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Budget Maestro

Budgeting and forecasting software

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Budget Maestro overview

Budget Maestro is a scalable, secure online budgeting and planning software for small to medium sized businesses with limited IT resources. Budget Maestro provides an automated software solution for growing organizations in need of sophisticated financial tools to make better business decisions.

Available on-premise or as cloud based software, Budget Maestro can be used on demand, from any location. An intuitive out-of-the-box solution, Budget Maestro is suitable for use in a range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, wholesale/distribution, business services and nonprofits.

Combining an intuitive user face with powerful functionality, Budget Maestro enables growing businesses to budget & forecast quickly and accurately. Versatile forecasting software centralizes and consolidates data enabling users to easily align their actuals with their budget. Built-in finance logic uses profit & loss activities to automatically build balance sheets and from those, cash flow statements: Everything is synchronized.

Budget Maestro is designed to enable productivity and offer confidence & insights into the financial operations of businesses. Users are able to organize data in a centralized application across each department, with specific views.

Centage’s all-in-one budgeting and planning solution enables growing SMBs to make better business decisions and move forward concentrating on their structure and performance, rather than on troubleshooting spreadsheets and formulas.


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Budget Maestro reviews

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Alan Hart

A small and medium size company budgeting and forecasting solution that can be maintained in house with little or no reliance on consulting or outside services.

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-01-29
Review Source: Software Advice

In addition to providing robust budgeting, forecasting and integration with their analytics tool, Analytics Maestro, Budget Maestro is a true extension of a company's general ledger into future periods. This is accomplished through the unique software architecture, where every budget item, such as revenue, expense or personnel record creates an entry into a "behind the scenes" budget GL in the right GL accounts, in the correct amounts and the proper accounting period. What this means is, the financial statements you get in this application are always synchronized to the underlying budget. The balance sheet and statement of cash flows will accurately represent the forecasted financial position of the company to the extent of the accuracy of the budget itself. The financial statements and all other reports can be easily generated by users without relying on IT. The software can be directly integrated to popular ERP or accounting software GLs and the Analytics module which is integrated to Budget Maestro can also be integrated to other data sources such as CRM, inventory management, warehouse management, sales reporting data and others. Another feature I like to use is creating multiple versions of the budgets or "what-if" scenarios, each automatically generating a unique set of financial statements and reports, exactly matching that particular version of the budget. You can see how your financial position changes in future periods as you change the budget version. This helps in finalizing a budget that is reasonable and also closely aligned to company goals and plans.

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David Davis

Powerful, flexible, and reliable budgeting software

Reviewed 2015-07-28
Review Source: Software Advice

Their support team is always available to help you through any questions or difficulties you encounter. The training provided is top notch and thorough and your trainer sets up your financial report formats for you to match your current statements. My trainer is still my primary contact person for help and all I have to do is send him an email. The software itself has enough built-in power and flexibility it can handle all kinds of retail, distribution, or manufacturing scenarios, like for my company it is the need to build up inventory before a selling season and to do this for many different products and different selling seasons. Budget Maestro is capable of generating fairly accurate balance sheets and cash flow statements, in addition to income statements, as it has sections within it devoted to the balance sheet side of forecasting. Combining Link Maestro and Analytics Maestro to Budget Maestro provides the only solution one needs to not only generate a budget or forecast but to then generate all the financial reports, statements, breakdown analysis needed by management. With Budget Maestro I can drive my revenues, expenses, and inventory levels by units, not revenue dollars, which is a lot more accurate for forecasting when dealing with a wide variation of products, product costs and retail prices.

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Mary Beth Dopfer

Excellent experience. Software functions as promised - implementation team & support were great!

