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Daycare Works

SaaS program management for childcare organizations

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Daycare Works Pricing

Pricing model: Subscription

DayCare Works offer flexible pricing solutions depending on user needs. Contact for more details.

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Daycare Works

98% of apps offer a
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Daycare Works

81% of apps have a
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Daycare Works

32% of apps have a
freemium plan

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Daycare Works Pricing Reviews

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      1 reviewers had the following to say about Daycare Works's pricing:

      Andrew Sudhoff

      Highly Customizable / Quick & Friendly Customer Service

      Reviewed 2015-01-16
      Review Source: Capterra

      Pros: -Parent Portal- online registration, online payments, statements, info management, emails sent to parents from the database & other communications options as well -Hosted solution- their servers are more secure than our little non-profit server -Highly Customizable- Have fulfilled all of our customization needs (areas they have customized for us: registration process, child fields, parent fields, contact fields, program registration setup, reports, statements) -Responsive customer service- urgent needs are resolved quickly & for other general items responses are received usually within 24 hours -Scalable- Batch tuition posting, auto-pay, program cloning and batch statement emailing allows us to continue to grow and not feel constrained by a database. -Intuitive design -Competitive pricing Cons: -It may take a while to get your customization set up. Be sure to plan ahead. -Occasional registration glitches have needed some troubleshooting (only about 1 in 1000), such as a parent having a browser or credit card issue Overall Impression: We are very happy with our switch to Daycare Works. I remember reviewing many of the solutions that appear at the top of the Capterra list and found them wanting. This was the only solution we found that fit all of our particular needs at a decent cost. All of my communication with the Daycare Works staff has been friendly and very positive.

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      Daycare Works

      SaaS program management for childcare organizations