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Freshpaint logo

Unlock High Performance Marketing & Protect Patient Privacy

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Freshpaint is a Healthcare Privacy Platform that connects and standardizes customer data from your site or app to your marketing and analytics tools. Freshpaint allows users to safely send customer data to their ads, analytics, and website tracking destinations that are not HIPAA compliant.

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Healthcare Compliance Software logo

Your best healthcare compliance management tool.

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Compliance is manageable with Compliancy Group’s customizable software. No matter your size or your current standing, Compliancy Group can streamline your compliance.

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Hyperproof logo

Continuous compliance monitoring and management software

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Hyperproof is a compliance management software designed to help businesses conduct audits, assess and mitigate potential risks, and manage compliance programs. Administrators can use the dashboard to track auditors’ requests and gain visibility into program summaries, security controls, and more.

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Virtru logo


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Virtru has email and data encryption solutions for organizations of all sizes across all industries including healthcare, government, education, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, finance, IT services, Media and more.

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SimplePractice logo

Private practice made simple

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Sign up for a free trial today to see why more than 100,000 health and wellness practitioners trust SimplePractice to run their business.

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Netwrix Auditor logo

Ease the burden of IT auditing

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Automate many of the security, compliance and IT operations tasks that previously required hours to complete, so you can keep your organization secure and compliant without constantly being overburdened.

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MedForward logo

HIPAA-compliant online forms

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MedForward supports HIPAA-compliant online patient registration forms for medical offices and facilities, with ink-style signature support, form editor, audit logs, email notifications, and more. MedForward enables users to build branded, mobile-friendly web forms, accessible from any device.

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ManageEngine ADAudit Plus logo

Active Directory change audit and reporting software

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ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is a change audit software that provides detailed reports for changes made in Windows Active Directory and real-time compliance audits

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Onspring logo

Intelligent automation & real-time reporting for any process

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Onspring is a cloud-based, no-code software for reporting, analysis, process management and coordination. Our connected solutions for Governance, Risk & Compliance, ITSM, and Business Operations create efficiencies for your teams and put key metrics at your fingertips anytime and everywhere.

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Azalea Health logo

Fully integrated EHR, RCM & Telehealth suite for healthcare

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Azalea Health is a cloud-based suite with modules to help manage electronic health records (EHR), track revenue cycles, manage multiple practices & facilitate telehealth for hospital & ambulatory care settings. It is suitable for rural & community health care, including multiple specialty hospitals.

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Healthicity Compliance Manager logo

Web-based compliance management software

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The only all-in-one healthcare compliance software solution that centralizes every aspect of your compliance program.

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Safetica logo

Data loss prevention and insider threat protection solution

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Safetica is a global software company that provides Data Loss Prevention and Insider Risk Management solutions to organizations of all sizes worldwide. Whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud, our solution is designed to protect business-critical data against accidental leaks.

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Clearity logo

Conduct self-assessments, manage BAs, watch your progress.

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A security compliance management application that provides covered entities, business associates and their partners the ability to measure their security program by conducting self-assessments, manage corrective action plans and work towards compliance, while viewing realtime data on your dashboard.

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Jotform logo

Powerful Forms Get It Done

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Trusted by over 10 million users, Jotform's form builder is the easy way to create and publish online forms from any device.

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ClinicSense logo

Manage and grow your health & wellness business.

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ClinicSense is a practice management solution designed to help practitioners manage appointment scheduling, email reminders, invoicing, and other administrative tasks on a unified interface.

ClinicSense also features industry best SOAP notes, marketing tools and more.

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TriNet Zenefits logo

HR | OnBoarding | Payroll | Benefits | Compliance

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The Zenefits platform integrates all processes, apps, and tools needed, including payroll, HR, benefits, compliance, and time. Zenefits serves SMBs of all sizes; from 1 to 5 employees, to businesses with 1000+ employees.

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Doctible logo

Reputation management & patient communication for healthcare

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Doctible's platform makes it easy for practices to serve patients and maximize performance by automating back-office operations and boosting the practice' reputation. With Doctible, Practices can make managing day-to-day operations easier and more efficient, saving time and money.

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AuditBoard logo

Connect Risk. Connect Your Teams.

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AuditBoard transforms how audit, risk, and compliance professionals manage today’s risk landscape with a modern, connected platform.

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Jolt logo

Comprehensive Digital Food Safety & Operations Software

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With the right tools, communication, & training systems in place, you can welcome inspectors with full confidence & pride in your operation. Jolt's endlessly customizable platform will help you stay compliant, avoid fines, implement corrective actions, & breeze through audits.

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Carepatron logo

The healthcare workspace for small teams and their clients.

