software?

Polling software is a tool that collects feedback and opinions from a diverse range of audiences in real time through polls and surveys and presents the findings to the users. The data is sourced by sharing questionnaires through various means such as phones, mobile devices, and other similar tools. The tool offers preloaded templates to create surveys and polls, which can be further customized using the preferred graphic elements.

What are the common features of polling software?

  • Feedback management: Manage the feedback collected from audiences, through a live poll or survey, in a centralized database, which is available to different stakeholders with role-based access. 

  • Live result sharing: Share the results of online polling, voting, and surveys in real time with the audiences. The feature enables the display of results on multiple platforms such as social media, websites, and digital displays.

  • Survey poll management: Customize the voting, polling, and survey forms with a quiz, multiple-choice question, image, font style and size, and more for audience engagement. The feature also enables scheduling and sending a survey or poll form to a group using email, text message, or social media to collect instant feedback. 

  • Reporting and analytics: Identify trends and patterns in the collected audience feedback and opinion via live polling or surveys. The feature enables generating poll analysis reports using graphs, charts, tables, and other visualization elements. 

  • Online polling: Create and manage online polls and surveys and distribute them to targeted audiences using multiple platforms such as social media and websites. The feature also allows analyzing data to present results in real time. 

What are the benefits of polling software?

  • Eliminate errors and delays in publishing poll results: You can automate the collection of votes from audiences and the calculation of scores. It can be time-consuming and prone to errors when manually collecting and calculating the votes and sometimes influenced by human biases. With automated polling processes, you can collect data in real time and speed up the result announcement. 

  • Reduce costs to the business from manual polling: You can reduce costs to the business by organizing online polls. The software can reach your target audience using the internet and the poll organizers can access the dashboard for results and report remotely from anywhere in the world. This process saves on the costs of paper ballots, survey forms, and other paper-based questionnaires.

  • Identify polling trends and patterns: You can use the analytics dashboard of polling software to get insights into the trends and patterns of sharing feedback and opinions. You can identify the source of the poll, type of audience, devices used, response rate, audience engagement, and other polling metrics. 

  • Create custom polls and survey forms: You can create polls and surveys with questions according to your business needs or polling agenda. In addition, you can customize the questionnaire with your brand’s logo, background image, font style, and other visual elements that match your brand voice or theme. This helps increase visibility and the chances of getting genuine customer opinions or feedback.

  • Share polls and surveys on multiple platforms: You can use multiple platforms such as social media, email, text messages, websites, and mobile applications to share your questionnaire. This gives you greater visibility and allows you to reach a wider audience, increasing the sample size and authenticity of the received opinions and feedback.

What is the cost of polling software?

Most polling software products on the market are priced on a “per month” basis, and their entry-level pricing plan ranges from $10 - $49 +* per month. An enterprise product that’s priced higher may include additional features such as white labeling, webhooks, user provisioning, multiple event rooms, and unlimited participants. 

*The pricing included is for the entry-level/lowest-priced offerings found on vendor websites as of March 13, 2023.

What are the key questions to ask when choosing polling software?

  • Does the software support live polling during virtual meetings, webinars, and events?

Live polling during meetings and webinars allows presenters to engage with the audience and gather feedback on topics using questionnaires and polls. Your selected polling and survey software should allow you to create and manage polls during live events. However, you need to check if there is a cap on the number of participants to poll during live events. If yes, then inquire about the process to increase the participant cap.

  • Is there a cap on the number of responses received per survey or poll?

Some polling software tools limit the number of responses received per survey or poll. The cap generally ranges between 100-unlimited, which varies depending on different software products and their subscription plans. You need to check and find the one that matches the sample size of your polls and surveys. 

  • Does the tool allow creating polls and surveys in multiple languages?

Creating polls and surveys in multiple languages is beneficial for businesses and organizations with customers and members across the world. You can create questionnaires in different languages based on the preferred or regional language of your target audience. You need to check if the selected polling software offers the required multilingual support and what all languages are included in the selected subscription plan.

  • What are the different formats offered to create polls and surveys?

Using different formats such as multiple choice questions, image selectors, opinion scale, liker scale, emoticons, hand gestures, etc., increases audience engagement. You can either use any one or multiple formats to create polls and surveys and let your audience select based on preference. 


Products evaluated for the pricing calculation were taken from GetApp’s polling software directory. The pricing ranges exclude freemium versions of the products. The features highlighted were identified based on their relevance and the percentage of products in the GetApp’s directory that offer them.