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AbbaDox Rad

Cloud-based health information management system

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AbbaDox Rad overview

What is AbbaDox Rad?

AbbaDox Rad is a cloud-based health information management system specifically targeted at radiologists and offers features such as DICOM viewer, RIS/PACS, modality worklists, automated invoicing, patient & physician portals and CRM.

The software is built on the AbbaDox health information management platform offered by Integrated Documents Solutions (IDS) to connect data, systems, and people in order to facilitate improved operational performance and collaboration. AbbaDox Rad supports radiologists in centralizing scheduling, imaging workflows, sharing results with physicians and automating billing & invoicing. The product provides a radiology reporting platform called Voice2Dox that uses speech recognition technology to support dictation, hybrid reporting methods, templates & EHR and can also be used on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and smartphones. The product integrates with other EHR systems and helps in meaningful use reporting, insurance eligibility checking and scheduling. The software is interoperable and uses secure methods such as CCD, HL7 and direct messaging for image and data sharing across enterprises. Other features offered by AbbaDox include document management, data analytics, CRM, NLP data extraction, e-signature, reporting, transcription services and PACS diagnostic workstations.

The software can be accessed from multiple devices types including iPhones and iPads using native mobile applications. Advanced Radiology Services, Baptist Medical Center, Leon Medical Centers, Tenet Healthcare, University of California and Rush University Medical Center are some clients using the AbbaDox platform.


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AbbaDox Rad screenshot: AbbaDox Rad can be accessed on smartphones and tablets using native appsConnect with AbbaDox- See What's New!AbbaDox Rad screenshot: AbbaDox Rad helps in documentation and transcription servicesAbbaDox Rad screenshot: AbbaDox Rad helps to scan and share imagesAbbaDox Rad screenshot: AbbaDox Rad offers data analytics featuresAbbaDox Rad screenshot: AbbaDox Rad supports centralized scheduling of appointmentsAbbaDox Rad screenshot: AbbaDox Rad supports DICOM viewer for image scanning and sharingAbbaDox Rad screenshot: DICOM web viewer supported by AbbaDox RadIDS Workflow System

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AbbaDox Rad features

Billing & Invoicing
Client Portal
Records Management
Workflow Management

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Key features of AbbaDox Rad

  • Audit trail
  • Patient portal
  • Workflow portal
  • CRM
  • NLP data extraction
  • e-signature
  • Image sharing
  • Mobile apps
  • Real time data analytics
  • Electronic health records management
  • Reporting platform
  • Workflow management
  • Centralized scheduling
  • Document management
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Automated invoicing
  • Image and data storage
  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Role-based access
  • e-Forms
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● AbbaDox Rad is a cloud-based radiology system that helps in image sharing, workflow management, billing & invoicing, reporting and transcription services.
● The application is developed on the AbbaDox health information management platform designed by Integrated Documents Solutions (IDS) and is flexible, scalable, modular and interoperable with other systems.
● The product comprises of a suite of applications including Voice2Dox for speech recognition and reporting, modality worklist for creating order worklists, patient & physician portals and automated distribution of reports via CCD, HL7, fax or secure emails.
● Other features supported by the product include data extraction using natural language processing, insurance eligibility processing, image & data storage, CRM, data analytics and EHR.
● The software can be accessed on multiple device types including iPhones, iPads and smart phones using browser-based and native applications.