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All your healthcare work in one place: Notes, Clients records, Appointments, Billing, Payments, Transcription, Communication & more.

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Alleva logo

We're the friendliest EMR platform around. Book a Demo!

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Our state-of-the-art platform will take your center into the 21st century and streamline the entire process of EMR. Our platform provides more efficient workflows, reducing burn-out, and improving the quality of care. Insights offers real-time data for better business decisions and easier reporting.

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TimeTap logo

Online appointment scheduling software for any organization.

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TimeTap is a feature rich appointment scheduling solution for appointment-based businesses that enables clients to manage their own appointments and bookings.

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Caspio logo

Build online database applications without coding.

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Caspio is the world’s leading NO-CODE platform for building online database applications without having to write code.

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GoFormz logo

Capture better data with digital forms

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Digitize your intake forms, medical history questionnaires, and insurance documents for use on mobile devices and computer, and securely capture health information. HIPAA-secure digital forms accelerate documentation and streamline the flow of information throughout your organization.

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Emitrr logo

Customer engagement platform for local business owners

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Emitrr is a complete customer interaction and engagement platform built by and for local business owners.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

HIPAA Compliance Buyers Guide

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) provides data security and privacy provisions to safeguard patients’ protected health information (PHI), including their name, date of birth, phone number, health records, social security number, and financial and insurance details. As such, all healthcare providers must comply with the regulation.  

HIPAA compliance software also helps businesses prepare for mandatory federal and state-level audits with simulated audits, training, and reform planning. 

Numerous HIPAA compliance software tools exist, and it can be tough to choose the one that best serves your individual business needs. In this buyers guide, we’ve included everything you need to make the right decision. 

Ready to find the best HIPAA compliance software tool for your team?

Here's what we'll cover:

  • What is HIPAA compliance software?

  • What are the deployment options for HIPAA compliance software?

  • What are some common features of HIPAA compliance software?

What is HIPAA compliance software?

HIPAA compliance software is software that allows medical practices to ensure compliance with federal HIPAA regulations. These solutions help keep patients' protected health information secure and can also provide risk management, compliance, and audit planning.

It’s important to note that any business that involves patient information is subject to HIPAA compliance, not just doctor’s offices. Outside billing departments that work with medical professionals need to ensure HIPAA compliance as well.

What are the deployment options for HIPAA compliance software?

There are two deployment options for remote work software. We’ve listed the characteristics of each option below: 

  • Cloud-based deployment: Vendors host the tool on their own or third-party servers—you can access the solution from a web browser or mobile app. Cloud-based solutions are typically available on monthly or annual subscriptions. Some vendors factor in the number of monthly users when calculating the subscription fee.

  • On-premise deployment: You host the tool on your own servers and network, which means procuring compatible hardware as well as paying for maintenance, upgrades, support, and data storage. Most on-premise solutions are available for a one-time license fee, making them expensive initially.

Key questions to ask a vendor before you buy:

  • What kind of support is offered for on-premise deployments?

  • What data security measures are there in your product? 

  • What is the total cost of ownership (TCO) including one time expenses such as setup fees and data migration?

  • What level of accessibility does your system support? Are multiple languages supported?

What are some common features of HIPAA compliance software?

Once you’ve researched the deployment options, the next step is to learn the common features of HIPAA compliance software so you can shortlist products that meet your requirements.

  • Data security: Protect your patient’s digital privacy and limit access to secure data, allowing your practice to comply with HIPAA regulations.

ChronicWatch Data Security

ChronicWatch’s secure login screen

  • Audit management: Receive a complete overview of your organization’s existing compliance posture. These mandatory audits span your organization's privacy and security infrastructure and are done to identify risk areas.

hipaamate 2

HIPAAMATE’s risk management and self-audit system

  • Risk management: Identify, evaluate, mitigate, and report on risk to ensure you and your team are following all HIPAA compliance guidelines.

hipaa assessment SECOND

Risk management and remediation planning with HIPAA Assessment

  • Policy training: Train and educate employees on existing and/or new procedures and policies to make sure they are complying with HIPAA guidelines.


HIPAAtrek’s policy compliance and reporting dashboard

Key questions to ask a vendor before you buy: HIPAA compliance software can have more than just the features listed above, so be sure to ask vendors what other functions their software serves that would benefit your business:

  • Does your solution integrate with third-party applications such as EHR or billing software?

  • What kind of storage for shared files does your solution offer?

  • What sort of maintenance downtime should I expect during outages?

  • Do you offer ongoing training whenever you roll out a new feature?

  • Does your software automatically update me if any new HIPAA regulations are implemented or changed?

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations. They are obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.