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CharmHealth logo

Electronic Health Records and Practice Management Software

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CharmHealth is a cloud-based, MU Stage 3 - 2015 Edition Certified suite that includes Integrated EHR, Practice Management and RCM Solution, Patient Portal for Patient Engagement, TeleHealth Solution for Remote patient care, Connect solution for collaborative communication with a slew of Mobile Apps.

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Profi logo

All-in-one solution for professional service providers

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Profi is a tool for professionals who want to maximize their impact, helping businesses drive impact at scale.

Try it free or book a demo.

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DoctorConnect logo

Appointment reminder & patient engagement software

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DoctorConnect is an appointment reminder and patient engagement software which enables medical, veterinary, and dental practices to communicate and engage with patients using features like medical appointment reminders, recall and patient retention management, waiting list management, and more.

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Zingtree logo

Build interactive decision trees that guide your teams.

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Zingtree allows you to build no-code, interactive decision trees that help you create agent scripts, guide customers, and manage internal processes.

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Nimbo logo

Patient management software for healthcare organizations

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Nimbo is a cloud-based patient management software designed to help healthcare organizations manage patient acquisition, maintain medical records, and handle billing operations. Features include analytics, query notes creation, virtual waiting room, payment processing, and product catalog.

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Upvio logo

The Most Efficient Practice Management Solution Ever Made

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Boost efficiency, expand reach, and elevate patient care through video calls, chat, scheduling, and forms. Effortlessly manage staff, calendars, and locations while revolutionizing remote assessments. Create secure digital forms, engage in real-time communication, and empower your practice.

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Curogram logo

Cloud-based HIPAA-Compliant Patient Engagement Platform

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Curogram provides a complete solution to an enhanced patient engagement experience. Features include: secure two-way texting, electronic patient forms, smart appointment booking and reminders, mass texting, automated survey and rating requests, online payments and multi-user telemedicine.

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Healee logo

Healee Patient Access

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Healee is an integrated patient access solution with robust 24/7 self-scheduling, powerful rule-based patient-provider matching and sophisticated calendar management.

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Reservo logo

Appointment scheduling software

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Centralize your information on a single platform, and access your data 24/7 with just an internet connection.

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Updox logo

Cloud-based HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution

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Updox is a cloud-based HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution that enables healthcare providers, pharmacists, and long-term care facilities to streamline operations related to patient engagement, communications, team collaboration, document management, and more.

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OnCall Health logo

Virtual care program software for enterprises and brands

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OnCall Health is a virtual care software built for healthcare enterprises and brands. Launch and grow a virtual care program with OnCall. Features include secure video and instant messaging appointments, branded apps, analytics, 24/7 tech support, and clinical automation functionality.

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Luma Health logo

Engagement is great. Success is better.

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Built on solving the key problem patients face in healthcare -- getting to see their doctor -- Luma built the world's first and most comprehensive Patient Success Platform that connects patients to their providers more easily across the entire healthcare journey.

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Treat logo

Standalone, ePrescribing solution for medical practitioners

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Treat is an ePrescribing solution that allows medical practitioners to send electronic prescriptions to manage patient care and streamline clinical operations. Users can select specific drugs according to patient diagnosis and add digital signatures to generate prescriptions.

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TigerConnect logo

Healthcare collaboration and patient engagement software

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TigerConnect is HIPAA-compliant care collaboration and patient engagement software that enables healthcare organizations to provide virtual care to patients while also facilitating communication between doctors, nurses, and staff via video, voice, and text – all on their phones or desktop devices.

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TotalMD logo

Full-featured medical billing software

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TotalMD is a cloud-based practice management solution that offers healthcare businesses and medical practitioners with features such as medical billing and electronic health record keeping. The software caters to small and large scale businesses and can also be deployed on-premise.

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TM3 logo

Clinic and class management software

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TM3 is a cloud-based clinic and class management solution that offers contactless appointment booking and payment collection. The platform is suitable for medical clinics, hospitals, gyms, yoga studios, osteopathy clinics, physiotherapists, and other appointment-based businesses.

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Healthie logo

Practice management & telehealth platform for nutritionists

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Healthie is a practice management and telehealth platform for nutritionists. Designed specifically for practitioners and patients within the health and wellness industry, Healthie offers tools for appointment scheduling, video conferencing, billing, EHR charting, communications, and goal tracking.

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Exym logo

Giving our customers the freedom to focus on care.

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Exym is an intuitive, user-friend EHR software solution that tracks everything your behavioral health agency needs. Easily manage your patient data, progress notes, clinician activities and billing.

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Cerner Ambulatory EHR logo

Practice management and EHR software

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Cerner PowerChart software is multi entity electronic medical record (EMR) creator which helps clinicians to store and access relevant information

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Coviu logo

Simple and Secure Video Telehealth

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Coviu is Australia’s most trusted video telehealth solution, powering secure and feature-rich video consultations. A web-based solution that fits seamlessly any healthcare business, large or small.

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My Best Practice logo

Software for managing healthcare operations and records

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My Best Practice, the EHR for evidence-based clinicians, simplifies creating and maintaining client accounts, scheduling appointments, managing client information, billing, and more.

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Quenza logo

Client engagement software for coaches.

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Quenza is a best-in-class coaching software that allows mental health practitioners to engage clients on autopilot using a mobile (and desktop) app.

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Elation Health logo

Clinical-First EHR & Billing Software

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Optimize practice performance with Elation's unified EHR and billing built for high-value primary care.

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thera-LINK logo

Telehealth solution for behavioral & mental health

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Thera-LINK is a cloud-based telehealth solution designed for private, medium and small scale behavioral & mental health practitioners with HIPAA compliant file sharing, secure messaging, client/session notes, scheduling, video, electronic payments, and an online directory listing for clients

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NexHealth logo

Patient engagement platform for medical and dental practices

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NexHealth is a patient engagement and experience management platform for medical and dental practices. Features include EHR and practice management system integration, online scheduling, digital forms, appointment reminders, payments, video consultations, reporting, two-way messaging, and more.

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