Used other for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-05-24
Review Source: Capterra

Ease of budgeting at a very detailed level. Provided us with a better understanding of what drives our business from a financial perspective and what the impact might be if we were to change any of those variables.Ease of use and affordability. The ability to design your budget without having to pay someone to configure the software is priceless. We were also able to implement and complete our budget in less than 2 months. This software allows us to budget continuously using the same data while just updating it for any changes. We budget annually, and re-forecast quarterly. This tool allows us to spend more time analyzing the impacts of the various variables and much less time actually creating the budgets to review. Once it is set up to forecasts into the future and all you have to do is edit for any changes. You can also perform endless 'what if' scenarios to see how potential changes would impact your forecasts.

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Brent Diehl

Overall solid business performance management software

Reviewed 2009-07-01
Review Source: Capterra

Solid business performance management software package.1. Very powerful forecasting tool that can handle both simple and complex aspects of forecasting. Handles multiple departments, entities, and the consolidation of them with ease. 2. Very easy to import actual data in order to perform variance analysis. 3. Easy to import almost all information necessary to set up a "plan" the first time. 4. What-if analysis allows you to look at the financial impact of making changes in your business without having to change your primary "plan" 5. All reports can be exported to Excel 6. Report layouts can be customized. 7. Very easy to create a 5 year forecast that allows increase/decrease assumptions to be customized in numerous ways, and using as many timeframes as desired. 8. Handles lines of credit and term loans, both fixed and variable rate, very easily.

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Tom Jankowski

Overall a good, easy to use product. Eliminates the need to budget in Excel.

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-21
Review Source: Capterra

The elimination of Excel spreadsheets. A better structure to the data collection and processing.A windows based product that is easy to learn and use. Can quickly create multiple Versions within a Plan and What-if scenarios. Can quickly import actual data from our ERP system and take the actual, budget, and forecasted data into Excel for custom financial reporting and analysis.

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Budget Maestro features

Accounting Management
Customizable Reporting
Third Party Integration

API (170 other apps)
Accounting Integration (113 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (118 other apps)
Auditing (80 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (105 other apps)
Automatic Reminders (81 other apps)
Billing & Invoicing (116 other apps)
Data Import/Export (97 other apps)
Electronic Payments (106 other apps)
Expense Tracking (111 other apps)
Financial Analysis (80 other apps)
Invoice Management (161 other apps)
Invoice Processing (96 other apps)
Multi-Currency (97 other apps)
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Receiving (90 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (119 other apps)

GetApp Analysis

Financial intelligence tools are transforming the way organizations think about budgets. Budget Maestro is designed for financial productivity, confidence, and insights. The scalable platform, offered as a cloud-based or client-server solution, has built-in financial logic so it is automated and formula-free for more accurate data-entry, consolidation, and financial statements. It helps small and mid-size businesses with limited IT resources make smarter operational decisions based on key financial data.

Budget Maestro eliminates the reliance on complicated spreadsheets and formulas for tracking financial metrics and instead encourages its users to focus on the performance of their businesses Forecasting financials and accurately budgeting for the future is possible through built-in finance logic that tracks profit and loss activities. Key features include self-maintaining budget modeling, powerful what-if capabilities, data integrity, collaboration and workflows, consolidation, and reporting.

What is Budget Maestro?

Budget Maestro is a budgeting and planning solution for organizations in the manufacturing, retail, healthcare, wholesale/distribution, business services and non-profit industries. Using built-in financial logic and driver-based planning, Budget Maestro provides users with the ability to collect and consolidate profit and loss data. It also allows users to create synchronized balance sheets and cash flow reporting, with automatic updates based on actual and profit/loss activities. Budget Maestro operates in a network environment for easy collaboration in budgeting and financial reporting.

Small and medium-size businesses that need to allocate expenses by type—including financial and operational modeling, expenses and revenue budgeting, and workforce planning—are using Budget Maestro. The solution provides these users with the ability to consolidate data for more accurate forecasting, and generate detailed dashboards and analytics. And because Budget Maestro is considered an out-of-the-box solution, it can be setup without IT support.

Who is Budget Maestro for?

  • Experience level: All experience levels
  • Industry: Manufacturing, retail, healthcare, wholesale/distribution, business services, and non-profit
  • Business size: Small and mid-size businesses
  • Departments/roles: Accounting/finance
  • Budget/point: Free trial available
  • Example customers: Houston Baptist University, Wood’s Homes, Community Care, Inc.

