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Veeva CRM

A CRM system for the life sciences industry

4.27/5 (11 reviews)

Veeva CRM overview

The Veeva CRM suite of products is a multichannel CRM solution created specifically for the life sciences industry. The complete suite offers to all user groups;- primary and specialty care representatives, medical science liaisons and managed markets account executives - a range of prebuilt functionalities.

Veeva CRM is a configurable, cross-channel, end-to-end solution that helps businesses to drive growth whilst adapting to changing business needs.

Because users are mobile, so is Veeva CRM. It's optimized to run on iPad, iPhone, PC and Blackberry and automatically delivers seamless upgrades to customers across the world, several times per year. From advanced CRM functionality and reporting to streamlined, built-in, closed loop marketing (CLM) and Approved Email capability, Veeva CRM improves customer centricity by providing a real-time view of customer activity and behavior across integrated communication channels.

Veeva CRM's cloud-based VInsights database provides sales management and field personnel with prescription, customer and sales data, for informed decision-making. Veeva CRMs Suggestions provides recommendations for the best action and the right channels for sales' next interaction with clients.

Commercial teams are guaranteed fast access to assignments through Veeva CRMs integration with Veeva Align. With Veeva CRMs Event Management tool, users can create events, gain approvals, manage budgets and collaborate with vendors. Built on the Salesforce 1 platform, Veeva CRM users benefit from Salesforce functionality and innovations.


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English, Japanese, Turkish
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Veeva CRM reviews

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Laurent Barrat

Veeva, a SaaS CRM for Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Reviewed 2015-06-23
Review Source: GetApp

Veeva is an on-line (SaaS) CRM dedicated for pharmaceutical companies. It is based on Salesforce. So you get most of Salesforce's out-of-the-box capabilities with new fields/forms/workflow. Before choosing this CRM, we looked at the most dynamic tools available on the market, and if possible close to our business. After many tests and analysis of the specifications, we selected Veeva. Working for a Animal Health laboratorie, we had to customize it, as our business is not exactly the same as Human Health. It was a good test to verify how easy to customize Veeva is. As usual, the main thing is to define precisely what you want, but once it's done, Veeva is highly customizable. And quickly. (New) field and/or (new) forms can be on production very quickly (you have a sandbox to play and test), including an high level of security allowing to define what can be done by who, or what is visible or editable, etc. Workflow, specific rules, and triggers are (a bit) more difficult to develop. My advice is to train internally one person as administrator in order to be very reactive when an update (of your needs, sales and marketing teams have so many ideas !) is necessary. About the support, the Veeva support is very good (or I was very lucky) : we got a good local support (France) for the launch, and then the Veeva support (one Veeva guy) was very efficient. But when we moved to a global support, made by one of the "Big 4", it was a nightmare to manage. Where I was disappointed it is about reporting. The reports that you can create are quite limited.I like the easy and fast customization (forms, fields) for an internal Veeva admin (for example) What if very useful too, is the import tool, allowing you to import / update and export data of your database. And of course, as a SaaS, the possibility to access your application and data on any device. I sometimes use my android phone (and somes reps their iphones) to quickly look at what I need (instead of open my laptop, ...) when of course I have a connexion (see below).

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Adam Malota

I currently train our sales force on Veeva CRM, and observe field personnel using this software.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-12-14
Review Source: Capterra

Veeva CRM Is an extremely simple, intuitive software that helps users with pre-call planning, capturing and recording transactions, and analyzing their daily sales activity. I also appreciate the customer support and involvement by our Veeva solutions consultants. They are extremely invested in our success and work to eliminate barriers and problem areas our users face. Because this is a shared platform, they're not able to fix everything. However, as appropriate, they work really hard to find solutions to our needs.

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Chris Colucci

User-friendly, ease of use, and ability to implement quickly

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-06-27
Review Source: Capterra

Provide d a CRM tool for field forceFocused on Life Sciences. CRM tool specifically built for pharma industry. The functionality out of the box allows for a quick implementation

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Yann Gaslain

Effective CRM veeva (salesforce) significantly helped PROCARE HEALTH to grow its business in Healthcare!

Reviewed 2014-07-26
Review Source: GetApp

As a start-up venture with a lot to prove, we needed an innovative, feature-rich solution that would allow us to deliver the kind of edge our clients demand. Veeva gives us that advantage with a comprehensive suite of applications that provide cutting-edge features using the most relevant devices across all channels. With Veeva iRep, insights from the field are available in real-time so they are immediately actionable. This also gives management access to up-to-date customer information for complete visibility of all customer interactions with reps in the field. It’s a window that gives us the opportunity to improve sales and marketing efforts earlier, and enable our clients to achieve their commercial goals faster. Procare Health provides pharmaceutical companies with outsourced sales support for limited engagements, making it imperative to find an agile CRM that could be easily adapted for each customer’s unique needs. The solution also had to be fast to deploy, allowing Procare to provide its customers a fully functional system right out of the box that would be easily configurable to meet the specific needs of any client quickly. Procare deployed Veeva CRM in just four weeks, dramatically increasing its sales and marketing effectiveness.

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I use it mainly for workflow and distribution of approved documents

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-06-05
Review Source: Capterra

workflow is clear and it is easy to populate who you want to send the documents to. I like to have the documents section with everything that is on your workflow, as I sometimes don't read the email notifications

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Customer interaction information & third party data is combined in Veeva CRM's full-featured reporting and dashboards,. This provides commercial teams with actionable insights needed to make informed decisions.

Veeva CRM's mobile applications - built for iPad and Windows 8 - mean that the system is accessible to field representatives at any time, from anywhere.

With Veeva CRM's account-based selling model, teams can collaborate to collectively plan, execute and measure progress from their specific roles; primary care, speciality care, field medical, managed markets & key account managers.

Seamless integration to Veeva CRM Events Management gives users the power to create event types, gain approvals, collect signatures, manage budgets & attendees invitations, collaborate with vendors, and more.

View multichannel interaction history with Veeva CRM. All communication channels are integrated, giving teams a real-time - as well as historical - view of customer activity, behavior and preferences.