Main features

Driver-Based Modeling

Budget Maestro comes with built-in business and financial logic capabilities, which empowers users to quickly setup their own operating, account, and management reporting structures. Budget Maestro is designed to dynamically update, providing users with confidence in knowing that their results are always accurate. It also incorporates key performance indicators into the planning process.

To use Budget Maestro’s driver-based modeling, you’ll need to start by creating a list of drivers, which are financial or non-financial variables. Once your list of drivers is created, you can use them anywhere within your business model to generate any type of unit, monetary, or ratio calculation. When you need to make a change to your model—for example when your number of employees changes—just adjust the driver and the new information will be updated automatically in your model.

Expense Budgeting

With Budget Maestro, expenses can be allocated with financial and operational modeling, expense and revenue budgeting, or workforce planning. The expense budgeting feature automates the most time-consuming activities involved in business budgeting and forecasting. Users are able to create budgets without using spreadsheets, formulas, macros, or links.

When you use Budget Maestro for expense budgeting, you’re able to add and change the accounts you would like to track on a dime. You can also make changes to your organizational structure and track your forecasts by operating area. Using driver-based planning, you’ll also be able to link specific expenses to key business variables.

Cash Flow Planning

Because many small and mid-size businesses struggle to understand where their cash flow positions currently stand and how those positions may change in the future, Budget Maestro has introduced a number of cash flow planning features. Specifically, the software offers built-in rules for organizations with dual-entry methodology.

Pre-define you’re A/R and A/P schedules and Budget Maestro will automatically calculate transactions for each, ensuring accurate balance sheet statements and cash flow reports.

Financial Forecasting

When they’re done right, financial forecasts are constantly evolving. Forecasts with Budget Maestro can be easily modified based on real-time changes in conditions. The ability to make quick adjustments as conditions change helps keep forecasts accurate throughout the entire fiscal year. With Budget Maestro you’re able to generate variance reports on budget, actual, and re-forecasted numbers. You’re also able to centralize financial data in a single database, rather than across multiple spreadsheets, and consolidate that same data automatically to reflect changes in key business drivers or market conditions.


Budget Maestro was designed to integrate with many ERP and account systems. Using an add-on called Link Maestro, organizations are able to automate the exchange of financial information between their ERP systems and Budget Maestro.


A free trial is available for new users with no credit card required. Subscription pricing plans are available.

Bottom line

  • Extensive built-in business and financial logic
  • Direct integration with the accounting systems’ actual GL
  • Automatic, accurate income statement, balance sheet and cash flow reporting
  • Collects and consolidates all profit/loss data
  • Powerful what-if capabilities offering a real-time forecast of the financial health of the business
  • Formula, function and link free which eliminates the risk associated with using Excel or other formula-based solutions
  • Accessible anywhere through an internet connection with any browser-based device
  • Designed for growing small and mid-sized businesses

Additional information for Budget Maestro


Budget Maestro offers full functionality straight out-of-the-box, with no IT involvement. As a hosted application, it’s also maintenance free.

Budget Maestro includes out-of-the-box income statement, balance sheet and cash flow reporting. The software comes with 40 pre-built, customizable GAAP/IFRS-compliant reports.

Wizards, drop down options and menus guide users through the budgeting, planning & reporting processes.

Budget Maestro’s multiple, unlimited what-if scenarios enable business managers to confidently make good decisions.

Users can create synchronised profit & loss, balance sheet & cash flow reports. Each will update automatically based upon actuals and profit/loss assumptions.

Expenses can be allocated by type: Financial & operational modeling, expense & revenue budgeting, and workforce planning can all be separately allocated.

Users can collect and consolidate profit & loss data confidently with Budget Maestro’s built-in financial logic & driver based planning.

Budget Maestro centralizes and consolidates data for better forecasting; users can align actuals with budget data.